Check Out Yoona and Park Bo-gum’s Appearance in ‘Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Season 2’

Tasks as Staff

효리네 민박 임윤아 박보검

From the beginning, Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon revealed that they agreed to Season 2 because they really wanted to feed the people well this time. “Eat well. sleep well. Just those two of our goals.”

As employees at the bed and breakfast, all of them were required to cook for them and their guests, because their goals to make sure that everyone is eating well and make them gain weight. Theyare often seen cooking a variety of good menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They miraculously showed their excellent cooking skills, both claiming to enjoy cooking, and they also eat anything. Many guests admitted that their dishes are always delicious and were like eating cafe food. In this show, we can see the various menus and food recipes they use, and the food looks easy to make because they have never complained about cooking and look happy to do their job. Besides cooking, the employees also have to buy their food ingredients and prepare them.

The episode footage above shows the extraordinary collaboration between Park Bo-gum and Yoona when they made dinner for the guests. The two also told each other about their feelings about joining ‘the show while they were cooking. The two became close to each other naturally, and showed their great teamwork. They also took good care of each other, even though Yoona was older than Park Bo-gum.

Another of their tasks was to prepare a hot tub, which includes cleaning it and then filling it with hot water.

The above snippet shows that guests must notify employees at least two hours in advance to use the hot tub, because they need to prepare it while waiting for hot water to fill the tub. While they’re waiting, Yoona and Park Bo-gum fold the towels and clothes that have been provided for guests using the hot tub. They also cleaned and tidied the Mongolian tent, which they called ‘Ger’.

Another thing that was part of their job is to always clean and tidy up the house. This can be seen often. Yoona, Park Bo-gum, Hyori, and Lee Sang-soon are seen every day doing vacuuming and mopping the floor, and both are also in charge of laundry.

In one of the episodes, Yoona again showed her amazing skill and impressed Lee Hyo-ri. The episode was the day Lee Sang-soon had to go to Seoul, and his absence was filled by Park Bo-gum. At that time, Park Bo-gum was off to take Lee Sang-soon to the airport, so there was only Lee Hyo-ri, Yoona, and a guest who was sick, Kim Jae-bin.

While cleaning the trash can in the bathroom above, Yoona realized that the toilet was clogged, and reported it to Lee Hyo-ri. Hearing this, Lee Hyo-ri panicked, because that was when Lee Sang-soon was leaving.

Yoona took the initiative to try to unclog it and, hearing this, Lee Hyo-ri was surprised to know Yoona could do it. Using tape, plastic, and scissors, Yoona wasable to fix it, leaving both Hyori and Jae-bin amazed. When they asked her how she learned to do it, Yoona said that she saw it on TV, and then Hyo-ri praised her again, because even though she saw on TV it would still be difficult to run it in real life.

In fact, neither Lee Hyo-ri or Lee Sang-soon ever had a to-do list or a list of jobs that each member of the staff had to do. Everything looks very natural and synchronous with each other. All four had excellent chemistry as they all worked hard to back each other up and help out as much as they could.


효리네 민박 임윤아 박보검

Although Yoona and Park Bo-gum were only employees during the show, and not for a long time, both were able to give such a valuable impression for this show, as well as for Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri.

Both performers worked hard and wholeheartedly, wanting to get closer to each other and also to the guests. You could see it when they were always feeling heavy for guests when they have to leave Bed and Breakfast. As with the guests, it also seemed hard to  say goodbye for both Park Bo-gum and Yoona.

At the end of this event, at which time it was time for Yoona to leave, you could see that Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri were trying to prepare something special for Yoona’s farewell. Both of them had valuable experiences with Yoona and were also able to get to know Yoona more deeply after working with her.

Lee Hyo-ri had an idea to make a music video for Yoona about how beautiful she is. It can be seen on several occasions that Lee Hyo-ri loves Yoona. Hyori and Sand-soon recorded and edited their own music video for Yoona.

The music video successfully portrayed Yoona’s beauty during her time on the show, showing various expressions and behaviors that Hyori had recorded through her cellphone,  then edited into a music video by Lee Sang-soon.

When Yoona watched the music video together with Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri, it appeared that Yoona’s eyes had been in tears since the beginning of the music video. Lee Hyo-ri also could not hide her sadness while watching the music video with Yoona, and joined in crying. Yoona said she was deeply moved to see the music video, and was crying when she said it.

On Park Bo-gum’s last day as a part-time employee, Lee Sang-soon, Lee Hyo-ri, Yoona, and Park Bo-gum all went out and spent time together. For dinner, Yoona cooked broiled sea beams, and said she wanted Park Bo-gum to eat her cooking before leaving.

Lee Sang-soon drove Park Bo-gum to the airport, and before the actor left, Lee Hyo-ri and Yoona gave their goodbyes and hugged him. Yoona also showed her sadness when Park Bo-gum had to leave, by saying, “My comrade is leaving.” Lee Hyo-ri told the actor, “I hope we can see each other again, Thank you for everything “

Before he left, he said, “I had a great time here. Thanks” while waving his hand and then leaving. Yoona remarkedd to Hyori “It’s different compared to guests.” Lee Hyo-ri agreed and said that Park Bo-gum had helped Yoona a lot. Not only to the staff, Park Bo-gum also said goodbye to guests who were staying at the bed and breakfast, leaving them messages. He could not say goodbye in person, because all the guests were outside when he left.

Fun Facts

효리네 민박 임윤아 박보검

Here are some fun facts that happened in Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Season 2. Below is a list of the guests who are present in each episode.

Guests Episode #
The Judo Quintet 2 – 5
Yeon Sisters 3 – 5
Surfer Team 3 – 8
Backpacker Team 5 – 10
Daejeon Fin.K.L 6 – 8
Surgery Team 6 – 8
Father and Son 8 – 11
Wedding Photography Couple 8 – 11
High school-friend Soldiers 10 – 11
First Foreigner
(First guests of season 2.5, the Spring edition)
12 – 15
Motorbike Duo 12 – 15
15-years Female Friend Couple 14 – 15
Four-members Family 14 – 15


Below is the rating of this event, both the nationwide rating and the Seoul rating

Ep. Broadcast date AGB Nielsen Korea
Nationwide Seoul
1 February 4, 2018 8.016% 9.116%
2 February 11, 2018 7.726% 8.988%
3 February 18, 2018 4.669% 5.195%
4 February 25, 2018 6.718% 7.570%
5 March 4, 2018 7.142% 8.129%
6 March 11, 2018 9.157% 11.156%
7 March 18, 2018 10.750% 12.162%
8 March 25, 2018 8.329% 10.173%
9 April 1, 2018 7.178% 8.674%
10 April 8, 2018 7.395% 8.940%
11 April 15, 2018 6.543% 7.341%
12 April 22, 2018 6.929% 7.625%
13 April 29, 2018 5.770% 6.367%
14 May 6, 2018 5.871% 6.247%
15 May 13, 2018 5.621% 6.001%
16 (special) May 20, 2018 3.417% 3.957%


The last episode focused on the opinions of the guests who had been at the bed and breakfast while the show was being filmed. The guests shared their experiences and also the most memorable things during their stay at the bed and breakfast.

The highest rating was in episode 7, when the show received double-digit ratings. This is a big achievement, considering that JTBC is cable TV. It also registered the highest audience share for both seasons of the show. The chief Producer for the show, Yoon Hyun-joon, stated, “I can’t deny that there is a “Park Bo-gum effecton the ratings.” This show also won in the category Best Entertainment Program at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2018.