Everything You Need to Know About Zion.T

Zion.T’s Filmography



Year Title Network Roles
2016 Show Me The Money 5 Mnet Producer with KUSH
2018 Hidden Singer (Season 5) JTBC Participant
2019 My Major is Hip Hop Cast Member
2019 Sign Here Mnet Judge


Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2014 11th Korean Music Awards[20] Best R&B & Soul Album Red Light Won
2015 7th MelOn Music Awards Top 10 Artists N/A Won
Artist Of the Year Nominated
17th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Male Artist Nominated
Artist of the Year Nominated
Best Vocal Performance – Male[21] “Eat (꺼내 먹어요)” – Zion.T Won
Song of the Year Nominated
“Just (그냥)” – Zion.T X Crush Nominated
Best Collaboration & Unit Won
2016 25th Seoul Music Awards[22] Bonsang Award N/A Won
Popularity Award Nominated
Hallyu Special Award Nominated
30th Golden Disk Awards Digital Daesang “Eat (꺼내 먹어요)” – Zion.T Nominated
Digital Bonsang Won
Popularity Award N/A Nominated
Global Popularity Award Nominated
5th Gaon Chart Music Awards R&B Discovery of the Year Won
2017 19th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Male Artist Nominated
Best Vocal Performance – Male “The Song (노래)” – Zion.T Nominated
9th MelOn Music Awards Album Of the Year OO Nominated
Top 10 Artists N/A Nominated
Best R&B/Soul Award “The Song (노래)” – Zion.T Nominated
2018 32nd Golden Disk Awards Digital Bonsang Nominated
Global Popularity Award N/A Nominated
27th Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award Nominated
Popularity Award Nominated
Hallyu Special Award Nominated
7th Gaon Chart Music Awards Song of the Year – February “The Song (노래)” – Zion.T Nominated
Song of the Year – December “Snow” (눈) (feat. Lee Moon-se) Nominated

Collaboration with Red Velvet’s Seulgi


Zion.T had the chance to collaborate with Seulgi from Red Velvet on his new EP album titled ZZZ. This album was released after his one year and eight months hiatus from the music industry. This album contains seven tracks and Zion. T held a showcase on October 15th.

The title track of the album is “Hello Tutorial” which by his is described as, “To put it in one sentence, the song is like a well-made romantic comedy that would be perfect for the holidays,” and “I wanted to make a song similar to a film that’s fun and easy to watch.”

Seulgi from Red Velvet, whom he admired and had long wanted to collaborate with, showed her delight-fullness. She said, “I’m honored to have the chance to show my support for Zion.T. It’s been a great experience, and I hope we can keep working together in the future. Thank you.”

In response, Zion.T expressed his gratitude, “As someone who is a huge fan of Red Velvet, I felt like I should ask one of them to feature on the song. I wanted to work with Seulgi because she has such a nice voice and I thought it would go really well with this song. I’m so grateful that she agreed to do it.” He added, “I think I did what any ReVeluv (official fandom name of Red Velvet) would do.”

Zion.T’s Military Enlistment


On August 21st, suddenly Zion. T posted this photo of his military uniform on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. In the caption of the photo he wrote, “I went to the reserves today, but they said it’s not until tomorrow so I came back home and I am going back tomorrow.”

This statement on Instagram made everyone, including his international fans in many forums and discussion boards, question his decision. Some comments showed in the below picture said, “Please don’t go!” with a crying emoticon. Since it all happened quite suddenly without any cue or previous caution.

At least, people now all understand where he is going and are now estimating his hiatus time. Zion. T will go back to his path after finishing the military service since it is one of the obligations of Korean male residents. Additionally, there is the training period that follows, which mandates soldiers who are discharged from the military to return every year in the first six years, to simply refresh their skills. This training usually lasts for three days and two nights.

Possibility of a Collaboration with Jeon Somi

Zion. T said that there is a possibility of working together with Jeon Somi who is a labelmate in his label The Black Label. Talking about her, Zion. T shared his opinion about Somi, “Jeon So Mi is in my agency, and I meet up with her often to talk about songs. I let her listen to songs and ask her if she thinks it’d be good for her to sing and if she wants to try it. We’re working hard together.”

Zion. T said, “I often run into her at the agency. If I’m working on music, she’ll ask me what I’m doing and come over. Sometimes it takes me by surprise [laughs]. She’ll come to the studio, draw some pictures, and then leave. She’s a very lovable person, but she also talks a lot about music. She debuted through an audition program, but I don’t think many people know that she is really good at writing music. I already knew that she wrote the B-side track for her album, but when we listen to beats together, she’ll come up with her own ideas. I think that she’s comparable to a lot of indie artists out there now.”

On his journey in music, Zion.T admitted, “I have a lot of interest in producing. Whether it’s for an idol group or for a rapper, I’m interested in all of it. When I worked with other singers in the past, the feeling of collaboration was strong. If I try something new, I would like to work with someone I don’t know. I’m putting my name out there now, so please send me your requests.”

When he was asked about the possibility of creating music with Jeon Somi, it would probably be of the pop genre. Zion. T talked about her ability in absorbing knowledge and situation. He stated that Somi isn’t a person who asks for advice, she could understand by watching what people around her are doing. She can easily imitate people. Even though, he said that Somi can also tease him a lot.

In February, Jeon So Mi shared a photo of herself in the studio with Zion.T and other producers at The Black Label, and it looked like they were working on some music together.

In correspondence to his album May, Zion.T stated, “It might be sudden, but I wish to work with an artist I don’t know well. Instead of it feeling like a collaboration with an artist I already know well, I want to try producing the entire concept and more. I think it would be fun.”

Zion.T’s Appearance in Show Me The Money


Show Me The Money is a reality show consisting of a South Korean rap competition that airs on Mnet. This show was established in 2012 and is still running to this day.

Zion. T along with Kush, the producer of YG Entertainment joined Show Me the Money 5 as a producer team. They were found at the first round of auditions held on March 12th at Olympic Park‘s SK Handball Stadium in Seoul.

The sum of producer teams appearing on Show Me the Money 5 would be Simon D and Gray (AOMG), Dok2 and The Quiett (Illionaire), and Gil and Mad Clown. Yang Dong Geun was supposed to also take part but his appearance was canceled due to schedule conflicts.

This duo team Zion.T and Kush showed performance tracks in high demand which are “Knock” (tentative English title) that became the favorite among viewers’ hearts with its honest lyrics, and “Machine Gun” featuring WINNER’s Song Mino, that had people dance and move.

Since then, these songs became hits and were requested by people all around. The song that was performed on Show Me the Money, was in demand and therefore this song was made available on various online music sites to be purchased. Zion.T and Kush never expected the songs could sell in stores, in the end, the artists responded to fan requests. Finally, the songs were released at midnight on June 29th, 2018. Congratulations!

For the history, actually “Knock” and “Machine Gun” weren’t first planned for release, in consequence, the songs also weren’t included in any distribution agreements with Show Me the Money.