K-Drama Review: ‘Youth of May’ – A Story of Unconditional Love, Patriotism, and More

youth of may

The Love That Sparks Through Youth of May

Are you a fan of melodramas and looking for some new titles? This article is right on cue! There are a lot of K-dramas with various genres, but melodramas are among the favorites. This time, Channel Korea will give you the synopsis and additional reviews about the Youth of May drama, so stay tuned!

Youth of May: Synopsis & Review

youth of may drama

Youth of May has its storyline set in 1980, and it accentuates a vintage romance and is a slice of life. It narrates the love story between Hwang Hee-tae (Lee Do-hyun) and Kim Myeong-hee (Go Min-si) during the Korean political turmoil situation.

At first, Myeong-hee replaces her best friend, Lee Soo-ryeon (Keum Sae-rok), on a blind date since she would get money in return. Myeong-hee accepts it because she wants to go to Germany to study with that money. Myeong-hee is a nurse who works in a hospital. One day, a guy named Hwang Hee-tae sees her there even though Myeong-hee doesn’t realize it.

youth of may

Turns out, Hwang Hee-tae also became the blind date partner where Myeong-hee was a replacement, and their encounter occurred just like fate. Myeong-hee tries to make him annoyed when they first meet, but it just leads to Hwang Hee-tae desiring to get to know her. Slowly but surely, the sparks between them start to bloom with a mixture of the tension in the 90s era and demonstrations around that period.

youth of may

Title: Youth of May

Genre: Melodrama

Starring: Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-si, Lee Sang-yi, Keum Sae-rok

Directed By: Song Min-yeob

Written By: Lee Kang

Number of Episodes: 12

Original Network: KBS

Scenes in the Drama Youth of May

youth of may drama

Some sneak peek scenes of the drama that you might want to check out:

youth of may

This might be the most iconic scene from the drama. Yes, it is the blind date moment between Kim Myung-hee and Hwang Hee-tae! Even though Myung-hee tries to piss him off, the result is the opposite. It looks frustrating yet adorable at the same time!

youth of may

Despite their annoying first encounter, Myung-hee and Hee-tae are united by fate. As they get to know each other better, the feelings between them become mutual! Here is one of their sweet moments while going on a real date!

youth of may

This is the moment when Kim Myung-hee and Hwang Hee-tae discuss the wedding vows before their marriage while they don’t know what their future will be like. Well, what happens between them? Find the answer through the drama!

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Get To Know the Cast of Youth of May

youth of may cast

Let’s get acquainted with the Youth of May main cast here!

go min shi in youth of may

Go Min-si plays the role of Kim Myung-hee. She is a nurse from a humble family, and she wants to go to Germany to study. Since her family isn’t capable of it, she takes the offer from her friend to replace her on a blind date.

lee do hyun in youth of may

Lee Do-hyun plays the role of Hwang Hee-tae, a medical student from a wealthy family. He postpones his graduation due to certain trauma. He crosses paths with Myung-hee and gets curious about her.

keum sae rok in youth of may

Keum Sae-rok plays the role of Kim Myung-hee’s best friend named Lee Soo-ryeon. Even though she comes from a wealthy family, she is a good law student who always fights for social justice. She has been friends with Myung-hee for a very long time.

lee sang yi in youth of may

Lee Sang-yi plays the role of Lee Soo-chan. He is Soo-ryeon’s brother and works as a businessman. He also understands Myung-hee’s condition as he experiences the same condition as the first child in the family.

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Check Out Youth of May‘s Best Soundtrack Choices Here!

youth of may soundtrack

Here are the top 3 OSTs of Youth of May by Channel Korea:

Kim Bum Soo – “Winter of May”

This song describes very clearly Hwang Hee-tae’s feelings toward Kim Myung-hee. He describes Myung-hee as spring, and without her presence, his day goes cold just like winter. It sounds romantic yet pathetic, right?

Ryeowook – “Starry Night”

“Starry Night” might be one of the saddest songs on the drama’s soundtrack. It depicts someone who is longing for the one that they love. She or he begs their lover to not leave, but their fate is the opposite.

Jung Joon-il – “Days in Memory”

This song has such relaxing and calming vibes! With the soft vocals from Jung Joon-il, the song is also relatable with the journey of Kim Myung-hee and Hwang Hee-tae. “Days in Memory” also reminds the two of them that their story will last forever.

Is Youth of May a Good Drama?

youth of may

Youth of May has such an amazing storyline, and you will be surprised through each episode. To assure you, here are the reasons why Youth of May is worth watching:

1. Your Typical Romantic Story

Yes, Youth of May brings a typical romance story that you will be fond of. The love story between a rich guy with a humble family girl is just like a Cinderella story!

2. The Chemistry Between the Cast

Not only do the main characters Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si have amazing chemistry who were paired as siblings in Sweet Home, but the other cast members brought good chemistry as well. There is the friendship that is portrayed very well by Go Min-shi and Keum Sae-rok, and there is the good sibling relationship between Keum Sae-rok and Lee Sang-yi!

3. Classy and Vintage

Since Youth of May takes place in the 1980s, everything about the story is very classical. You will see how people go on dates, the cinematography of vintage vibes, and more!

That’s all for the review of Youth of May! The drama is very good yet very touching. You won’t want to miss anything about the drama and will want to continue to the next episode! Well, for you who have watched the drama, do you think it was a good one? Share your excitement through the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!