Zico’s Officially Leaving Block B! Are They Going to Disband?


Learn More About Zico and Block B

Who doesn’t know about Zico, the rapper and leader of Block B, a South Korean band that is very popular among K-pop music lovers. Zico began his career as a rapper in the underground hip-hop scene. In his early teens, he and Rap Monster were part of a hip-hop crew. He used the stage name “Nacseo” in the Japanese underground hip-hop scene with the crew “Dope Squad” and “Undisputed.” Zico has confirmed that when he was a teenager, he auditioned for SM Entertainment.


He officially debuted in a duo with Park Kyung under the name “The Harmonics,” in Korea, in 2009, with the digital single titled “The Letter.” That same year, he joined Stardom Entertainment. Zico also appeared, singing the rap part, in IU’s song “Marshmallow.” He also appeared in Cho PD’s song “Expectations for K-Hip Hop” and Jung Seul Gi’s “Outsiders.” In 2010, Zico released his first mixtape titled Zico on the Block. The mixtape was well received by the Korean hip-hop scene.

Zico made his official debut as the leader of the boy band Block B on April 15th, 2011, with their first promotional single titled “Freeze.” Zico produced their debut mini-album Welcome to the Block. But unfortunately, the Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare and the KBS TV channel banned the songs “LOL” and “Did You or Did You Not” to be played to the public. Even so, Block B managed to still be one of the most popular bands in South Korea, among the audiences.


True or False – Block B is Going to Disband?

Who doesn’t know about Block B from South Korea, who is very popular among K-Pop lovers, especially teenagers? Surely, all of you know the leader and also a rapper from Block B, Zico. Zico is one of the people who play a very important role in Block B. Aside from being truly talented, Zico is indeed very charismatic visually, guys! But recently, shocking news came from Zico concerning the musician’s decision to leave the agency as his contract has expired. According to a certain source, it has also been revealed that Zico will be leaving Block B as well.

The source also mentioned that Zico is planning to establish his own agency and will return to the scene as a solo singer in 2019. After the news hit the public spotlight, Seven Seasons finally gave clarification regarding Zico’s contract. The agency confirmed that Zico chose not to renew his contract. Meanwhile, another Block B member decided to renew his contract with the agency. Additionally, they issued official statements regarding Zico and Block B, claiming that the other six members of Block B, not including Zico, decided to renew their contracts. Wow! What are your thoughts regarding the issue, guys? What is the real reason behind Zico’s decision to terminate the contract? Whatever the reason, we have to always support Zico’s choice, guys!

Members’ Solo Activities

P.O’s Drama

Other than being a member of B Block, P.O can also be seen acting in some of your favorite Korean Dramas. You guys must already be familiar with the new drama that is really hype right now, especially due to the fact that it features the famous stars, Park Bo-gum, and Song Hye-kyo. And, of course, P.O has also joined Encounter, playing the role of Kim Jin-myung.


Currently, P.O has taken on a role in another drama, namely Love Alert, that is broadcasted by MBN. It is a TV show based on a web novel telling the story of a celibate doctor named Cha Woo-hyun, who gets involved in a scandal with top actress Yoon Yoo-jung for inexplicable reasons. The two sign a contract where they have to pretend to be in love to achieve their mutual goals. In this drama, P.O plays the role of Yoon Yoo-joon. Wow, he is also very talented in acting!


Taeil’s First Solo Concert

Taeil is the main vocalist of Block B and is part of the T2U sub-unit with U-Kwon. In addition to his work with Block B, Taeil has performed two solo concerts in Tokyo, Japan, on January 13th, 2017. He also did a seven-show, six-city tour of Japan, starting from August 26th to September 7th, 2017, along with fellow Block B member U-Kwon, as the special unit T2U.

In March 2018, Taeil was appointed as a judge in the Blind Musician singing competition, which is sponsored by the Korea Music Copyright Association, the Federation of Korean Music Performers, and the Korean Entertainment Producers’ Association.


Taeil’s first solo concert in Korea was announced in November 2018 and scheduled to take place on both December 22nd and 23rd in Seoul’s Olympic Park K-Art Hall. All tickets sold out almost immediately after going on sale on November 28th.

U-Kwon’s Dance Youtube Channel

U-Kwon shows his dancing talent on a special dance Youtube channel. On the Youtube channel, U-Kwon has uploaded a training video with his crew of when he appeared on the program Hit The Stage on Mnet a few years ago. Through this dance video, we will be able to see clearly the choreography presented by U-Kwon with the choreographers, including Rie Hata and BBtrippin. After uploading videos from Mnet’s Hit The Stage, it’s likely that U-Kwon will re-release other dance videos in the future.


B-bomb’s Variety Show Awesome Feed

Awesome Feed is a TV show with a very young and hot cast! WINNER‘s Hoony, Block B’s B-Bomb, Kim Hee-jung, Megu, and iKON’s Song are part of the cast of this TV show that promises to be hip-hop. Hot celebrities from several areas, such as beauty, fashion, food, shopping, sports, etc. will reveal their own unique hip-hop daily lives. It is an awesome program that will fill the Feed with an awesome day. They will show their diverse charms through recording themselves and will reveal everything without leaving anything behind.

Jaehyo’s Participation in Idol e-Sport Competition

Filming for the Game Dolympic was scheduled to take place on November 13th, at the OGN e-Stadium in Seoul. The participants had to face off e-Sports, such as League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, VR games, Tekken7, and other arcade games. The event will be MC-ed by Tony An with various professional game and sportscasters commentating. The Game Dolympic is divided into three parts and had its premiere on November 23rd, via OGN TV. Jaehyo was included into the Line-Up #4, together with model Kwon Hyun-bin, rapper Xitsuh, F.T. Island’s Seunghyun, and other idols who also joined this game.


Kyung’s Production of The Boyz

On July 3rd, it was reported that Block B‘s Park Kyung will be producing The Boyz’s upcoming new song. As the producer for THE BOYZ, Park Kyung has also shared the love for THE BOYZ on his SNS account, for example, on his twitter @Kyungpark1992. Have you guys checked out The Boys’ song?


A List of Block B’s Instagram Feeds & Rumors of Solo Comeback

Some of you guys probably haven’t found their Instagram accounts yet. So, here are their IG accounts, with their most recent photo!

  • P.O (@pyoshick)
  • U-Kwon (@uk_530)
  • Taeil (@2taeil2)
  • Park Kyung (@qkrrud78)
  • Jaehyo (@bbjhyo)
  • Zico (@woozico0914)

Well, there you have it, the IG accounts of all B Block members. However, sadly, B Block hasn’t opened an official band account yet. And have you guys noticed U-Kwon’s and Taeil’s recent posts? Are they a sign of their next comeback? Let’s just wait and see!