The Beautiful Yoona: From Her Skincare Routine to Her Fashion Style

SNSD Yoona

Meet’s SNSD’s Stunning Visual Yoona

“We agree there are two criteria to be called ‘Beauty Icon,’ outstanding beauty owner and owner of a healthy charm for self-management. There is someone who has all these criteria, Yoona. Since her debut era, she received attention for her beautiful face and is known as ‘The most beautiful member of a girl group’ and ‘visual center.’ However, all over the years, she received so much love not only because of her silky face, but also her positive mind and her humble passion which make her an icon of beauty.” – Cosmopolitan, December 2018

Im Yoo-na, well known as Girl Generation’s (SNSD) Yoona, is famous for her beautiful face and good fashion style. Her hydrated, flawless, and clear skin proves that Yoona is a goddess of beauty in the South Korean entertainment industry. Yoona’s visuals and healthy skin make people curious about her skincare routine.

SNSD Yoona

However, people’s focus is not only on her beauty and her milky skin, but also her fashion looks. Im Yoo-na has become a fashion role model for her million adoring fans. They are following her styles and getting a lot of inspiration from her.

Let’s take a peek of Yoona’s skincare routine first!

Yoona’s Skincare Routine

Yoona kindly shared her beauty secret with us. She told us about some tips about her skincare routine which make her shin look silky and glowing every day. Im Yoo-na realizes the importance of sleep above anything else. She says that getting enough sleep will allow our skin cells to regenerate properly. According to Yoona, the key to having nice skin is cleaning our skin regularly with a skincare routine and make it a habit.

The important skincare product that Yoona uses often is the facial mask. She also applies a facial serum after washing her face.

“I think applying a facial mask once a day has a lot of benefits. Then, after washing my face, I apply a facial serum. It acts as a cushion to even out the skin tone,” from Yoona’s interview at the 2017 Innisfree Wonderland event in Jakarta.

yoona skincare

Honestly, Yoona unveiled that she has dry skin although her skin looks so hydrated and glowing. Her secret method is to mix two or three drops of face oil with a moisturizing cream and applying them all over the face. If she has an outdoor activity, she will apply a rich amount of facial creams one after another to supplement absorption.


Yoona’s Fashion

snsd yoona elle korea

Recognized as a public figure, idol, beauty icon, and actress, SNSD’s Yoona is also known as a fashion role model. She receives a lot of attention for her styles and a good sense of fashion. Yoona looks so gorgeous in anything she throws on, such as her casual looks, chic and feminine looks, and her formal looks.

Let’s check out her fashion looks at various activities and events!

Airport Fashion

airport fashion
 Yoona airport fashion
 Yoona airport fashion


Yoona casual fashion
yoona casual look
fn Star
yoona casual

Yoona’s Fashion Show Appearance


She looks great in a black leather jacket with a beret!

yoona fashion show3

She looks like a goddess in this white dress. Her silky skin makes her look so beautiful.

yoona fashion show4

Yoona’s Instagram

Here are the top 10 photos from Yoona’s Instagram feed!

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