Yoona vs Suzy: Comparing the Queens of K-Drama, Which One is Your Favorite?

yoona & suzy

Meet The Queens of K-Drama, Im Yoona and Bae Suzy!

For lovers of K-drama, the names Im Yoona and Bae Suzy might be familiar enough, right? They both often appear in various dramas, and are also often cast in the leading roles! Channel Korea will tell you all about it, so stay tuned!

Yoona and Suzy aren’t just actresses, they also came up from the same background: being members of girl-groups! Inaddition to that, they are also involved in other entertainment activity, such as being models, TV presenters, singers, and more! Given their backgrounds and careers, people often compare them. But the truth is, they are totally different, if equally talented. Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the queens of the K-drama, Im Yoona and Bae Suzy!

Yoona vs Suzy: Idols Turned Actress

yoona & suzy

Both Yoona and Suzy made their first appearances as girl-group members. Yoona came from Girls’ Generation and Suzy came from Miss A. The two groups were very popular and each time they made a comeback, their fans were eagerly waiting for them. Yoona and Suzy were also the visuals in their each of their groups, which meant they were the iconic face from Girls’ Generation and Miss A.

After proving their talent as girl-group members, both Yoona and Suzy started pursuing work in other parts of the entertainment industry. One of those parts was acting. Yoona has been sacting since 2007, debuting through Two Outs in the Ninth Inning, which was followed by taking other roles in dramas, such as in Cinderella Man, Love Rain, The K2, and many more!

Meanwhile, Suzy started her acting career in 2010, through the film Architecture 101, and followed that with other roles in shows such as in Gu Family Book, Dream High, Uncontrollably Fond, and many more!

Yoona in SNSD

yoona snsd

Yoona joined the group SNSD in 2007. Her position was as lead dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, visual, and center in the group. While she was with SNSD, she had more male celebrity fans than the other members. SNSD also became one of the biggest girl-group since then and now, and when people mentioned SNSD, Yoona was the first person who came to mind.

Watch some of SNSD’s famous music videos here:

SNSD – Oh!

SNSD – The Boys

SNSD – I Got A Boy

Through the years, Yoona was focusing her career with SNSD, but sometimes she also pursued another work, such as acting, being a TV presenter, modeling, and many more. She also released some solo singles, and was included in the sub-unit of SNSD, Oh!GG. Right after SNSD went inactive, Yoona was still continuing her career, moreover she was pursuing her acting career, even more.

Suzy in Miss A


Suzy joined the group Miss A in 2010. Her position in the group was as lead vocalist, lead rapper, visual, face of the group, and maknae. Their music was mostly K-Pop, Dance Pop, Electropop, and R&B. While she was with Miss A, Suzy became one of the most popular members, since she was the visual and also has a good voice, as well. She also participated in another activities outside Miss A, such as becoming a model for commercial films, which is why she was considered as one of the CF Queens.

Watch some of Miss A’s famous music videos here:

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

Miss A – Hush

Miss A – Only You

Unfortunately, Miss A disbanded in 2017. Their last comeback was in 2015, through Colors and its promotion. After that, the group went inactive. Then, in 2016, one of the member, Jia, left the group because her contract was over. She was followed by Min in 2017. In December, 2017, Miss A was officially disbanded. Since then, Suzy has been pursuing her solo career, especially in acting and being a solo singer.

Whose Group is Better?

It’s quite hard to compare the two biggest girl-group’s popularity, since both of them were so good and popular! But, if we were to tally the awards and music chart hit between SNSD and Miss A, there might be a slight different between them.

Let’s start with SNSD! Since their debut, SNSD has gained a lot of attention through their performances, their world tour, their comebacks every year, and more. SNSD’s album and singles ranked on a lot of famous music charts, and also became best-selling albums. Some of SNSD’s best selling albums were The Boys (464,377 copies), Oh! (418,172 copies), and I Got A Boy (308,027 copies).

Meanwhile, there’s also Miss A, with their own popularity! Just like SNSD, Miss A also proved their great talent through performances, comeback stages, and world tours. Some of their singles also entering the popular music charts, and their album sales also received good responses. Some of Miss A’s best-selling albums include A Class (36,441+ copies), Bad But Good (19,837+ copies), and Hush (15,354+ copies).

If we’re talking about the number of album copies which each group sold, we could conclude that SNSD won over Miss A. But don’t worry! That doesn’t change anything, because both SNSD and Miss A have put out such amazing music, and the most important thing is that they always have the unconditional love and support from their amazing fans, as well!