Everything You Need to Know About ZE:A’s Kevin

Dating Rumor With Lee Sa-gang

In the middle of 2018, a dating rumor about Kevin popped up. He was rumored to have been dating a music video and CF director, Lee Sa-gang for two years. The rumor started from a news outlet that reported Lee Sa-gang not hiding her affection toward Kevin and even having meals with their families. The news outlet also stated that the 8-year-old gap (Lee Sa-gang’s older) was not a problem for either of them. Lee Sa-gang was known in the past for having dated actor Bae Yong-joon, but eventually breaking up.


Lee Sa-gang responded to the rumor and denied it. She said that she wasn’t aware there was such a rumor. She also stated that she did work with Kevin’s former agency, Star Empire Entertainment, to shoot a music video for ZE:A in 2010. She admitted to being close to all of the agency’s staff members, including Kevin, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they are dating. Later, her agency, The Collaboration, also issued a statement about the dating rumor as well as another rumor claiming that Lee Sa-gang and Kevin were filming a music video together at the time. The agency clarified the information and denied both of the rumors. They emphasized that the two of them worked together when Kevin was still active in ZE:A but they are not filming anything at the moment.

Latest News

Kevin and his former fellow host of SBS’ PopAsia, Andy Trieu, did a performance in an event called Haja K-Pop Party at the HD Complex in Adelaide, Australia on November 23rd, 2018. Kevin posted photos of their performance on his Instagram account.

One of his fans also posted his great live performance. You can check it out below!


Recently, on April 20th-21st, 2019, Kevin held a two-day show with his fellow ZE:A members, Min-woo, and Moonshine, who appeared to be artists under the same agency as Min-woo. The show was held in Tokyo, Japan titled JAPAN LIVE. Each show was divided into three parts for each artist to perform for about an hour. Kevin happened to be the second line-up artist, after Moonshine and before Min-woo. To express his happiness to perform again in front of his fans, Kevin uploaded a picture on his Instagram account together with the two artists.


Kevin might have found his own way to pursue his solo career but he still keeps in touch with ZE:A members and shows their closeness through Instagram. Let’s wish for the best for Kevin and the other ZE:A members!