Full Profile of Senior Korean Actress Yu Ji-in


Award Winning Actress Yu Ji-in

Have you ever heard of the ruling trio of actresses in the 1970s? At the time, the Korean movie industry was dubbed as the Winter of Prostitution due to its lack of quality films and preference towards importing Hollywood films. Despite these conditions, the three actresses affectionately called the 2nd Troika trumped the scene and became successful through their careful choice of projects and exceeding beauty. One of these three actresses is senior actress Yu Ji-in, an entertainer who is still active in the field of dramas and variety shows. Her beauty shines through even in old age, and her talents are unmatched. So, are you curious to know more about her? Let’s take a deeper look at Yu Ji-in’s career and personal life!

Yu Ji-in’s Profile

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Name Yu Ji-in
Birth Name Lee Yeon-hui
Birthdate January 27, 1956 (62 Years Old)
Hometown Sacheon, South Kyungsan-do
Height 160 cm
Academic Background Chung-ang University Attached Girls High School
Chung-ang University Theater and Film Major
Chung-ang University Graduate Arts School
Debut Film Cold Hands in 1974


Yu Ji-in who debuted in 1974 was active for 12 years before taking a hiatus in 1986 due to her marriage with physician Jo Tae-bong. The marriage helped her realize that she wanted to focus more on her family and personal life before going back to work as an actress. Her marriage started off from the two dating in the winter of 1984 when they met at a ski resort and love bloomed at first sight. In the 3 years they dated, they realized that they were compatible and ready for marriage.

During their marriage, Yu Ji-in took a break from her acting career, and they had 2 daughters. She dedicated her time fully to focusing on taking care of her family, especially her 2 daughters in their first stages in life. This received praises from the public as they saw her through the lenses of Confucianism and believed women who are nurturing and motherly to have ideal traits. Sadly, after being married for 17 years, the two split, shocking both fans and the general public as they have always been seen to have a peaceful and ideal marriage.

Yu Ji-in’s Career

The first project Yu Ji-in worked on as her debut was the movie Cold Hands in 1974. At the time, she was still a university student at Chung-ang University as a theater and film major. As one of the prettiest students, she was recommended to audition for this project. One of the reasons she was considered the prettiest of all the students is due to her id card picture, which is widely known as a true test of someone’s visuals. If they could withstand the harsh editing and conditions the picture was taken in, then they are a certified beauty. She beat out others in a 2300 to 1 chance of getting the role due to this supporting fact.

Due to her appearance in Cold Hands, the movie earned itself the no.1 spot in the box office. Not only that, her beauty and talent were acknowledged by the public, and she earned herself a cosmetics brand ambassador deal. The deal was highly coveted at the time because it proves that an actress is truly the most beautiful at the time. Yu Ji-in was able to score the deal only after a year of debuting which is a great feat. In the first year, she also took part in 3 movies, a highly productive and successful year that led her to her next successful projects such as A Serenade of Seoul and That Last Winter.

One of the more interesting times in Yu Ji-in’s career was in the late 1970s and 1980s, where she took on roles in projects that are a lot more experimental and artistic in nature compared to the commercial works she was used to. This was very unique of her at the time, which was during the Park Chung-hee regime. It was very often that actresses took on very seductive, sexy roles in controversial, adult films as it was the trend and suited the demands of male audiences. Not only that, films that explored sexuality could easily pass censorship at the time. Contrary to popular belief, these were deemed better than movies that explore history and criticizes the regime. Films like That Last Winter, The Trappings of Youth, Good Windy Days, and Warm It Was That Winter are just a few of Yu Ji-in’s movies that are considered to be of high quality.

As previously mentioned, in the late 1980s, Yu Ji-in got married and decided to focus on her family. Yet, after 17 years, she decided to get a divorce with no plans of remarrying and having more children. This led her to go back to acting mostly in TV series and dramas rather than movies like before.

2nd Generation Troika


Here is the 2nd generation of top actresses who all debuted in the 1970s. She was part of the trio alongside Jung Yoon-hee and Jang Mi-hee. They are said to be the most beautiful and successful actresses of their time with popularity surpassing those around them. Their beauty lives in their works of dramas and movies alike, with all the male fans flocking to the theaters for them. Out of the three, no one popularity seems to outshine the others. All three just have very different charms, especially Yu Ji-in who is seen more like the innocent and reserved type.

Yu Ji-in’s beauty has always been regarded as natural, and she did not undergo surgery to enhance her already stunning features. From her big and rounded eyes to her defined nose and charming smile, it is no wonder that a lot of people have fallen for her beauty. In the trio, Yu Ji-in is also known to be the tallest, previously noting her height at 163 cm, something remarkable at the time. A fair comparison would be a girl with a height of 169 cm in today’s height average.

Out of the three, Yu Ji-in is deemed the purest and likely to be the most well liked because she has little if no known scandals. Different from the other two actresses, she always kept out of trouble, preferring to study and focus on her career rather than playing around with the dark side of the Korean entertainment industry. Furthermore, as her father is a police officer, he is known to impose strict rules on his daughter and those she hangs out with. This became one of her biggest selling points, as being a polite and well-mannered actress does wonders to one’s reputation in the industry.

Yu Ji-in’s Filmography

Television Series

  • 1975 – TBC Daily Drama 《님》
  • 1975 – TBC Daily Historical Drama 《매화》
  • 1976 – TBC Daily Soap Opera 《맏며느리》
  • 1976 – TBC Saturday Drama 《결혼행진곡》
  • 1976 – TBC Weekend Soap Opera 《젊은 그들》
  • 1977 – TBC Friday Drama 《서울야곡》 as Na-young
  • 1977 – TBC Weekend Soap Opera 《재혼》
  • 1978 – TBC Historical Drama 《상노》
  • 1978 – TBC Daily Drama 《언약》
  • 1978 – TBC Friday Drama 《겨울새》
  • 1979 – TBC Weekend Soap Opera 《사랑도 미움도》
  • 1979 – TBC Weekend Soap Opera 《잃어버린 겨울》
  • 1979 – TBC Themed Drama 《종이달》
  • 1980 – KBS2 Sunday Drama 《달리는 사람들》
  • 1981 – KBS2 Daily Soap Opera 《약속의 땅》
  • 1981 – KBS2 Weekend Soap Opera 《환상의 공포》
  • 1982 – KBS2 Wednesday – Thursday Drama《아내》 as Seo Hyeon-ja
  • 1982 – KBS2 Wednesday – Thursday Drama 《여자의 강》 as Seo Kyeong-ju
  • 1982 – KBS1 Daily Soap Opera 《보통 사람들》
  • 1982 – KBS1 One-Episode Drama 《TV 문학관 – 묵시의 바다》 as Park Kyeong-hwa
  • 1984 – KBS1 Special 《탈선 춘향전》 as Seo Chung-hyang
  • 1984 – KBS1 Daily Soap Opera 《가족》
  • 1984 – KBS2 Weekend Drama 《유쾌한 8도강산》
  • 1985 – KBS2 Weekend Soap Opera 《초원에 뜨는 별》
  • 1985 – KBS2 Tuesday Drama 《태평무》
  • 1986 – KBS1 Special Drama 《원효대사》 as Princess Yo-seok
  • 1995 – KBS2 Morning Drama 《여울》 as Yoon Moon-ju
  • 1997 – MBC Teen Sitcom 《남자 셋 여자 셋》
  • 1998 – SBS Weekly Sitcom 《LA아리랑》
  • 2002 – MBC Wednesday – Thursday Miniseries 《삼총사》 as Park Jung-hye
  • 2003 – MBC Weekend Soap Opera《회전목마》 as Mrs. Jeon
  • 2004 – KBS2 Daily Sitcom 《달래네 집》
  • 2004 – KBS1 Daily Soap Opera 《금쪽같은 내 새끼》 as Kang Sung-ae
  • 2005 – MBC Holiday Special Drama 《해후》 as Jeong-suk
  • 2007 – KBS2 Monday – Tuesday Miniseries 《못된 사랑》
  • 2007 – SBS Weekend Special 《칼잡이 오수정》 as Shim Wol-do
  • 2007 – SBS Daily Soap Opera 《그 여자가 무서워》as Mrs. Kim
  • 2009 – MBC Monday – Tuesday Miniseries 《내조의 여왕》
  • 2009 – SBS Weekend Special 《찬란한 유산》
  • 2010 – SBS Monday – Tuesday Miniseries 《별을 따다줘》 as Na Ju-sun
  • 2010 – MBC Morning Drama 《분홍 립스틱》as Jeong Mal-ja
  • 2010 – MBC Monday – Tuesday Drama《역전의 여왕》 as Oh Mi-sun
  • 2011 – SBS Drama Special 《49일》
  • 2011 – SBS Morning Soap Opera 《미쓰 아줌마》 as Lee Mi-ok
  • 2011 – KBS2 Monday – Tuesday Miniseries 《스파이 명월》 as Rhee Ok-sun
  • 2012 – KBS2 Weekend Soap Opera 《넝쿨째 굴러온 당신》 as Uhn Bo-ae
  • 2012 – SBS Morning Drama 《너라서 좋아》 as Goo Ae-rang
  • 2013 – MBC Weekend Soap Opera 《사랑해서 남주나》 as Lee Hye-sin
  • 2014 – SBS Morning Soap Opera 《청담동 스캔들》 as Choi Se-ran
  • 2015 – SBS Daily Soap Opera 《마녀의 성》 as Yang Ho-deok


  • 1974 – 《Cold Hands》
  • 1974 – 《Crazy Painter》
  • 1974 – 《Nasang》
  • 1974 – 《Hwannyeo》
  • 1975 – 《The Tae-Baeks》
  • 1975 – 《A Remodeled Beauty》 as Yoon-ok
  • 1976 – 《Return to Fatherland, Korea》
  • 1976 – 《Full of Happy Dream》
  • 1977 – 《You Are the Sun and I’m the Moon》 as Hyun-a
  • 1978 – 《A Record of Love and Death》
  • 1978 – 《The Last Leaf》
  • 1978 – 《That Last Winter》
  • 1978 – 《Confession of Life or Death》
  • 1978 – 《Rely on Your Brother》
  • 1979 – 《Police Story》
  • 1979 – 《The Terms of Love》
  • 1979 – 《The Man I Left》 as Myeong-sook
  • 1979 – 《Wild Ginseng》
  • 1979 – 《The Rose That Swallowed Thorn》
  • 1979 – 《Happiness of an Unhappy Woman》
  • 1979 – 《26 X 365 = 0》
  • 1979 – 《The Trappings of Youth》
  • 1979 – 《Zero Woman》
  • 1979 – 《The Happiness of an Unhappy Child》
  • 1980 – 《Sudden Flame》
  • 1980 – 《Good Windy Days》as Myeong-hee
  • 1980 – 《The Hut》
  • 1980 – 《She Is Something》
  • 1980 – 《The Man of the Past》
  • 1980 – 《One Night at a Strange Place》
  • 1980 – 《The Last Secret Affair》
  • 1980 – 《The Man Who Dies Every Day》
  • 1980 – 《Unconditional Love》 as Yeon-ha
  • 1980 – 《Woman’s Room》
  • 1980 – 《Dull Servant Pal Bul-chul》
  • 1980 – 《Magnificent Experience》
  • 1980 – 《Woman on Vacation》
  • 1981 – 《Echoes》
  • 1981 – 《Love Becomes Bitterness》 as Hye-ryeon
  • 1981 – 《You Whom I Cannot Hate》
  • 1981 – 《Home of the Stars 3》
  • 1981 – 《Whale Island Escapade》
  • 1981 – 《Even If You Take Everything》
  • 1981 – 《The Maiden Who Went to the City》 as Moon-hee
  • 1981 – 《The Tree Blooming with Love》
  • 1983 – 《Wife》
  • 1984 – 《Warm It Was That Winter》 as Su-ji
  • 1988 – 《Miri, Mari, Wuri, Duri》 as Ma-ri

Theater Productions

  • 1975 – 《Sangnoksu》 as Chae Young-shin (Female Lead)

Variety Shows

  • 1982 – KBS 《신춘 폭소대회》
  • 1990 – KBS 《안전운전 365일》- Yu Ji-in Driving Class
  • 2002 – SBS 《잘 먹고 잘 사는 법》
  • 2011 – KBS 《상상오락관》- Panelist
  • 2012 – JTBC 《닥터의 승부》- Panelist

Yu Ji-in’s Awards

  • 1977 TBC Acting Grand Awards – Popularity Award
  • 1978 TBC Acting Grand Awards – Popularity Award
  • 1979 TBC Acting Grand Awards – Best Actress Award
  • 1979 18th Grand Bell Awards – Best Actress Award 《Wild Ginseng》
  • 1980 16th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Actress Award 《Wild Ginseng》
  • 1980 26th Asia-Pacific Film Festival – Special Acting Award 《The Rose That Swallowed Thorn》