Yukyung of Elris’ Profile: Pre-Debut, Diet, Fancams, Etc.

Yukyung of Elris’ Fancams on Stage


After seeing Elris’ music video and their debut performance, you are probably wondering how Yukyung has grown. She made her debut around four years ago. Things must have changed a lot including her dancing skills, her facial expressions on stage, her singing, and, most importantly, her performance in general.

So, let’s see Yukyung’s performances with Elris from time to time!

What do you think about Elris’ performances on stage? Yukyung really suits all of the concepts that Elris has in every comeback promotion. Now, let’s see the videos that focus on Yukyung. If in the previous videos we can see the performances in general, now we can only see Yukyung’s actions on stage!

Here are some clips of Yukyung’s fancams!

What do you think of our precious little girl, Yukyung? She’s just too cute to handle, right?

Here is a bonus video of Yukyung performing rhythmic gymnastics on ISAC!

What a talented idol she is! Yukyung is just too cute!

Yukyung of Elris’ Diet


Being a K-pop idol is hard. There are a lot of things that they need to maintain, not only skills but also looks. Usually, idols maintain their looks by going to facial treatment or going on a diet, especially when they will have a comeback song soon.

But, as for Yukyung, as you can see from her pictures, she doesn’t really need to go on a diet. Yukyung already has a thin waist and slim figure ever since she debuted. In fact, her body is underweight. Yukyung is 1.57 m tall, but her weight is under 40 kg. This made Yukyung famous on the Internet with the nickname “skinniest rookie idol” in 2017.


A lot of people were concerned about her body. They thought that the company probably wouldn’t give them food or let the girls starve since they needed to maintain a slim body figure. But apparently, it’s because Yukyung has a fast metabolism. She said that she likes to eat rice and meat, and for desserts, she likes fruit like strawberries with sugar.

That looks pretty normal, right?

Let’s just hope that Yukyung didn’t get forced to go on a diet. Instead, she has to eat deliciously without concerning anything because her health is what is most important!

Yukyung of Elris’ Hairstyles and Photoshoots


Yukyung has been a member of Elris since 2017. For over four years, she has been through a lot of things. And also, a lot of things have changed including her skills that have improved so much and her hairstyle. Most idols change their hairstyle each time they make a comeback. Now, let’s see how good Yukyung’s hairstyles are in some photoshoots!


What do you think of Yukyung’s various types of hairstyles? She suits any type of hairstyle that she has, right? Do you want to see her with a new hairstyle that she hasn’t done before? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!

Elris’ Yukyung in the Web Drama True Ending


Just like any other idol, Yukyung got the opportunity to star in a web drama called True Ending in 2019. Not only Yukyung, her fellow member in Elris, Karin, also starred in True Ending along with Choi Kyung-hoon, Kim Na-young, Park Bo-yeon, etc.

The story is about two girls. Lee Jin, portrayed by Yukyung, is an outsider in her class and school. She’s willing to change to be accepted in her society as well as find her true self. As for Karin, she portrayed Goo Jihyeon. She is bullied by her classmate Yeeun. She is actually an outgoing person but because of the bully incident, she became a shy and timid person.


How does the story go and how do the two girls find their true ending? Just watch the whole drama that you can find on YouTube and VLive!

Here is a bonus clip from behind the scenes of True Ending released by Elris’ YouTube channel!

Karin and Yukyung are so cute preparing for their role!


That’s all the information about Yukyung of Elris that we can gather for you to understand her better. We know that she is a very talented dancer. Her body is also so slim to the point that people think she has an eating disorder problem. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it seems to not be the problem. Let’s hope that Yukyung is always happy and healthy, and may she have a lot of good things come ahead!