You In My Heart (2017) by Twice

“You in My Heart” by Twice

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Twicetagram
Release Date October 30, 2017
Length 3:29
Label JYP Entertainment
Songwriter Jeong Ho-hyun and Choi Hyun-jun
Composer Jeong Ho-hyun and Choi Hyun-jun
Genre K-pop


JYP Entertainment released Twice’s first full album on October 30, 2017, with the album title Twicetagram. This album was produced by JYP Entertainment and distributed by Genie Music. Twicetagram contains 13 songs with the title track entitled “Likey.” This album was composed by famous composers and singers such as Black Eyed Pilseung and Woo Hye-rim, a former Wonder Girls member. Not only famous composers but several of Twice’s members also participated in writing lyrics for songs on their comeback full album.

Twice’s members who co-wrote the lyrics for the songs on the Twicetagram album are Jihyo, Nayeon, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and also Jeongyeon. Dahyun and Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics for the rap part of “Missing U” as the third track. Nayeon and Jihyo also co-wrote the lyrics for the seventh track “24/7,” Jeongyeon wrote the lyrics for the tenth track “Love Line,” and Chaeyoung wrote “Don’t Give Up” as the eleventh track.

Apart from the title track and the 4 songs the members wrote, the other songs are “Turtle,” “Wow,” “FFW,” “Ding Dong,” “Look at Me,” “Rollin,’” “You in My Heart,” and “Jaljayo Good Night.” This time, we will discuss more deeply about “You in My Heart” on the Twicetagram album.

Background of “You in My Heart”

“You in My Heart” is the twelfth track on Twice‘s first full album Twicetagram. This 3-minute, 29-second song was released on October 30, 2017, with 12 other songs. “You in My Heart”‘s lyrics and music were written and composed by Jeong Ho-hyun and Choi Hyun-jun. This song is also known as “Neol Naege Dam-a,” which is “You in My Heart” in Korean.

“You in My Heart” is a song that tells about the feeling of being in love and the feeling of making the one you love happy. The “You in My Heart” lyrics are very sweet with soft music. One of the interesting things about “You in My Heart”‘s music is the mix of sounds of electric guitar, piano, and synth music.

Very Poetic and Sweet Lyrics

Like most of Twice’s songs, “You in My Heart” also uses poetic and sweet lyrics. This song is about the feeling of falling in love, and the lyrics in this song express all the feelings of falling in love perfectly.

The part of verse 2 that Mina and Sana sing has very sweet lyrics: “Your loving breath, your soft voice, enters my heart and shines on me. This is how I feel. I want to hold you softly in my arms.” These lyrics tell about the little things that people feel while in love.

The chorus of the song is also very beautiful with a faster music beat. The lyrics in the chorus tell about the desire to make loved ones happy. This chorus is sung by Jihyo and Tzuyu and states, “Look into my eyes, I’ll only show you everything. The world reflected in my eyes, so it can be in your pretty heart forever. In the same time, just you and me, I’ll embrace you.”

Twice World Tour 2019 “Twicelights”

Twice performed “You in My Heart” at the Twice World Tour 2019 “Twicelights.” This tour started in Seoul, South Korea, on May 25 and May 26, 2019, at KSPO Dome and ended on February 23, 2020, at Ecopa Arena, Shizuoka, Japan. The Twicelights Tour was supposed to end on April 16, 2020, at Tokyo Dome, Japan. But, the last 2 concerts were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When performing “You in My Heart” at the Twicelights concert, the members wore white dresses that made them very elegant and beautiful. Twice performed “You in My Heart” after “After Moon.”

Audio of “You in My Heart”

The audio for “You in My Heart” was released on Twice’s YouTube channel on November 19, 2017. To date, “You in My Heart” has been listened to more than 487 thousand times and received 13 thousand likes.

Achievements of “You in My Heart”

“You in My Heart” and 12 other songs succeeded in making the Twicetagram album a commercial success. Before being surpassed by the album What Is Love?, Twicetagram was Twice’s album with the highest number of pre-orders. The number of pre-orders for Twicetagram was over 330,000.

Twicetagram is also the second fastest selling Korean girl group album since 2002. Twice’s first full album sold more than 129,000 copies within a week. The success of the Twicetagram album made Twice win the Album Bonsang at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards.