Let’s Take a Look at Zico’s Appearance and Funny Moments in ‘Knowing Brothers’!


The Sophisticated Guy, Zico!

Who misses Zico? Of course, we all do! Ever since Zico joined Block B in 2011, he has already attracted a lot of attention, moreover, for his position as a leader of Block B, and also his dancing ability! Zico has also proven his exceptional talent by pursuing a solo career in 2014, and since then, Zico has significantly increased his popularity. Then Zico also made appearances in some popular television shows, such as Knowing Brothers. Channel-Korea will give you a rundown with all the details about Zico and his appearance in Knowing Brothers, so stay tuned.

Zico has appeared in a lot of television shows, but this time, we’re going to talk about his appearance in Knowing Brothers! He has been one of the guest stars there, not only once, but actually twice! Are you curious about his appearance? In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with the sophisticated Zico and everything you need to know about his appearance in Knowing Brothers!

Zico in Knowing Brothers


Let’s talk about Zico’s appearance in one of the quite popular TV shows, Knowing Brothers! Basically, Knowing Brothers is a variety show from JTBC which has been aired every Saturday. The hosts and the guests in Knowing Brothers are gathering together in a classroom and talk about certain topics.

Zico has made an appearance in Knowing Brothers twice. He first appeared in episode 83, and his second appearance was in episode 138.

Zico’s First Appearance

Zico’s first appearance in Knowing Brothers was in episode 83 that was aired in July 2017. Not only that, but Zico appeared together with CN Blue’s Yonghwa. In that episode, all the guests and hosts were involved in a duel amongst each other by asking certain questions. Every person who would receive a question wasn’t allowed to be shocked or to hesitate with the answer.

Zico and Yonghwa were in a duel between each other, started by Yonghwa. He began the duel with a random question until both of them were asking questions about a girlfriend! Eventually, Yonghwa lost because when Zico asked him if he has a girlfriend, Yonghwa was looking shocked and hesitated in answering the questions by saying that he didn’t have a girlfriend.

Watch some of the highlight moments in Knowing Brothers episode 83 here:

One of the funny moments where Yonghwa was caught up hesitant when he was asked if he has a girlfriend!

Another funny moment happened when Zico was forcing Hee-mi (Heechul) to say that Hee-mi is his girlfriend!

This might be one of the funniest moments of Knowing Brothers episodes 83! They were playing a game and the winner would win a date with Hee-mi! And finally, the game was won by Su-geun!

Zico’s Second Appearance

Next, we have Zico and his second appearance in Knowing Brothers, in episode 138! That episode was aired in July 2018! In the episode, Zico appeared with Kim Dong-hyun. Episode 138 showed us a moment where Zico and the rest of the members of Knowing Brothers won against Kim Dong-hyun. And also, Zico was able to showcase his dancing skills by presenting us his best part of a killing dance in Hip-Hop!

Watch some of the highlighted moments in Knowing Brothers episode 138 here:

The moment when Knowing Brothers‘ hosts were asking Zico to bring IU to their show, and also they were talking about Zico’s and IU’s friendship!

Next, Zico showed the Knowing Brothers hosts his version of the killing dance! And also, he shared some tricks on how to achieve the best part of a Hip-Hop dance!

In addition, we have their exciting moments when they were guessing the song title! Mostly, Zico guessed the song titles correctly! And the other members of Knowing Brothers seemed to disagree and jokingly said that Zico knew all of the girls’ song!

Zico Talks About His Friendship with IU on Knowing Brothers


Zico’s and IU’s relationship has been a hot topic of discussion for a while among the general public, which is why this might have been the most anticipated thing and the most talked about topic related to Zico’s appearance in the show. Many people have been wondering what is the nature of the relationship between the two of them. Let’s find out together!

Basically, Zico and IU have a magnificent friendship. Even though some of the people have thought that they might look cute together as a couple, but actually they are best friends to each other. Moreover, after Zico and IU released their collaboration single previously, people really loved their appearance together.

In one of the episodes of Knowing Brothers, that was aired in July 2018, Zico once revealed about his friendship with IU. Turns out, Zico and IU had already become close even before their debut, and Zico also said that they already knew each other since they were still young.

Some of the members of Knowing Brothers were envious of Zico, because Zico had a pure friendship with IU, even some of them asked Zico to bring IU as a guest in Knowing Brothers. Zico said that IU also loved the Knowing Brothers show, and that he will ask her to join the show later.

Watch Zico’s performance during his guest appearance in Knowing Brothers here:

And here are some of Zico and IU’s photos of them together!

Zico & IU
Zico & IU
Zico & IU

Well, that was all the information about Zico! Channel-Korea has given you a detailed run-through of everything about the sophisticated Zico and his appearance in Knowing Brothers. So, what do you guys think about it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!