Who Is Zico’s Brother? Find Out More About Taewoon, Here!

Taewoon in Show Me the Money 5


Not stopping in season 4, in 2016, Woo Taewoon re-entered in Show Me The Money 5 and showed more rapping ability than ever before. Knowing, Taewoon is very competitive and passionate, Zico even provided full support for Taewoon through his personal Instagram account. Taewoon even cried happily because he got the support of many people and managed to continue to the next round.

But in June 2016, many netizens criticized the judges at SMTM 5 for behaving unfairly. Reporting from Soompi, in the episode of the third round of the competition a 1:1 Battle Rap Mission took place. During this episode, rappers myunDo and Woo Taewoon faced off in a heated battle that went as far as four rounds.

In reaction to Woo Taewoon’s suddenly less focused performance during the fourth and final round, the judges stated, “His skills went back to square one,” ultimately choosing myunDo as the winner of the battle. After Taewoon’s performance, Dok2 cynically commented, “He went back to his old self.” In addition, while producer Gil was handing Woo Taewoon a hat which was being given to winners to express a job well done, Dok2 mockingly commented, “It’s a souvenir.”

These seemingly cynical and ridiculing comments by Dok2 have been creating a backlash among netizens. Well, you can watch the video here!

Taewoon in Mix Nine


After participating in Show Me The Money in 2015 and 2016, Woo Taewoon returned to the survival show events and decided to join MIXNINE in 2017. Before auditioning for MIXNINE, Zico warned Taewoon about taking part in the survival event. He revealed, “Zico said that he wouldn’t say anything against me appearing on MIXNINE, but warned me that it might be dangerous if I did come on the show.”

Reporting from Soompi, Woo Taewoon received many hate comments because of his participation in another audition program, but he responded, “People said things like, ‘Aren’t you tired of survival programs?’ But it didn’t matter to me because people didn’t even bother to say things like that to me before that.”

Woo Taewoon performed his self-composed rap “Focus” from 2014 for his audition. After watching, Yang Hyun-suk commented that he had improved since his appearance on Show Me The Money. In the end, Yang Hyun-suk gave Woo Taewoon a pass and allowed him to get on the bus of accepted contestants.

Taewoon also expressed his feelings after participating in Show Me The Money and MIXNINE, he also felt the difference between the two shows. Reporting from Allkpop, Taewoon stated, “I had the chance to experience a survival program on Show Me the Money. The atmosphere of Show Me the Money and Mix Nine is completely different. For Mix Nine, there is a one week training period. It was difficult to practice under someone’s control.”

He continued by saying, “I’m older than the other contestants. Keeping up with the competition is the most challenging part of the show. In the beginning, I didn’t think it would be that hard, but I turned out to be wrong. However, I don’t regret one moment. If I could turn back time, I would still apply to go on Mix Nine.” After that, he will not participate again in the survival event and will focus on his career in the music field as a producer.

Taewoon’s Relationship with His Brother, Zico


Taewoon and Zico’s relationship lately is not very exposed to the media, but while still active as a member of the boy group, Taewoon and Zico always support each other and promote their songs between each other, even when Taewoon joined the survival programs Show Me The Money and MIXNINE, Zico always extended his attention and support to Taewoon.

Taewoon and Zico’s relationship was exposed when they attended KBS’ Happy Together in June 2017. Taewoon and Zico became special guests for the episode “Who’s Your Mother?” Reporting from Koreaboo, The MCs first asked the brothers, “Which one of the two of you do your parents boast about more?”

Zico replied, “I think it depends on the time. In the beginning, my brother debuted first. At that time, the subject of all the praise was him. After that, it was my turn, but my brother also went on Show Me the Money. These days I have it a little better.”


And Taewoon replied, “I want to receive that amount of attention too. In the past, I was comfortable with Zico, we could casually talk about stories together. But now, even I don’t know. Now if I say ‘Jiho, where are you right now,’ I get shut down. The gap between us has grown too big so it’s not easy anymore.”

At the end of the episode, the hosts asked, “If there was a murderer and one of you had to die, who would it be?”

Taewoon replied, “I would give up my life for my brother. We are in a position where the two of us have to support the family. So I thought about it and if it’s gone what would happen to the family? I will go if I have it in his stead.” Of course, the statement made Zico feel touched and proud to have a brother like Taewoon.