Everything You Need to Know About The Cheating Husband in ‘The World of the Married’, Park Hae-joon!

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The Famous ‘Cheating Husband’ Lee Tae-oh, Who Was Played By Actor Park Hae-joon!

Actor Park Hae-Joon played one of the famous characters in The World of the Married ‘Lee Tae-oh’. Lee Tae-oh was becoming famous since his character, who cheated on his wife, also formed a kind of love-hate relationship with the viewers as well. But in real life, Park Hae-Joon was different from Lee Tae-oh. He also appeared in another K-Dramas with another several character! Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything you need to know about actor Park Hae-Joon, so stay tuned!

Park Hae-joon’s Appearance in The World of the Married as Lee Tae-oh

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Park Hae-Joon was played as Lee Tae-oh in The World of the Married. Lee Tae-oh was a film director, even though his career didn’t seem so bright. He has beautiful wife Ji Sun-woo, who worked as a doctor, and a good child named Lee Joon-young. But, Lee Tae-oh’s characters have changed after his betrayal was revealed. He was becoming a selfish and coward person.

The World of the Married is told a story about marriage life between Lee Tae-oh and Ji Sun-woo. They used to be a perfect family with their child, Lee Joon-young. Then one day, Lee Tae-oh was cheating on Ji Sun-woo with another woman, Yeo Da-Kyung. Their marriage has become shattered and also leads them into separation. Then Lee Tae-oh was married to Yeo Da-Kyung and had a daughter. However, his second marriage wasn’t as happy as he could have imagined.

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His Scenes in The World of the Married

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world of the married
world of the married
world of the married
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Park Hae-joon Rising Popularity

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Previously, Park Hae-Joon was appeared in several K-Dramas as supporting acts. Then through The World of the Married, he got a chance to be the male first lead as Lee Tae-oh! His role also leads him to rise popularity, since there’s a lot of people who rising his acting skills as well as his good-looking appearance! Even though some people also judging him due to his character as Lee Tae-oh, it also proves that Park Hae-Joon’s acting skills were something that you couldn’t deny! He could make people got mad at him since his emotion within the characters also naturally real.

The World of the Married also received the highest rating since the first episode, even it also break the new record as the highest rating drama in the local cable network’s history as well! Aside from that, Park Hae-Joon also received lots of compliments from netizens for his handsome face.

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Reported by Koreaboo, a netizen was revealed that she went to The World of the Married filming set, and she was surprised by Park Hae-Joon’s handsomeness. She used to hate him in the dramas, but her sight was changed after seen him directly. Instead of cursing him, she was almost asking him to be his third wife, jokingly! Another netizen also agrees with that, even they also said even though Park Hae-Joon’s character in the drama was a coward, but they couldn’t deny the fact that he was beautiful!

Park Hae-joon’s Previous Dramas

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Park Hae-Joon was already starred in a lot of movie projects, but he used to often appeared through screen movies. But, he also appeared through various drama series such as Arthdal ChroniclesMy MisterWanted, Doctor Stranger, and many more. He was gained a lot of recognition as one of the famous supporting actors in different drama series, and here are some of Park Hae-Joon’s best appearances in the previous drama before The World of the Married!

Park Hae-Joon in Arthdal Chronicles

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Arthdal Chronicles was narrated about fiction country Arthdal in ancient times. There were several clans, such as Saram and Neanderthals, who didn’t really get along. Eun-som, a man who born with a destiny to destroying Arthdal since he was born as a mix of Saram and Neanderthals. There was also Tan-ya, a woman and Princess who had the same destiny as Eun-som. Their life was intertwined and related to each other. In Arthdal Chronicles, Park Hae-Joon was played as a supporting act named Moo-Baek. He was one of the parts of Saenyeok Tribe and Daekan forces as well.

Official drama poster for Arthdal Chronicles:

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Park Hae-joon in My Mister

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My Mister was told a story about Park Dong-hoon, a man who got stressed with his office life. His CEO used to be his junior on campus, then Park Dong-hoon was found out that his wife was cheating on him with the CEO. My Mister also revealed the story about Park Dong-hoon’s friends around his neighborhood, which was revealed their problems in life. Such as got failed in their career, experiencing hard times, and many more.

Meanwhile, in My Mister, Park Hae-Joon was played as Yoon Sang-Woon, one of Park Dong-hoon’s closest friends. He was famously known as a smart and good-looking guy in their neighborhood. However, Yoon Sang-Woon then decided to be a monk because he thought that worldly life only leads him to suffer. Yoon Sang-Woon used to had a relationship with Jung Jun-hee in the past, and after several years Jung Jun-hee couldn’t forget him even though he already became a monk.


Official drama poster for My Mister:

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Park Hae-joon in Wanted

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Wanted to be was a kind of thriller drama which revealed a story about Jung Hye-in who famously known as a top actress in South Korea has decided to left the industry. Then suddenly, she received the bad news that his child Song Hyun-woo was kidnapped. To save her child, Jung Hye-in was following the kidnapper’s game: she has to make ten episodes of the reality show, which also consisted of a mission that she has to do. She received help from PD Shin Dong-Wook and detective Cha Seung-in.

Park Hae-Joon’s character in Wanted as Song Jeong-ho, a man who worked as CEO and has a beautiful wife who worked as a leading actress, Jung Hye-in. He has a film company named UNC, which also became the network to aired Jung Hye-in’s reality show to help her child.

Official drama poster for Wanted:


Latest News About Park Hae-Joon


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The World of the Married was becoming Park Hae-Joon’s first project, which also made him received his first leading role! Through his appearance as Lee Tae-oh, he received a lot of positive responses and compliments for his acting skills. Then, it also leads him to received another upcoming project offering, one of them which has announced was Declaration of Emergency!

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Through that project, Park Hae-Joon would be worked along with Song Kang-ho, Im Siwan, Kim Nam-Gil, and Lee Byung-hun as well. Declaration of Emergency also reportedly is on progress, even though the filming process had delays due to the pandemic COVID-19 situation. For the brief plot story, it tells about an unknown disaster, which also happened all of a sudden, right after an airplane was did an emergency landing. Park Hae-Joon plays ahead of the government crisis management center.

That was everything you have to know about Park Hae-Joon, who gained a lot of attention after his appearance through The World of the Married! Even though his character was received bad comments, but we have to remember that it was only a role in K-Dramas. Let’s always supporting Park Hae-Joon’s career and wait for another his acting appearance in the future!

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