Updates on Zico, What is He Doing Now After His Departure From Block B?


Zico Didn’t Renew His Contract; Departure from Block B

As we already know, Zico is one of the members of a well-known boy group in South Korea, Block B, who debuted in 2011. But, in 2018, Zico decided to depart from Block B and chose not to renew his contract with Seven Seasons. Zico was the leader and a rapper in Block B and, besides that, he also became a producer under the Seven Seasons agency.

Zico is known for his rapping abilities; before Zico was an underground rapper with the name Nasceo. Zico also auditioned for SM Entertainment, but in 2009 he decided to join Stardom Entertainment. He was also active as a producer for the Block B album and, in 2014, he started his solo career and received a lot of praise from his fans. He showed his rap ability on the survival show, Show Me The Money.

After deciding to leave Block B, Zico focused on his solo career and produced several famous songs. In this article Channel Korea will explain about Zico’s departure from Block B.

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Zico’s Departure From Block B


In 2018, Zico shocked the public because of rumors coming out of Block B, but the news was confirmed by Seven Seasons, who stated that the rumor was true. The spokesperson for Seven Seasons said, “We have recently come to an agreement to end our exclusive contract with Zico, who has been with us the past 5 years. Because the enlistment times of members vary, the members will focus on their individual and unit promotions. We are thankful for Zico, who is not only the leader but also the producer, for working hard. We wish him good luck on his new journey, and we will be cheering him on.”

Seven Seasons also said that other members will continue to extend their contracts with the agency and will continue to do their individual schedules. Zico will also work on his own music, before making his comeback as the artist Zico instead of Block B’s Zico. He doesn’t have any specific timetables or plans yet.

Zico’s One Man Agency


After deciding to quit Block B, Zico tried to establish an agency. He recently claimed that he set up office quarters to begin his one-man startup agency, with staff members who had worked with Zico during his Seven Seasons days. According to insiders, the likely name of Zico’s new agency will be King of the Zungle. The insider said, “It seems likely that Zico will set up an agency in order to pursue his own music, as well as producing and found hip-hop artists.”

A source affiliated with Zico commented, “Because Zico is skilled at composing, writing, and producing music, he has a wide range of options and freedom to do after establishing a one-man agency. Part of the reason he decided to make it that he had become intimately familiar with the music industry’s existing agency system for many years following his debut.”

The source continued, “Because the foundation of Zico’s music is hip-hop, his role models might be the artists who have successfully founded their own labels, such as Jay Park, Dok2, The Quiett, Deepflow, and Palo Alto. I believe that he plans to make his own music while also preparing to cultivate junior artists.”

Become Honorary Ambassador For Seoul City


In 2019, Zico was honored to become the brand ambassador for Seoul City. His KOZ Entertainment agency stated, “Zico has been named an honorary ambassador for Seoul, and there will be a ceremony at Seoul City Hall today. “The Zico will begin with promotional activities as the ambassador.

Through his agency, Zico shared his excitement as he said, “As a citizen who lives in Seoul, I am very happy to be representing it,” and “I will do my best to promote the city and what city of Seoul is pursuing for its citizens.”

He continued, “I’m interested in culture and mentoring youths. I want to share my experiences and help them grow. I will do my best with the role I am given.” Zico is set to embody the core values ​​of the city of Seoul, which is communicating with the citizens.

He also stated that he was interested in promoting culture and mentoring youth, adding that he would try his best to share his experiences with the younger generations and help them grow.

Zico’s Comments on Jung Joon-young’s Golden Phone


In 2019, Jung Joon-young’s name became more horrendous because of a controversy which was very embarrassing. Of all the events related to Jung Joon-young, many idol group members were involved in the case. Zico revealed Jung Joon Young has a golden phone. The rapper explained the phone is not a regular cell phone and it’s only used for KakaoTalk messaging. He added, “It’s only for emergency and there here are many people there like a Pokemon Collection.”

Zico also revealed, Jung Joon-young has a golden phone. “It’s not his playing phone, and he only uses it for KakaoTalk. It’s kind of like a Pokémon book, with many people in it.” Jung Joon-young responded, Zico comes to my house and asks, “‘Hyung, where’s your golden phone?’ He’ll lie on my bed and look at it, saying, ‘Today, I’ll start from the letter A.'”

Many netizens regretted this and said that Zico was also involved in Jung Joon-young’s case. But Zico gave a statement related to the news saying that he was not involved in a case with Jung Joon-young.

He wrote, “The phone-related information that was mentioned on a television program has no relation whatsoever to this current unpleasant matter. All that I saw on the phone was the contact information of his acquaintances, and it has been a long time since we fell out of touch. Please refrain from making hasty speculations, and I will take action in response to malicious comments or the spreading of false rumors.”

Some fans of Zico’s were disappointed and said that he and Joon-young only used and saw women as objects. Well, what do you think about this?