Get Inspired by the Former Block B Leader, Zico’s Fashion Style


Let’s Find Out More About Zico

Woo Ji-ho, born on September 14th, 1992, better known by his stage name Zico, is a South Korean rapper, record producer, singer-songwriter, and ex-leader of the boy band Block B.

As we know from before, on November 22nd, it was revealed that Zico would be leaving Block B’s agency, Seven Seasons, while the other six members chose to renew their contracts.

Most of you already know, Zico is one of the greatest fashion inspirations. His confidence and his sense of fashion make him look really good in anything he chooses to wear, in any kind of situation. So, in this article, we are going to check out his different looks in various settings. Stay tuned!

Check Out Zico’s Fashion Style

As we mentioned before, Zico is one of the top fashionistas in the K-Pop industry. He always looks stylish which makes him one of the greatest fashion inspirations. Whatever he wears seems to suit him really well.

If you want to know how well he is dressed and want to wear outfits inspired from Zico, check this out!

Zico’s Stage Style

1. His looks simple but still looks cool! A white shirt and denim jacket combo. And he did not forget to add some accessories, like necklace, hat, and glasses.

2. This one is even simpler but still looks good on him!

3. This time Zico wears an orange beanie hat, and yap, most of his stage styles look simple but very cool!

Zico’s Street Style

  1. Zico’s ootd street style with loose black overalls combined with a long shirt with red-black striped motifs on the arms and his orange boots.

2. This time it’s more semi-formal with red pants.

3. He looks so lit.

Zico’s Airport Fashion

Below are some of Zico’s looks at the airport.

  1. Classy airport style

2. Boyish airport style


3. Another boyish airport style with the beanie hat and the shirt tied to his waist.

Zico’s Boyfriend Look

Indeed, Zico never disappoints in dressing even at some moments he can look like a boyfriend and this is his looks below as a boyfriend.

  1. Zico with the beanie hat is really cute.
We Heart It

2. He dressed like he was picking up his girlfriend.

We Heart It

3. Being a messy boyfriend look!

We Heart It

Zico’s Red Carpet

1. An unexpected combination of clothes but still looks really good on him.

2. A set of pink! He even looks good in that color.

3. This style is kinda simple for a red carpet session.

Zico’s Amazing Style

  1. Bomber jacket with a bag.
We Heart It

2. It’s a kind of street style.

3. Zico can be included in a list of sexiest man alive.

Zico’s Instagram

On his Instagram (woozico0914), he often posts his photos and shows his outfit of the day.

  1. Zico at Samsung’s event titled Galaxy Fan Party

2. Zico at the Gentle Monster’s Event


3. He wrote, “Baby it’s cold inside,” in the caption.


Zico is such a fashion king. He has a well-developed sense of fashion and he always looks really good in any outfit he chooses to wear.