Yoona vs Suzy: Comparing the Queens of K-Drama, Which One is Your Favorite?

Yoona vs Suzy: Visual Battle

yoona & suzy

The eternal beauty from Yoona and Suzy is undeniable. They each have their own kind of beauty, and it is pure. It’s no surprise that each of these performers were the visual for their respective groups. People in South Korea, especially women, mostly wanted to be as beautiful as them. Yoona and Suzy have become a huge influence towards South Korean people, not only for their beauty, but also their talent and their kind-hearted ways.

Because of their eternal beauty, there’s a lot of famous and luxury brands who have wanted them to be their brand ambassador. Both Yoona and Suzy were involved in various endorsements with some famous brands, which included doing a lot of photoshoot sessions, as well.

Here’s a comparison between Yoona and Suzy’s best photoshoots!

Yoona’s Best Photoshoot

Let’s take a look at some of Yoona’s best photoshoots here:


Watch one of the Yoona’s endorsements with the brand Innisfree here:

Suzy’s Best Photoshoot

Let’s take a look at some of Suzy’s best photoshoots here:


Watch one of the Suzy’s endorsements with the brand The Face Shop here:

Well, from the visual comparison above, who is the prettier one among them? It was quite difficult to choose since Yoona and Suzy were each effortlessly beautiful in their own way, right?

Due to netizens opinion, they thought that bothYoona and Suzy were beautiful in the same level. Yoona has a pure and calm charm, meanwhile Suzy has more of a cheerful and natural charm!

Yoona vs Suzy: Solo Artist

yoona & suzy

Now, let’s move on with the topic of Yoona and Suzy as solo singers! Based on their previous career as members of idol groups, it’s no wonder that they are also pursuing their careers as solo singers. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s find out together!

Let’s start with Yoona first! In 2016, Yoona released her first single, Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, following with When The Wind Blows in 2017, To You in 2018, and Summer Night in 2019. Not only that, she’s also sung one of the OSTs for one of her drama, The K2, with the single Amazing Grace. Yoona’s first extended play, A Walk To Remember, was released on May 30th, 2019, and was one of the ways she celebrated her birthday.

Let’s talk about Suzy and some of her solo singles! In early 2017, Suzy started her solo singer debut by releasing the album Yes? No?, with the lead singles Pretend and Yes? No?. Then, in 2018, she released her second album, Faces of Love, with the lead singles In Love With Someone Else, Holiday, and Sober. In one of her dramas, While You Were Sleeping, she also sang one of the OSTs, with the title I Love You Boy.

Yoona’s Solo

Here are some of Yoona’s solo music videos and solo performances!




Yoona’s Solo Performance


Suzy’s Solo

Here are some of Suzy’s solo music videos and solo performances as well!




Suzy’s Solo Performance

After we seeing Yoona and Suzy’s solo performance on stage, it totally amazed us, right? With their good voices and stunning appearance, it might be quite hard to tell who’s the prettier one among them!

Some netizens were commenting that they were more fond of Suzy’s voice than Yoona’s. But still, they would continue supporting both women’s careers and respected them, as well. So, who’s your favorite one between Suzy and Yoona?