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On October 28th, 2019, Zion.T announced the release of the new album under The Black Label. This teaser came up from their official Twitter account and the mysterious new single was released on November 6th.

Zion. T, who is a singer-songwriter, admitted that on his new album he is starting anew. He expressed, “I’m now standing at the tip of 2019, and 2020 is coming soon. I’m a singer who debuted in the 2010s and now faces the end of the decade. I want to wash off the songs I’ve made in the past 10 years.”

When he talked about his music journey, he stated that he has already walked several paths in his not-so-long-career. He achieved success in the hip-hop scene with “Click Me,” appealed to Korean music fans, and his 2014 single “Yanghwa BRDG” with a soft RnB edge was a huge success as well. Lastly, his third and latest sweet and lovely ballad path continues in May.

He opinionated, “I want to get rid of the image of myself as someone always talking about love songs before 2020 starts. And I will move on to the next chapter to do something new.”

About his new album, he admitted that this album is about his experience in dating and breakups with frank words that all people can relate to and understand.

Even though the time of the song release was closer to winter, some people on his project asked him to change the title into “November” instead of “May” but he insisted since he wanted to make this song as it is. The song was dedicated to a person whom he met in May.

This song “May” is about his romantic relationship. He explained, “I first met my lover, sank into ennui and faced a breakup in the end. I tried to show my emotions and attitude toward the entire process.”

“My new music might be something that people really want or they might not even expect to listen to such music from me,” he said. “But I want to try and experience as much as I can. It is always worth trying something new for myself.”

Zion. T reflected his personality and his real self in his own music. He has no doubt about his choice to become the one he enjoys himself. Salutes for him!

That’s all about Zion. T’s music career and his entertainment journey. Supporting him all the way to make a difference with his music. Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts in the section below!