Yoona vs Suzy: Comparing the Queens of K-Drama, Which One is Your Favorite?

Yoona vs Suzy: Acting Career

yoona & suzy

As already mentioned, Yoona and Suzy have both been referred to as the queens of K-drama. They’ve starred in a lot of films and dramas over the last several years. Their natural image and great acting ability were a perfect combination as an actress, right?

Along with their activities as idols, both Yoona and Suzy also started their acting career at that time. Yoona started acting in 2008 through Two Outs in the Ninth Inning, meanwhile Suzy started her acting debut through Architecture 101 in 2012.

Here are some of Yoona and Suzy’s top drama!

Yoona’s Top Dramas

The K2

yoona the k2

In The K2, Yoona was cast as Go Anna. She was the secret child of a famous politician, who lived with her step-mother. She also had bit of a social phobia, which made her afraid of flashing lights. She met with Kim Je-ha (Ji Chang-wook), who was actually her step-mother’s bodyguard, who became a guard for Anna, as well, because he was always protecting Anna in any kind of conditions.

Overall, The K2 gained good ratings among drama series. Their highest-rated episode hit 8.489%. People also commented about Yoona’s acting in The K2. Most people praised her acting, but there were also some people said that she was the cause of The K2‘s average rating. But still, people were in love with Yoona’s appearance in the drama and how good she was when she showed so many emotions in the different scenes! She got 3 awards from her appearance in The K2, such as Popularity Award, Actress, Asia Star Award, Actress, and Best Dressed Actress.

The King in Love

the king in love

In The King In Love, Yoona was cast as Eun San/So-hwa. She was the daughter of an nobleman in a certain Kingdom. She had two male best friends, Wang Won, who was also a candidate of a Crown Prince (Im Si-wan), and Wang Rin, who was a bodyguard (Hong Jong-hyun). The three of them were involved in the love triangle, where Wang Won and Wang Ri were both in love with Eun San, but Eun San was only in love with Wang Ri.

The King In Love had a peak rating of 9.3%. People also commented that they were in loved with Yoona’s appearance in this kind of historical drama, since people had rarely seen her in historical dramas before. The storyline also made the drama very attractive to viewers, as well! For this drama, she received the Best Artist Award, Actress.

The Prime Minister and I

the prime minister and i

In The Prime Minister and I, Yoona was cast as Nam Da-jung, an amateur reporter who actually had great ability in writing and editing. In order to chase after her dream of becoming a novelist, Nam Da-jung secretly followed a famous prime minister, Kwon Yul (Lee Beom-soo), to get his exclusive news. However, they accidentally met and began a contract marriage before falling in love with each other.

Overall, the highest rating for an episode of The Prime Minister and I was 11.9%! Even though the rating for the drama was pretty good, people still said that they disliked Yoona’s acting in the series. They thought that she could done better than that, and said they thought her emotion inh her role wasn’t very good. There were other people who were defending Yoona, sayingd that she wasn’t that bad. Moreover, she still received an Excellence Award, Actress in Miniseries for her role in the drama.

Suzy’s Top Dramas

Gu Family Book

gu family book

In Gu Family Book, Suzy played Dam Yeom-wool. She was a martial arts instructor in her father’s school. There’s a man Choi Kang-chi (Lee Seung-gi), who met Dam Yeom-wool when they were children, and he saved her from a dog. Since then, Dam Yeom-wool was in love with him. Moreover, they met again when they were adults. The drama was kind of a romance-fantasy, where Choi Kang-chi was a half-human and half-gumiho, meanwhile Dam Yeom-wool is fully human.

The highest rating Gu Family Book received from a single episode was 22.9%, which was a really large share! From her role in the drama, Suzy received a 20s Drama Star Award, Outstanding Korean Actress, Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries and other awards!

Uncontrollably Fond

umcontrollably fond

In Uncontrollably Fond, Suzy was cast as Noh Eul, an amateur producer who was struggling with her occupation. She met Shin Joon-young, a famous celebrity who also became Noh Eul’s documentary film project. She was also trying to solve her father’s murder, which ended up being connected with Shin Joon-young in the past. Both of them were falling in love, even though Shin Joon-young was hiding it due to his guilty feelings and his hidden illness.

Uncontrollably Fond hit a rating of 14.0%, which was a huge achievement! People who were already in love with Suzy’s acting before, also praised her acting in Uncontrollably Fond. Others offered a certain amount of criticism for Suzy’s acting, they thought that her acting was rather cheesy and over-exaggerated. She received the Best Star Award for her role in Uncontrollably Fond.

While You Were Sleeping

while you were sleeping

In While You Were Sleeping, Suzy was cast as Nam Hong-joo, a field reporter who has an ability to see the future through her dreams. She met prosecutor Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk) and police officer Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in), who also has the same ability as Nam Hong-joo. The three of them cooperated to prevent bad things from happening with help from their dreams.

The highest rating for While You Were Sleeping was 10.9%! Through her appearance in the drama, Suzy received a lot of praise from people, even winning some awards for her role, such as Oustanding Korean Actress, Top Excellence Award for Korean Drama, and many others!

Whose Dramas are More Successful?

Between Yoona and Suzy’s best dramas, there must be differences between them. From the plot and ratings, we can see that Suzy’s dramas were more popular, since they had higher ratings. Yoona’s drama still received good ratings, however, and Suzy and Yoona have both received a lot of awards for their roles. Let’s keep supporting both of them.