Who Is Zico’s Brother? Find Out More About Taewoon, Here!


Learn More about Zico’s Brother, Taewoon

In this article, Channel Korea will explain everything about Taewoon’s full profile. As we know from before, Taewoon is the older brother of Block B’s Zico. Even though they are in a different group, Taewoon and Zico always support each other and promote each other’s group’s songs. Even so, many netizens have said that Zico is more popular than Taewoon, but Taewoon still does his best in the music industry.

Taewoon, or ₩uNo (his stage name), is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is a former member of the boy band Speed and the pop group Coed School. Taewoon lived in Japan for three years and studied at the Tokyo Polytechnic University. Taewoon and Zico were both trainees for Block B, but Taewoon left before debuting and later joined Core Contents Media. Let’s find out more about Taewoon! Check this out!

Woo Taewoon’s Full Profile


Real Name: Woo Ji-seok

Stage Name: Taewoo or ₩uNo

Date of Birth: May 11th, 1990

Age: 29 years old

Former band: SPEED and Coed School

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Blood Type: B

Zodiac: Taurus

Agency: Million Market Music

Twitter: bkgo123

Instagram: bkgo123

Fun Facts About Woo Taewoon:

  1. Taewoon’s hobbies include composing songs, playing basketball, and watching movies.
  2. Taewoo is a solo artist going under the name ₩uNo.
  3. In 2015 he left SPEED.
  4. Taewoon was part of the original Co-Ed School male members.
  5. His specialties are painting, writing lyrics, speaking Japanese.
  6. Block B’s Zico is his younger brother.
  7. Taewoon debuted as a member of Co-Ed School with the release of their digital single “Too Late” in 2010.
  8. In December 2012, Taewoon released a solo song titled “Saturday Night.”
  9. In 2015, Taewoon participated in the Mnet show, Show Me The Money 4.
  10. In early 2015, Taewoon signed a contract with Million Market Music and used the stage name ₩uNo as a record producer.

Taewoon in Coed School


Before becoming a solo artist and a producer, Taewoon began his career in the music industry by debuting with the Co-Ed School group in September 2010. The Co-Ed School was formed by Core Contents Media in 2010, consisting of six men and four women namely Soomi, Kwangheng, Yoosung, Taewoon, Kangho, Chanmi, Noori, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, Sungmin. Co-Ed School debuted with the single “Too Late” at the end of September 2010.

However, because of the many scandals that occurred, in 2012 MBK Entertainment decided to separate the male and female members into two different groups. At that time, the popularity of Co-Ed School was quite high because they were a group that combined both male and female members. Co-Ed School’s debut mini-album, Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh, was released in October 2010. It features the three previously released songs and various remixes. Despite being limited to 20,000 copies, Core Contents Media announced that the album had received 50,000 pre-orders and announced an increase in the production of albums selling roughly 47,000 albums. In 2012, the male members formed a boy group, SPEED. After that, they focused on their respective groups and officially Co-Ed School did not return.

Taewoon in SPEED


After the male members of Co-Ed School formed their own group, they debuted as SPEED in 2012. SPEED first released their cover of T-ara’s single “Lovey Dovey,” which they titled “Lovey Dovey Plus.” Taewoo was appointed as the leader of SPEED and he always did his best to make the group as popular as possible in South Korea.

However, Kwanghaeng and Noori left the group in September 2012 and were replaced by Yuhwan and Taeha in October 2012. They made their official debut on January 17th, 2013, with the song “It’s Over,” an electronic dance song. In 2014, SPEED held a showcase in Mongolia. SPEED performed at UNIQOL AX Hall to promote the release of their upcoming mini-album Speed ​​Circus. The group performed six songs, and had three guest-stars, Shanon, Dani, and F-ve Dolls’ Hyewon.

In January 2015, MBK Entertainment announced that SPEED ​​would have their comeback this spring with two additional members. In March 2015, Taewoon announced his departure from the group, making SPEED and an 8-member group with upcoming additional members. Reporting from Soompi, Woo Taewoon continued to express his desire to pursue his dream of promoting as a solo hip-hop artist and recently shared with his agency, MBK Entertainment. After making his exit from SPEED, Woo Taewoon is said to have practiced rigorously for his appearance in Show Me the Money season four, during the past two months.

In fact, Zico supported Taewoon’s decision to leave SPEED and extended his full support for Taewoon’s career. Zico said, “Please show support for my brother’s new start!”

Taewoon as a Solo Artist and Producer


After deciding to leave SPEED in 2015, Woo Taewoon decided to focus on his solo career and became a producer. Previously, in December 2012, Taewoon released a solo track titled “Saturday Night” and the song was quite popular in the public. Taewoon also has a rap group called Royal Class, including himself, Roydo, Chancey The Glow, Sims of M.I.B, ​​Konquest, KittiB and Mino from Winner.

In February 2014, SPEED released a comeback album produced by Taewoon, as well as the music videos “Why I’m Not” and “Don’t Tease Me.” In the same month, Taewoon released another solo track titled ‘Focus.” With this ability, in 2015 Taewoon signed with Million Market and started using the name ₩uNo as a music producer.

In addition, in June 2015, a music industry insider revealed that Zico and Woo Taewoon recently wrapped up recording for a new hip-hop track. It will be their first time releasing a song as a sibling duo. Reporting from Soompi, both Zico and Taewoon worked together to compose and write this upcoming song, and they are aiming to set the release date in the second half of 2015.

Taewoon in Show Me the Money 4


Show Me The Money 4 is the fourth season of the survival show held by Mnet where all rappers gather to compete against each other and show their rapping abilities in front of everyone. The fourth season of SMTM featured YG judges Jinusean and Tablo, San E and Verbal Jint from Brand New Music, AOMG Jay Park and Loco, and Paloalto of Hi-Lite Records and Zico. Over 7,000 contestants auditioned this year with more idol rappers, veterans, and women participating in the competition. Snoop Dogg also appeared as a special guest judge during the guerrilla mission.

Woo Taewoon also participated in the survival event in 2015 and showed his rapping ability in front of Zico. Unfortunately, Taewoon did not enter the next round and had to stop halfway.