YouTubers’ Recommendations for Mukbang From South Korea

쏘영 Ssoyoung

Ssoyoung is a Korean Mukbang YouTuber who usually has challenges to eat unique foods, or shows the brutality of the raw food before she processed it into ready-to-eat food. She has a very expressive style and entertains the people who watch her eating.

On her YouTube, she said greetings, “Hello, I’m Ssoyoung! Please give us lots of love and support! Subscriptions are good. Comments are love.♡ I will play the real sound of eating all Korean food.

She joined YouTube on November 5, 2018, and has been viewed 254,315,512 times. Ssoyoung often eats something that most other people wouldn’t eat, like the show X-Factor did. She is so brave and captivating at the same time. On this below video, Ssoyoung eats the raw liver until it’s gone!

Ssoyoung also shows behind the scenes before she eats things like the raw eel or octopus, etc, such as this video below. She offers many kinds of strange foods with funny or cute expression. Very compelling Mukbang video!

Which one do you follow? Every time you’re watching a mukbang video, it can really make you hungry and bite your lips. Don’t forget to give comments and share your thoughts below!