Everything You Need to Know About Korean Travel-Reality Show ‘Youth Over Flowers’

Australia Edition


The Australian edition was a gift given to WINNER’s Song Min-ho after successfully completing his mission in ‘New Journey to the West 4,’. Min-ho’s request was to take part in ‘Youth Over Flowers’ along with WINNER as his prize. in this edition, they went to Australia and were given the freedom to do anything or go anywhere in that country.


After being confirmed that they would be participating in ‘Youth Over Flowers’, Min-ho immediately made a video call with the other WINNER members to spread the good news that they would be doing the show. The very excited WINNER members said that they were ready to be kidnapped at any time and voluntarily handed their passports to the staff.

This turned out to make difficulties for the staff because they were confused about how to kidnap people who already knew they would be kidnapped. Seeing that they are always on guard was making the staff more frustrated while they tried to find a gap when the members will be complacent. After a discussion with Director Choi Jung-so, YG Advertising Team, he said, “If I say they’re shooting a commercial vehicle, they will be amazed, but excited to do it.” so they lied that they had a commercial vehicle.

To shoot the commercial, the staff even invited commercial Director Chin Sung-jae, who has a history of making famous advertisements. They discussed how they wanted WINNER to do the commercial vehicle by riding in a car that was being pulled by a tow truck, taking them to Incheon Airport. The staff also wanted them to use funny costumes and, because Seung-yoon was shooting for the drama ‘Prison Playbook,’ they got the idea they would also use prison uniforms in the ad.

On the day of departure, October 10, 2017, the staff rented a real commercial camera only to deceive WINNER. The staff also claimed to spend a lot of money to create an expert storyboard for the commercial to really sell the ruse. Na PD even claimed they spent too much money on it.

The time came for the scene where all the WINNER members got into the car as if they were driving it. At first, everything went well, as if filming a commercial vehicle but, in the middle, the director of the ad disappeared and was replaced by a man in black. When the man in black showed himself, it turned out it was Na PD, and this made all the WINNER members really surprised, and filled with disbelief seeing Na PD there. They did not think this was a trap to kidnap them. They were so excited to get a vehicle advertisement that they had no suspicions at all about what was really going on. Na PD explained that the staff had no other choice because they were always on guard.

On the way to the airport, they were told that they would go to Australia and were given an allowance of 100 dollars per person for 8 days.


The day after they arrived in Australia, they made reservations to go skydiving. all the WINNER members had an opportunity to go skydiving at Rottnest Island. Rottnest Island is an island off the coast of Western Australia. The only motor vehicles permitted on the island are emergency and service vehicles, although there is also a bus service. Cycling is the transport of choice for most visitors, with many either bringing a bicycle with them or hiring one at the island’s facility.

The first ones to get a chance to do skydiving were Jin-woo and Seung-hoon. They looked nervous but excited. Before they went up, Min-ho said, “come back, alive”. After that, Seung-woo and Min-ho were also getting ready to do skydiving, too. After 15 minutes of flying, they were getting ready to jump, and they were getting more nervous than before.

One by one, they jumped into the skies without a doubt. in the interview, Min-ho said “You should do it. you should do it no matter what. it’s a must. Because Korean society is highly competitive, a lot of people are struggling. Through exciting events or activities such as skydiving, you can let go of your pent-up emotion. I released the pent-up stress. it was a meaningful experience” and Jin-woo also said, “I want to do it again if I can.


As their next destination in Australia, they would see the biggest mammals in the world on the Whale show. To see the Whale Show, they had to get on a ship and, after sailing 30 minutes out to the sea, they could see the ocean’s giants, the whales. it was getting really exciting when the whales jumped. Seung-hoon shouted, “National Geographic, I saw it” after they saw it. They watched as e baby whale tried to jump several times, despite failing continuously, making them remember their trainee days before becoming the Idols they are now.

In the interview, Seung-yoon said, “Once this whale started practicing, it didn’t stop. it continued to practice. back in the days, when we were trainees, We worked hard and it reminded me of those moments. I sort of felt sad for them. it kind of broke my heart.” Jin-woo also said, “This is what I used to think, there was a time when I cried after hearing my own voice. My voice sounded so weird. I really didn’t like my voice, Ii was feeling insecure about my singing, I wasn’t confident at all. So one time ago, I broke down in tears. It was a tough time.

Seung-yoon continued, “I just remembered something, I heard whales are the only animals constantly moving. They don’t rest even for a second. they keep moving. Even that resembles our lives too. even grown-up whales were just like us. I really think so. They reminded us of us who are constantly working even now.”

It’s really fun to watch this show, they filmed it so beautifully that it makes us want to travel to all the places they went to. Many sides of the casting have been shown in ‘Youth Over Flowers’. Let’s hope they are happy now, and always support them no matter what!