Do You Miss the “YunJae” Couple? Here Are Collections of Yunho and Jaejoong’s Moments Interactions!


Learn More About YunJae Couple

If you love imagining K-pop idol relationships, then you may be familiar with the term Yunjae, the popular shipping name for Yun-ho and Jae-joong of DBSK. Shipping itself is derived from the word “relationship,” and it is used by fandoms to show their interest for two or more people, either real or fictional, to be in a romantic relationship. Of course, this phenomenon is also very prevalent in K-pop fandom, and Yunjae is just one example of it. Curious about why fans ship them together? Well, lucky for you because this article will give you some of their interactions that are just too cute to be missed!

Love Is in the Air

  1. Yun-ho said if he did not join DBSK, he’d probably be a Jae-joong fan.

2. When Jae-joong got injured during “Rising Sun” practice, Yun-Ho carried him and took him to a hospital. After that, Yun-ho even offered his single bed to Jae-Joong so he could rest well. But, Jae-Joong declined by saying, “Your stomach is hurting, right? You’re the one who is supposed to be hospitalized, not me…” (at that time, there was a sasaeng who tried to poison Yun-ho).


3. When Jae-Joong got arrested for a DUI, the first person he called to pick him up from the police station was not his parents or his manager, but it was none other than Yun-ho.


4. On a Japanese TV show, Yun-Ho was asked to draw his ideal woman, so he specifically drew a woman with a mole under her left eye who said, “there’s a stain on your clothes.” Jae-Joong has previously told Yun-Ho that there was a stain on his clothing. In addition, Jae-Joong’s has a little mole under his left eye.

5. Continuing the show, instead of drawing the face of his ideal woman, Jae-Joong drew a hand because he wants his girl to have pretty hands. On another show, he mentioned that Yun-Ho’s hands are pretty.


6. In Korean culture, it is common to express affection through physical contact, even between men. Fans noticed that Yun-Ho often strokes Jae-Joong’s thigh and vice versa.


8. Once, Yoo-Chun noticed that Yun-ho was cold so he told Jae-Joong, and Jae-Joong immediately removed his jacket and wrapped it around Yun-ho. As a way to show his gratitude, Yun-ho hugged Jae-Joong.

9. They said themselves that if DBSK was a family, then Yun-ho would be the father and Jae-joong the mother.

10. Last, but not least, go watch DBSK Banjeon Drama if you haven’t because things got quite spicy there for YunJae shippers.

Does this quench your thirst? Or, do you miss them even more? Let us know your favorite YunJae moment in the comment section below!