Everything About ZE:A: Profile, Facts, Discography, etc.


Album Song title Year
Lovability Intro 2011
Here I Am
All Day Long (하루종일)
Be My Girl
Love Coach
Level Up
New Star
Lovability Man 2 Man 2011
Special Day (for ZE:A’s)
Here I Am (Instrument)
Spectacular Love is Gone 2012
Coy Girl
Body to Body
Never End
Begin with Kiss
Daily Daily..
별이 되어… (Someday…)
Dirty Cat
Spectacular S.A.D (Something in A Dream) 2012
Aftereffect (Instrumental)



1. Mazeltov (2010)

2. Here I Am (2011)

3. Spectacular (2012)

4. The Ghost of Wind (2013)

5. Breathe (2014)

Awards and Nominations!

Even though they have years-long stage career, ZE:A haven’t had the chance to win an award. This might have happened because there was a lack of support from their fans at that time, but ZE:A has received a nomination at the MAMA Awards in 2011 in the category Best New Male Artist, but they did not win the award in the category.

Not Disbanded, But Decided to Take a Hiatus


ZE:A’s contract with Star Empire was supposed to end in December 2016, but it turned out that their contract expired on January 7th, 2017. This fact gave way to many rumors circulating about the disbanding of the band ZE:A. The public was convinced that they are going to disband because in addition to the expiry of their contract with the agency, many ZE:A members were also preoccupied with individual activities, such as taking part in the drama and movie industry, compulsory military service, joining other agencies even. But regarding the rumor, Siwan, Dongjun, Hyungshik have denied it, saying that they have not disbanded even though their agency has said that they were only on hiatus and would make a comeback someday.

Individual Activities!


Hwang Kwang-hee

In March 2017, he carried out his obligation as a citizen of South Korea by enlisting for his military service. Then, in January 2019, Kwang-hee returned from his duties and will continue his career in the entertainment world. After his military service, everyone got surprised by his posture now. His weight decreased, and his face became thinner than before. Kwang-hee is better known as a presenter and comedian than as a singer, and recently he filled in Weekly Idol (episode 388 as host) and Cool Kids (episode 9).

Park Hyung-sik

After he moved to his new agency, now he is more preoccupied with the new drama project. The last drama that he starred in is Hwarang (2016) and Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (2017), and both dramas are highly recommended by many people. Park Hyung-sik is now better known as an actor, and he is being rumored with his drama partner, Park Bo-young. In addition, in 2019 there has been no recent news about any drama and film project.

lm Siwan

lm Siwan increasingly established himself to have a career as an actor, and Koreans choose him as ‘Singer who is good at acting.’ lm Siwan underwent military service when his name was popular with the drama The King In Love, in which SNSD’s Yoona was playing as well in 2017, and he will complete his country’s duties in 2019. Reportedly, after he finishes that, he will return by starring in a criminal investigation film, Out of Town Investigation where he will play as Joong-ho, a young investigator from a conglomerate family. But unfortunately, this news was denied by his agency, Plum Entertainment. They say that that news isn’t true, Siwan has not even received an offer for a role in the project.

Kim Dong-jun

The group’s youngest member (maknae) follows in the footsteps of his hyungs or older brothers, being an actor. The last drama that he played in was About Time, which aired on tvN from May 21st to July 10th, 2018. After the drama, there seems to be no new project that he has taken part in. But there are some rumors that he will come back with a release of his own album. To this Dongjun replied that he was confused because soon he will be undergoing military service.

Who Are the Members That Have Done Plastic Surgery?


Having a perfect face is indeed great. Having an attractive appearance is an important aspect of an idol’s job, and many of them go to extremes to get it, of course, including undergoing plastic surgery. There are not many idols who would admit to undergoing plastic surgery, unlike Kwang-hee. In one of his variety shows, he acknowledged which parts of his face he has done plastic surgery on, namely his forehead, nose, and chin.

ZE:A’s Siwan and Hyung-sik were also accused of undergoing plastic surgery to make them look more handsome. They are said to have done plastic surgery like Kwang-hee. But Siwan denied it, and Hyung-sik said that he also hasn’t done that, even though he is lazy in taking care of himself.

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