Do You Miss ZE:A? Let’s Check Out Their Latest Song and the Members’ Solo Activities


ZE:A’s Taehoon’s solo activities started after he joined the military on December 7th, 2015, and he decided to enter the army quietly in a private event. Before joining the army, ZE:A’s Taehoon wrote a message for his fans and promised that he would finish his military service as a good soldier and will be reunited again as a ZE:A member in the future.

These days, ZE:A’s Taehoo lives his life as a normal citizen and doesn’t have any solo promotions. Before he enlisted in the military service, ZE:A’s Taehoo used to be an MMA fighter and he was determined to break his idol image through this show but due to personal reasons, ZE:A’s Taehoo didn’t continue his career as an MMA fighter anymore.


ZE:A’s Heechul is in a similar situation with his fellow member, Taehoo. The member who has the real name Jeong Hee-chul is now living as a normal citizen and enjoys his daily life without any solo promotions as an idol. ZE:A’s Heechul was the 4th member who enlisted in the army on June 22nd, 2017, and served as a social service worker for two years.

Check out ZE:A’s Heechul’s Instagram to see his daily life and recent activities below!

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ZE:A’s Minwoo was known by his real name Ha Minwoo that he used as his stage name for his solo promotions. The news about his military service surfaced on September 15th, 2015, and he returned on June 14th, 2017. As soon as he was discharged from the military, ZE:A’s Minwoo released a teaser picture on his Instagram promising the fans that he will make a solo comeback.

On January 9th, 2018, Ha Minwoo released the 1st mini-album titled The Rosso which included seven songs with the leading track “Trouble” (feat. Youngslow). The news about Ha Minwoo’s solo debut gained attention from his fans, especially ZE:A’s fans who really missed his appearance as a singer.

On February 21st, 2018, ZE:A’s Ha Minwoo surprised fans by uploading a photo of his first solo fan promotional poster in Korea. After a previous fan meeting in Japan was canceled because of the Visa problem, they will be able to meet him in Korea in a fan meeting.

The following translate caption was uploaded together with Minwoo’s fan meeting poster:

Hello everyone ~ I am Minwoo. I want to tell you good news. On March 24th, 2018, at 17:00, I will hold a solo fan meeting with you at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, Apgujeong.

Even though this is a fan meeting, but I will sing a lot of songs and hold performances ^^ And thankfully, Taeheon will voluntarily become the MC ^^ For other members, it can’t be predicted, haha​​… After the fan meeting, album purchases and signature sessions are scheduled to take place. A little late, but I want to spend time together with you guys to celebrate Valentine’s Day and White Day. February 23rd at 20:00!! Ticket purchase will open at Interpark ^^

– Ha Minwoo

After the news about his fan meeting, the event was a big success for him as the fans were gathered around to meet their long-awaited idol and see him perform on stage. These days, Ha Minwoo is busy producing some music and sometimes appearing as a guest on variety shows.

Do you guys miss Ha Minwoo already?


Kim Dong-jun from ZE:A is also popular for his solo activities as an actor. He has played several roles in K-Dramas, such as Black (2017), About Time (2018), and his most recent drama Chief of Staff (2019).

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Although he has only appeared playing a supporting role, Kim Dongjun was praised by his fans on his acting skills which are getting better as time passes by.

On June 15th, 2019, Kim Dongjun appeared as a guest star on JTBC’s Ask Us Anything with actress Lee Elijah and actor Im Won-hee to promote their new drama titled Chief of Staff. The member of ZE:A, Kim Dongjun, shared about the good old times that he had with his members during a concert. He shared about the moments where each member enjoyed eating after their concert in Japan and how it cost a lot of money to celebrate their dinner together. Calling out his nostalgic moments with ZE:A members, he said, “There were nine of us who ate after wrapping up a concert including the staff members. Our meal expenses cost so much money but we still enjoyed our food.”

Well, that was all the information about ZE:A’s latest news and their members’ recent solo activities. No one will forget that ZE:A is still one of the most legendary boy groups in the K-Pop industry and although the members are now in different agencies, their friendship is still strong just like in the past and let’s hope that ZE:A will return together as a whole group in the future and will make another comeback on the stage with some new material!