Get To Know Yu Hui-yeol (You Hee-yeol): Profile, Founder of Antenna Music, MC of ‘You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’, etc.



Studio albums
• De Capo (2014)
• Thank You (2007)
• Fermata (2001)
• A Night in Seoul (1999)
• Present (1997)
• Youheeyeol (1996)
• Inside My Heart (1994)

Live albums
• Toy Live (2001)

Compilation albums
• The History of Toy (2001)


• In Front of a Familiar House (익숙한 그 집 앞) (1999)
• A Walk Around the Corner (유희열이 초대하는 새로운 음악세계) (2002)
• Summer Days (여름날) (2008)

• “Mother’s Sea” (엄마의 바다) (2014)

Music video
• IU – The Red Shoes (분홍신) (2013)
• Unnies (언니쓰) – Shut Up (2016)



Award Achievements
– 2015 Melon Music Award: Top 10 Artist (2015)
– 9th KBS Entertainment Awards: Radio DJ Award (2010)
– 6th Korean Music Awards: Musician of the Year (2009)
– 6th Korean Music Awards: Best Pop Song – 뜨거운 안녕 (A Passionate Goodbye) (2009)
– 4th Yoo Jae-ha Music Contest: Grand Prize (1992)


Latest News

Currently, he is busy hosting his music program that has welcomed over 950 musicians throughout the last 10 years, Yu Hui-yeol’s Sketchbook. The latest Yu Hui-yeol’s Sketchbook episode was aired on August 30th, the 457th episode. He invited Son Seung-yeon, Lim Jae-hyun, Punch, HYNN, Daybreak, Seen Hyun-hee, HAEUN, and Kim Yong-jin.


That was the full information about Yu Hui-Yeol, a charming CEO of Antenna Entertainment. Don’t forget to watch Yu Hui-yeol’s Sketchbook every Friday to see his funny yet entertaining interactions with the other hot artists coming up!