Let’s Take a Look at BOYFRIEND’s Young-min and Kwang-min’s Appearances in the Reality Show ‘Real Man’!


Meet the Handsome Twins, Jo Kwang-min and Jo Young-min

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything there is to know about the handsome twins, Jo Kwang-min and Jo Young-min, or as we know them – the Jo Twins.

As we have seen before, Kwang-min and Young-min are Korean twin idols who we can barely distinguish from one another. Kwang-min and Young-min were members of the boy band BOYFRIEND which debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2011. Before gaining popularity as members of BOYFRIEND, Kwang-min and Young-min had already been famous since they were young and appeared in television shows until they finally decided to become idols and train at Starship Entertainment.

Before becoming trainees at Starship Entertainment, Kwang-min and Young-min had been trainees at JYP Entertainment for two years. On the anniversary marking Kwang-min and Young-min’s 100th day of being a child artist, they had been featured in more than 300 advertisements. Also, if you are interested, Young-min was born first and six minutes later Kwang-min was born.

Besides being active as idols, Kwang-min and Young-min are actually eager to try themselves in acting, “We have acted as antagonists before. We still have the desire to act. We also want to release a joint album.” While active with BOYFRIEND, Kwang-min and Young-min have different positions in the group, Kwang-min occupies the position of a rapper and Young-min is on the position vocals. Young-min said, “I had a lot of difficulties before and after debuting, only knowing that my brother in the same group has made me feel somewhat comfortable.”

In March 2015, Kwang-min and Young-min participated in the variety show Real Men. Want to find out more about their appearance in Real Men? Check this out!

Jo Kwang-min and Jo Young-min in Real Men


On March 29th, 2015, Kwang-min and Young-min participated in the variety show Real Men and they had to cut their long hairs short. With the appearance of those who made such things, many people were surprised by their good looks and their innocent charm. The visual shock of Kwang-min and Young-min caught the viewers’ attention. They were wearing thick glasses during the training session.

Shared from Soompi, Kwang-min and Young-min are known for their big, sparkling eyes which give them a flower-boy image. But with their glasses on, they soon became known as the glasses twins. Super Junior’s Kangin shows concern, saying, “Shaving heads and now glasses? Are you planning to quit being idols?” This situation, supposedly, made many burst into laughter.


In the 5th episode of Real Men, netizens fell in love with the twins all over again, only this time it was because of their close bond and the genuine concern they show for one another. They were walking for 5 to 6 hours while carrying 40 kilograms of weight on their backs when the ambulance has to be called to assist Kwang-min. Due to the heavy burden and the length of the walk, he suffered an ankle injury which he sustained somewhere around the middle of the activity, but he actually forced himself to keep on going.

Kwang-min was adamant saying it was too much but the superior put on Young-min back with Kwang-min holding it up. He started to tear up when he started to carry both their gears. Young-min carried it for a while and on the last leg of the journey, he took it back. They walked most of the way holding hands.

You guys can watch the video here!

Jo Twins and Their Appearance in the Show


Kwang-min and Young-min have appeared in quite a large number of shows so their names have been famous for a long time before making a debut as idols with the band BOYFRIEND. Their appearance always surprised the viewers because of their indistinguishable appearance and face which made it difficult for anyone seeing them to determine who is who, even their faces look completely identical.

Despite having the same appearance and face, it turns out that Kwang-min and Young-min have many differences. Shared from Soompi, Kwang-min’s music taste is inclined to ballad songs, while Young-min enjoys listening to hip-hop, which is why Kwang-min is a vocalist and Young-min is a rapper. They have dissimilarities in their fashion preferences as well. The twins also revealed that Kwang-min is more active, while Young-min has a calm personality. The two of them said in unison, “Since we are different, we learn a great deal from each other.”

Young-min confessed, “I envy Kwang-min’s carefree nature. I tend to fear change, so I always feel like I’m stuck in a rut.” On the other hand, Kwang-min admitted, “I want to show a sincere side of myself. It would’ve been nice if we had half of each other’s personalities.”


The twins also discussed how special their relationship is. They said, “While being active as singers, we tend to rely on each other. We know about each other’s voices very well, so we share musical advice with each other.” Young-min added, “I have had a lot of difficulties before and after my debut, but just knowing that my brother is in the same group comforts me a great deal. It’s because no matter what issues I face, I know that I have at least one person who is always on my side.”

Kwang-min and Young-min Funny Moments

Lots of cute and funny moments from Kwang-min and Young-min. Well, you can watch them in the video below and you will definitely laugh about their behavior.

Young-min cried because he was nervous and Kwang-min, along with the other BOYFRIEND members tried to calm him and make him laugh.

Another funny moment is when Kwang-min, Young-min, and BTOB’s Sungjae took part in Celebrity Bromance, a known show for pairing idols together and sending them off for a day of fun. One of the fun show moments was when Sungjae was embarrassed by being unable to remember when the twins were born, even after he claimed he knew.


Another funny moment came when Kwang-min appeared to compliment Sungjae on his recent performance in the drama Goblin, but the compliment went a little off track when he said his visuals didn’t compare with Gong’s visuals. Sungjae laughed and acted out a terrible response where he threatened to crash the car, after which they all laughed together.

The last is when they were enjoying a snack while chatting, Sungjae spilled sauce on his hand and licked it but it turned out it wasn’t sauce but his snot. Then they laughed really hard and Sungjae felt very embarrassed.

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