Check Out ZE:A’s Kwanghee’s Funny Interaction With Naeun and Gunhoo On KBS’ ‘Superman Returns’

Kwanghee Returns to Superman Returns!

Who doesn’t know Superman Returns (also known as The Return of Superman or Superman Is Back)? It’s a reality show where celebrity dads are left to care for their children alone without their wives or anyone for 48 hours while the wives take their leave to enjoy some relaxing time. The dads then take on tasks to do with their children or try new things with them. Sometimes, the dads’ celebrity friends come by to interact with their children. It airs on KBS2 on Sundays at 4:55 p.m. KST.

Earlier this year, Kwanghee was introduced to the professional football player Park Joo-ho’s children, Naeun and Gunhoo, as their babysitter in episode 260. Naeun (Eden) and Gunhoo (Aciel) are mixed German and Korean. He actually became a fan of the kids after watching the show when he was still serving in the military. He showed a positive attitude towards the kids as he encouraged Naeun when she was afraid of the dentist. After that episode, Kwanghee revealed that he missed the kids and when he heard about them coming to Seoul, he wanted to meet them. He made his second appearance on the show in episode 271. He brought bubble toys to play with the kids. Kwanghee assisted the kids starting from the kids’ café with an indoor playground, the toy store in Dongdaemun, and the strawberry soufflé shop.

Seems like Kwanghee really enjoyed his time together with the kids. He even made another appearance to meet the kids for the third time and this time he met them in Switzerland! How was their interaction at that time? In this article, we will provide you with more details about Kwanghee and his interactions with Gunhoo and Naeun in episodes 283-285, so stay tuned!

Meeting in Switzerland

Naeun and Gunhoo were at their place when Naeun told Gunhoo that their uncle is coming and that he is concerned about the rain. Suddenly, a lady-like person appeared in the rain carrying a microphone. It turned out to be Kwanghee who was dressed as the cartoon character Heidi with a wig and red dress. He then started singing and dancing to entertain the kids but the kids seemed unimpressed and just froze on the spot.

Nonetheless, he still kept singing and dancing passionately for them. Later, it was revealed that there was a soundproof window so the kids couldn’t hear Kwanghee at all. Seeing the confused kids, Kwanghee asked them if they know him. Naeun nodded her head and said, “Uncle Kwanghee!” Meanwhile, Gunhoo still looked confused. The happy Kwanghee entered the room and once again asked them and Naeun repeated the same answer happily. But when Kwanghee approached Gunhoo, he immediately ran away as if he didn’t recognize Kwanghee. It was so funny to see the different reactions of the kids when they saw Kwanghee.

Kwanghee revealed in the interview that at the time he was in the UK for work so when he heard that the kids are in Switzerland, he wanted to meet them because it was just an hour from the UK. Back to the kids, Gunhoo still doesn’t recognize Kwanghee then Naeun asks him to take the stickers off and Kwanghee asks her to take them off for him. It may be the reason why Gunhoo can’t recognize him. Unfortunately, even after the stickers on his cheeks were removed, Gunhoo still couldn’t recognize him and ran away. Poor Kwanghee!

Kwanghee noticed that the baby stroller toy that he bought for the kids in Korea is there. He was touched that the kids brought the toy all the way to Switzerland. Naeun said that it is the one that Gunhoo likes the most. Later, it can be seen that Gunhoo starts to recognize Kwanghee and approaches him. Kwanghee asks the kids to sing together with the mic he brings. Naeun sings “Baby Shark” and Gunhoo starts clapping as soon as Naeun starts singing.

After that, Naeun says that she has prepared a gift for Kwanghee. She gives it to him and when he opens his eyes, the gift turns out to be a rock. Kwanghee seems disappointed and can’t hide it. Naeun says that he took the rock from the sky and Kwanghee can’t believe it.

She then says that she took it from a high place. Then it flashes back to when they were on Mount Rigi. Naeun and Gunhoo wonder what kind of gift Kwanghee would like. Naeun happily took a rock and Gunhoo took one too.

After knowing the sincerity of the children, Kwanghee apologizes to them and promises to cherish it. He also hilariously says that he has a bad memory with rocks.

Watch the video below! Kwanghee appears from 12:11.

Kwanghee’s Special Tour

Kwanghee takes the kids to a special tour in Switzerland. For starter, they go to Lucerne which is famous for its beautiful scenery and architecture. When Kwanghee wants to look at the map, he looks troubled as he doesn’t understand German.

But then Naeun says she understands German and starts saying “How are you?” in German which, of course, Kwanghee doesn’t understand. As soon as they reach the train station, the kids are being more excited than usual and Kwanghee looks exhausted even though they haven’t even started their trip yet.

In order to reach their destination, they need to change trains. Kwanghee asks Naeun to help him followed by Naeun’s yes answer. When they take the train, the kids are immediately focused on their toys. When the announcement is sounded, Kwanghee hastily tidies up their belongings and tells the kids to clean up but Naeun doesn’t want to get off the train.

Once they get off the train, they have to transfer to another train and successfully make it. After a while, they finally arrive at Lucerne and walk around the Reuss River. Gunhoo looks so excited to be there. Later, they feed the pigeons together but Gunhoo throws the food to the pigeons instead of giving it to them with his hand. Not long after that, a passerby tries to interact with the children. Kwanghee tries his best to make a conversation with her.