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Kwang-hee is currently single. There are no news updates about Kwang-hee’s relationship. He had at least one relationship in the past that we know of, around 2012. He stated, “It was almost 100% possible that almost any male idol celebrity who has their own car has a girlfriend. This is why I’m going to be looking for a girlfriend after purchasing a car. It was around the same time that I encountered a singer who is a member of a seven-member group.”

Hwang Kwang-hee with Han Sunhwa in We Got Married


Kwang-hee participated in the show We Got Married in 2012. He was paired with SECRET’s Han Sunhwa. During the show, his face was slightly shimmering with a cute, boyish look. His veneered teeth also were visible. Kwang-hee maintained his idol image of a typical Korean flower boy with a haircut in the show. He looked really good and behaved like a gentleman.

Check out some compilation videos of Kwang-hee and Sunhwa in We Got Married, here:

Check out the fans’ reactions to Kwang-hee and Sunhwa’s acting:

  • Kwang-hee’s way of speaking was so funny at that time, it’s driving me crazy.
  • Kwang-hee and Sunhwa are the best couple after the right of the family. She filled Ga-in’s place so well.
  • It’s comfortable and nice to see. it’s because they’re both nice.
  • You two look so good together.♥
  • That couple is so cute kkk.
  • Oh, so cute. I’m just going crazy.ᅮᅲ

When the show ended, a lot of viewers felt they were still going out. However, in the variety shows where she was a guest, Han Sunhwa openly stated that although she and Kwang-hee looked so natural in the program, the two of them did not date. In addition, Han Sunhwa said that although she keeps in touch with Kwang-hee, a lot of enthusiastic feelings have diminished so they are only good friends.

Hwang Kwang-hee in Weekly Idol


In 2018, Kwang-hee was the MC of Weekly Idol. He was the MC along with Jo Se-ho and Nam Chang Hee. The PD of the show said that the MCs’ various and unique personalities will create a new vibe for Weekly Idol.

Kwang-hee appeared in a variety show again after his mandatory military service. It marked his first MC gig after being discharged. He also appeared in the MBC show The Manager and joined a new cooking variety show with Kang Ho Dong.

Check out MC Kwang-hee that is always bright, funny, and cheerful to the guests:


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