Got7’s Maknae Yugyeom’s Relationship with His Hyungdeul


Find Out More About Got7’s Yugyeom’s Relationship with His Hyungdeul

Members of idol groups usually live together as they have to build a bond among each other and improve their teamwork, and this has been that way from the very beginning. For the youngest member of the group, or the maknae of the group, while they have to watch how they act and behave around the older members, they are also showered with love from the older members as the maknae are specially protected and cherished by the older members. And of course, there is no exception with Got7’s maknae, Yugyeom. Being the maknae of Got7, we can see many moments where the hyungs are showering Yugyeom with love, whether they show it with affectionate gestures such as skinship or even little things like jokes and teasing. Are you curious about Yugyeom’s relationship with the other members of Got7? Today, Channel-Korea will explain to you everything about Got7’s maknae Yugyeom’s relationship with his hyungdeul. So, stay tuned!

Yugyeom and Jaebum: The Maknae and The Leader

Although Yugyeom’s and Jaebum’s official roles in the band are maknae and leader, respectively, their relationship is far more than just that. And not only that, but both of them being the dancers of Got7 also helps them become closer as they are sharing the same hardships as dancers. To Yugyeom, Jaebum is a hyung that he trusts and respects, whom he looks for advice from when there is a conflict. Meanwhile, Jaebum also trusts Yugyeom because even though he’s the youngest, he is also a reliable member who is working as hard as the others and plays quite a big part in the group’s choreography. To top it off, they showed off their incredible synergy while promoting as Jus2.

On the other side, the two are not always serious but they also play with each other well. On many occasions, we can see that Jaebum loves to pick on Yugyeom. This also works for the other, where Yugyeom often teases Jaebum either with words or jokes. Nevertheless, we can also see them get affectionate when they show some skinship.

Don’t you think that their relationship is adorable?

Yugyeom and Jinyoung

If you are an Ahgase, then you probably already know that Yugyeom and Jinyoung are known as the Tom and Jerry of the group. One time, you can see them bickering with each other over small things, and then the next moment you can see them getting super affectionate with each other. Quite different from the other hyungs, Jinyoung chose to show his love by teasing Yugyeom. There are many times where we can see Jinyoung throwing Yugyeom a dirty look jokingly to the maknae, but there are also many times where Yugyeom is the one who provokes Jinyoung to get him mad.

Not everything is teasing and joking, Yugyeom and Jinyoung are also fond of each other. Jinyoung himself has said that whenever he’s in a bad mood, Yugyeom will comfort him like a hyung and he’s also thankful that Yugyeom listens to him whenever he needs someone to talk to.

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