Updates on Girl’s Day’s Yura: Signs with New Agency and Talks About Her Friendship with Other Members

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Details about Girl’s Day’s Yura: new agency and her relationships with other members

Kim Ah-young, more famously known as Yura, is a member of the K-Pop girl band Girl’s Day. Girl’s Day debuted in 2010 with five members, but 2 months later two of those members went on to start individual careers. That’s where Yura and Hyeri were added to the group.

Sadly, the 26 year old performer ended her contract with Dream T Entertainment. What is happening? is Girl’s Day going to disband? Read this article further if you want to know.


Left Dream T Entertainment and Signs with Awesome Entertainment

Following Sojin’s new contract with Noon Entertainment, Yura made a choice not to extend her contract with Dream T Entertainment. Her departure from Dream T left the fans downhearted, but deep down they wished Yura for the best.

Yura signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, Awesome Entertainment. She joined the agency along with actor Park Seo-Joon and other celebs.

The happy news is, Girl’s Day is not disbanding! Dream T Entertainment official made a statement that the group is on hiatus but that there will be group activity later. Still, Dai5ys, Girl’s Day Official Fan Club, were missing their idols and hoping for their comeback soon.


Her Friendship with Girl’s Day Members

Although the members separated to pursue their own careers, Yura said that they still get together every so often. She even mentioned in one of her interviews that all of them have compatible personalities.

Yura and the other members are open to each other and tried to solve problems together so it wouldn’t drag the group down. She confessed her happiest times were when they were still living in the dorm together; she said she would often laugh until she was on the floor. Girl’s Day’s strong bond was built while they are still in the dorm and Yura’s statement proves the relationship between members is as strong as ever.


Weight Loss and Diet Tips

In one variety show, Yura confessed once she almost got kicked out of the Agency because she couldn’t lose weight. She is 170 cm (5’7″) tall and 53 kg (116lbs 13.5oz). The agency told her to lose her weight until she weighed 51 kg (112 lbs).

Being young, she thought the agency wouldn’t dismiss her over her weight. Unfortunately, they were angry and told her to go back to her hometown in Ulsan, South Korea. She cried on her way back to her room.

The good news is, she got her weight down to 51 kg from 53 kg in just 5 days. How did she do that? she said in some interviews that when she needs to lose weight, she has to eat brown rice instead of white rice. She also removes any fat from the meat she eats.

Amazingly, she up took boxing as her daily exercise. Yura said she feels better when she can eat anything she wants then exercises. It feels fulfilling and energizes her. She also starts dieting when it is only two weeks ahead of a comeback, Yura will not eat and tries to lose weight in two weeks, though, her diet program isn’t always as effective as she’d like.

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Latest News

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Yura’s latest post on Instagram shows that she was promoting new lipstick from Wake Make. She’s currently busy with her new agency; besides modeling for make-up brands, she also did a photoshoot in NYLON magazine.

Yura’s current project is that she will be one of the main hosts in 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships along with other idols like Lee Teuk and Kim Da-Hyun. The program will be aired in South Korea later this year. This is the second time she’s been one of the main hosts for the event.

The Idol Star Athletics Championships has been held on Korean television since 2010. The contestants mostly are K-pop Idols and Yura and other Girls Day members had been contestants in previous years. There have been rumors that the program was a hook-up place for idols instead of showing their ability in sports.

It’s currently unknown whether she will have another drama this year. She did a lot of television programs other than dramas last year, she could be preparing for another television program right now or, even better, a Girl’s Day’s comeback with the full membership of the group. You should stay tuned in this website to get her latest updates!