YouTubers’ Recommendations for Mukbang From South Korea


Get the Experience of Eating Together with These Famous South Korean Mukbang Youtubers

In the Korean language, mukbang literally means eating room. Meok comes from the root word meokda, meaning eating, and bang from bangsong, meaning live broadcast. This term has become viral, and is getting used to refer to the activity of eating while being recorded. Sometimes it also includes responses or talking to the audience while eating. Let’s start getting to know the famous Mukbang YouTubers below! Keep reading!



Hamzy is one of the popular mukbang YouTubers in South Korea. She started her channel on September 25, 2012, and has had 336.263.998 views. Hamzy has become a favorite for many people since she has own unique action. She only focuses on eating, without any talking needed. That’s why she’s got 1.890.000 subscribers now.

Here is her Youtube description:

Hi guys~~
Welcome to 햄지Hamzy
where you can find relaxing and yummy eating sound videos.
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She give her real expressions, without any fake responses. We, as the audience, can feel as if we are experiencing eating the food. Furthermore, the ASMR is really contagious, and can make you super-hungry.

On this video, she bought a giant crab, called King Crab. She ate it with several sauces, including the spice from the boiled crab.

On this video, Hamzy is eating ramyeon with octopus, combined with kimchi. She could eat it thoroughly and go through all the food smoothly. You will astonished with how much she puts in her mouth with one bite.

Hamzy said no one can beat home food. She prepared some Korean food, like spam (processed meat), grilled fish, tofu, bulgogi, and sundubu (tofu, kimchi soup). She could eat it fast and sound. You could lick your lips just from watching her eating.

Some people have commented that Hamzy is eating so fast, she tricks all the time. People keep saying about Hamzy that they love how she’s just being herself, not like other people who make cute faces while they are eating.

문복희 Eat with Boki

She started her channel on April 9, 2019, and has gotten 271.618.401 views. Even though she just started in 2019, she already has 2,180.000 subscribers. Beautiful Boki has an introduction to every video she makes. She also puts some thoughts and comments on her videos.

One of her specialties is that she eats big pieces and enters just one way to her mouth. On this video below she could swallow and fit almost half of the corndog.

Chicken is one of casual foods for snacks or eating in South Korea. Boki tried to eat honey chicken and yup duck, she could finish it all nicely!


Nado is cute girl who joined YouTube since October 29, 2012. She is not doing the large portions of food, but good enough. She usually gives comments about the taste, the texture, and anything else while she’s eating.

She stated about her Mukbang YouTube channel that she only eats the food that she likes to eat:

Hello. I am too ♡ I’m making a video of everything I want to eat. ♡ Thank you ♡

She mostly gets comments from Korean people on her YouTube channel. Her uniqueness is her facial expressions. Look at her video, below!

This is kind of a big portion for her. She eats ball rice, boiled egg, and toppokki. Her facial expressions when she’s eating spicy food are so cute, and the way she eats and comments on the way she eats is so funny. You must check this one out!

까니짱 [ G-NI ]

GNI is a Mukbang YouTuber who joined on July 31, 2018, and her videos have been viewed 412,679,853 times. On her tagline, she said: Please enjoy Kanchan’s unique ASMR Mukbang ~ ^^ She mostly only eats during the mukbang, she just gives a short video greeting and explains about the food she’s going to eat. There are also descriptions along her videos, showing her thoughts about the food and explanations about where the food comes from. After all, she’s just eating until she’s finished.

Her strength is her facial expressions, which are so contagious and real. She gives the audience how she’s feeling eating the food, and any thoughts she had about it. Through watching her videos, it’s clear that she is a very warm and kind person. When she was eating Ganjang Gwenjang, or crab marinated in soy sauce, she said that people may feel disgusted to eat fermented food, but she could understand it, because we all have different food cultures. Nonetheless, you really can learn al lot about Korean food here!