Yoona vs Suzy: Comparing the Queens of K-Drama, Which One is Your Favorite?

Yoona vs Suzy: Love Life

yoona & suzy

People might also be curious about idol’s private lives, especially when it comes to their love life! It certainly happened with Yoona and Suzy, when they officially announced they were dating someone. Their love lives became highly anticipated sources of news!

Are you curious about Yoona and Suzy’s love lives? Let’s find out about their love life together!

Yoona’s Love Life

yoona & lee seung gi

Yoona has been involved in a lot of dating rumors, such as with 2PM’s Taecyeon, EXO’s Sehun, Ji Chang-wook, and many more! But the most popular rumor was about Yoona and actor Lee Seung-gi!

In October, 2013, they confirmed their relationship to the public. They were a cute couple for almost two years, but in 2015 they decided to break up due to their busy schedules. Yoona also said in a Girls’ Generation press conference at the time, that she would put Girls’ Generation ahead of her personal things.

Yoona and Lee Seung-gi were well known as a solid couple, and people saw many similarities between them. Moreover, Yoona once said that Lee Seung-gi was her ideal type, as well.

Meanwhile, the other rumors about Yoona dating other celebrity weren’t true. They were just a matter of hope between the fans towards their idol, or a slight gossip since there was no strong evidence to prove that Yoona was dating with any particular celebrity after Lee Seung-gi.

Suzy’s Love Life

suzy & lee min ho

How about Suzy’s love life? Just like Yoona, Suzy also has been included in a lot of dating rumors, whether it was with her co-workers in dramas or some other celebrity who was actually her close friend. One of the most popular dating rumor from Suzy was about her and Lee Min-ho!

The two of them were officially known to be dating since 2015, after meeting through the connection of a mutual friend who was close to both Suzy and Lee Min-ho. They became a very private couple when it came to their love matters. Unfortunately, Suzy and Lee Min-ho broke up in 2017, reportedly because of their busy schedules and Lee Min-ho’s military service. Not long after the breakup issues, Suzy was rumored to be close with her co-worker in While You Were Sleeping, Lee Jong-suk, since a number of people shipped them as a couple in real life.

suzy & lee jong suk

As it turns out, Suzy officially began dating actor Lee Dong-wook afterwards. The news came as a surprise to most of their fans. Even though some people weren’t shipping them, there were others who were happy about their relationship. The relationship between Suzy and Lee Dong-wook didn’t last very long, they broke up after couple of months due to their tight schedules.

suzy & lee dong wook

Yoona’s Latest News


Let’s catch up with Yoona’s recent updates! We can see what she’s been doing through her recent Instagram posts, so let’s check them out together, here!

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One of Yoona’s latest projects was her appearance in Exit. She starred with Jo Jung-suk, as well, and the movie was released in July, 2019. The film became one of the highest-grossing in South Korea!

Meanwhile, there is no news yet about Yoona’s upcoming projects. But for sure, we are looking forward for another project from her!