Get to Know Young B: Profile, ‘High School Rapper’, and Dating Rumors with Yeri

All You Need To Know About South Korean Rapper “Young B”

Yang Hong-Won (양홍원), better known as Young B, is one of the ‘High School Rapper’ contestants. Young B was born on January 12, 1999, in Seoul, South Korea.

Young B’s Profile

Birth Name Yang Hong-Won (양홍원)
Stage Name  Young B (영비)
Born January 12, 1999, Seoul, South Korea
Labels Indigo Music
Social Media
  • Instagram : dickidsyoungb
  • Facebook : 양홍원 (Young B)
  • SoundCloud : Young B

Young B’s Songs
  • B-S I T E – Young B, Bumby & Luda (Show Me The Money 5: 1st Audition)
  • Y.O.U.N.G.B
  • 회상  (Feat. BUMBY)
  • Dickids-오늘까지 – YoungB & Bumby
  • W I L T (B-Mix) (Original  Track by Luda)
  • 지도 (JIDO)
  • Jazz Vibe (HighSchool Rapper: Regional Audition)
  • Bunzi – Young B, Giriboy & Xit Suh (HighSchool Rapper: Regional Competition)
  • Better Man (Feat. Crucial Star(HighSchool Rapper: Final)
  • Rhythm Travel (Feat. Tiger JK) (HighSchool Rapper: Final)
  • 17 (Remix) – Ja Mezz, NO:EL & Young B (Original Track by Ja Mezz)

Young B’s Mixtape

1. D Intro
2. K rapper
3. W.G.M.F (with bumby)
4. 기억해
5. M town
6. One day
7. Kids on the Street (feat. bumby)
8. 원없이
9. I’m the B from D (feat. baddyhomie(Luda))

Young B’s Filmography
  • Show Me The Money 4 (3rd Round – Cypher)
  • Show Me The Money 5 (3rd Round – Cypher)
  • HighSchool Rapper (Champion)
  • Show Me The Money 6

Winner Of ‘High School Rapper’, Yang Hong-Won Joins The Latest Rapper Swings Label

Do you still remember the ‘High School Rapper’ survival show on MNET?

The program was won by Yang Hong-Won, or YOUNG B, who is a High School Student from Seoul Kangso district, and it was attended by high school students and those who like rap and hip-hop. His latest news is that Yang Hong-Won has apparently just joined the latest label from rapper Swings, called Indigo Music.

Swings was one of the mentors in that survival program.

Friday (04/21/2017) Indigo Music announced the good news. “Swings has just made a new label. Musicians who are members of it now are YOUNG B (Yang Hong-Won) and Kid Milli. After this, we are thinking of recruiting other artists,” they said.

Young B Turns Out To Be A Thug And Underage Drunkard

Korean netizens are known to voice their opinions, and don’t hesitate to resort to outright bullying. They never hesitate to put down an idol they don’t like. One of their mainstay ways is to uncover past misdeeds of artists who they hate.

One of the idols who’s been on the receiving end of the bullying was NCT’s Taeyong. Then, recently, Jang Yong-Joon became another victim. This ‘High School Rapper’ participant even had to step down from the program and write an official apology.

Now that the news about Jang Yong-joon is starting to subside, it’s Young B’s turn to be targeted because of his past behavior.

Reported from Allkpop through tribunstyle, Yang Hong-Won, or Young B, used to drink hard, smoked while still underage and liked to bully his schoolmates. One of his school friends also said that Young B was once very stubborn. He was considered a school thug, who was often reported to the teacher by student guardians. Not only that, Young B also was reported to have behaves disrespectfully to the teacher. As a result, he became one of the students who was always supervised by the teacher.

Proof of Young B’s mischief turned out to be just not there. Like the name, ‘school thug’, Young B often asked for his friend’s belongings. If his friend doesn’t want to give them over, Young B would hit him. One bit of proof of Young B’s past mischief is a photo taken when he was at karaoke. There appeared to be liquor and several cigarettes on the table in front of him at the karaoke room. If it was his, the behavior s truly unexpected, because South Korea is a country that is very strict and strictly prohibits minors from smoking and drinking alcohol.

So far, Young B is still closing himself and hasn’t given any confirmation. In fact, he made his account private because of being attacked by so many haters through SNS.

‘High School Rapper’ Makes Official Statement Regarding Yang Hong-Won’s Controversy

The Mnet School Rapper program released an official statement related to Yang Hong-Won’s controversy, or as he’s commonly known, ‘Young B’.

After the show’s second episode, Yang Hong-Won received public attention because of his stunning appearance. However, he was exposed to be involved in controversies such as underage drinking, smoking and violence at school.

On February 22, Mnet provided clarification regarding the matter. They said, “Yang Hong-Won received mistakes in his past and now reflects all of his actions. He said he could not apologize to all those who were victims of his mistakes. He still pondered himself continuously and tried hard. Allow Yang Hong-Won to show himself growing up and working hard through new opportunities. Please see it on the fun side.

Unlike Jang Yoon-Joon, Yang Hong-Suk will continue the competition despite the criticism he continues to receive.

Rapper Young B Clarifies The Problem Of Bullying Controversies In The Past

Rapper Young B talked about the bullying controversy in his past on ‘Show Me The Money 6’ which aired on Friday (8/18).

In the program, Young B, denied a controversy that arose earlier this year and the “label” given to him as a bully, as reported by Soompi, Monday (8/21). Instead, the rapper revealed that what was said about his past was just a rumor.

He made the statement during an interview conducted with Young B as he was preparing for the show, together with Hangzoo, as part of Zico and Dean’s team. Young B learned of the problem after people searched for his name on the internet in the process of writing the lyrics for their new song, “Search.” When Young B revealed that he also saw his name, Zico commented, “Young B has a lot of nasty comments for him until now. We don’t even need to know it.”

Young B talked about comments, saying “I have seen a lot of comments from them. I even saw someone upload a post that summarizes who and what I have done, and that makes no sense,” said Young B.

Young B continued, “There are many incorrect comments. Even if people read them, they don’t say ‘He did this,’ but what they say is, ‘I’ve heard that he did this.’ These people know that there is no evidence and only believe in everything others say. “

Not only that, Young B also said that at first he didn’t say anything about the problems. But talked about it during interviews, and in the end he got criticism. “I think this problem will continue to grow if I continue to talk about it. I feel more tired to talk about it. I never did the things that people accused me of” he added.

The rapper firmly stated. “I just want to express myself through music, because I’m a rapper.”

When appearing on the ‘High School Rapper’ earlier this year, Young B was caught in a controversy when several posts said that he not only bullied others, but also smoked and drank as a minor.

Young B’s most recent statement about the controversy was different from what was stated by the representative of the ‘High School Rapper’ earlier this year, as they had said that the rapper had admitted and apologized for his overdone behavior.

Yeri Is Rumored To Be Dating Rapper Yang Hong-Won, Netters Opposing All-Out

The idols love affairs are always interesting to talk about, especially with regard to popular idols who have a lot fans, one of those idols is Red Velvet’s Yeri. After first being rumored to be going out with NCT’s Taeyong, this time Yeri was again hit by romance rumors.

This time, Yeri is reportedly having an affair with rapper Young B. The name Young B himself is already familiar to hip-hop lovers. He participated in “Show Me the Money 6” and won the “High School Rapper” program.

A post in one of the online communities stated that in an online community specifically for hip-hop lovers, one netter said that he saw Yeri and Young B walking together in Garosugil. Young B then attacked the netter in InstaStory’s posts, using profanity and harsh words.

Then Young B uploaded a video on his InstaStory, and in the video you can see a small pocket wallet. The wallet is reportedly the same as Yeri’s, which he has often carried since last year.

If that were not enough, there is a girl’s voice on the video in question, followed by the voice of Young B, who calls the cute girl. Many people assume that the voice in the video is Yeri’s. This post is also got a lot of attention from netters. In response to the rumors that Yeri and Young B were dating, many netters oppose it, and consider the two incompatible.

“Eyy is doing Yeri with a guy like that. She will definitely lose,” commented one netter. “They don’t date, even though they know each other. He is not good for Yeri,” said the other netters. “What the hell? People used to say that Yeri was going out with Taeyong. You thought after seeing handsome faces in SM, she wanted to date Yang Hong-Won? How could that be possible,” said another.

“For the people in Pann who used to blaspheme Yeri to say that she lost her date with Yang Hong-Won, imagine how bad the man’s image was,” said another netter. “I saw the net post on the hip-hop gallery but it was deleted,” added another. “There are lots of handsome oppas in her agency and she entered SM since elementary school, so why did Yeri go out with someone like him,” said another.