Let’s Take a Look at Yoona’s Bow Legs!


Slim and Sexy, Girls Generation’s Yoona

Bowlegs is a condition in which a person has legs that touch at the ankles but do not touch at the knees and the thighs. Some might confuse this with a previous trend, that is the thigh gap, that still prevails to this day. The two are different in that bowlegs involve the shin and thigh instead of wide hips and thin legs. Thus, with this, most people associate bowlegs with the ideal body type for women.

That same could be said about Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, who came from a group immensely popular for dances involving the legs. Members of the group are known to have fantastic proportions and ultimately, perfect legs, usually found in outfits such as mini dresses and hot pants. This reputation exceeds even Girls’ Generation Yoona, that can be found mostly in the center of these choreographies with amazing leg work. Her popularity and style choices definitely helped in growing this trend with fans, following suit with every outfit that showcases her toned legs.

So, are you ready to see some legendary pictures of her legs? Or maybe you are curious as to how she achieved her godly legs? Is it natural or is it surgery? Let’s take a closer look at Yoona’s amazing figure!

Yoona’s Legendary Legs


As seen above, her bowed legs can be very notably seen during her arrival at the airport, thanks to the fashion choice she has made. She has always been known as one of the most fashionable in Girls’ Generation, taking enough risks to be considered a fashionista. The same could be said about her choice to wear short skirts and pants despite her bowed legs. It shows that she is confident about it, that it does not hinder her in expressing herself freely through her style.


Her appearance with the bowed legs can be traced back to her early debut days to even her most popular days when she was dubbed as K-Pop’s It Girl. Her popularity soared despite her bowed legs, as it is considered interesting and fitting with the Korean beauty standards. Her legs might be bent at the shin, but it does add to the illusion of the thigh gap and very slim legs, which almost all women want as part of their ideal body. Not only that, as mentioned before, her legs are always complimented with the most fashionable items and she also makes them look good, thus any concern or criticism she might have received for it has been ignored by the masses.


She has also made appearances on the red carpet with her bowed legs, with her go to mini dresses and short skirts. Her legs and her outfits take center stage, showcasing it beautifully with the help of heels, to help correct her posture and shape of legs ever so slightly. Not only that, but the color blocking in the bottom half of her outfits also helps in creating the illusion of a lesser distortion of her legs, so the distortion appears straighter and less prominent from afar. Her confidence completes her outfit with a prettily wrapped bow.

Yoona’s Diet Tips

To achieve her slim and toned legs, there are certain things that Yoona implements into her lifestyle choices, such as dieting and exercise. As known to most, Girls’ Generation members are quite rigid when it comes to their diet, with the most popular one being the 800 Calorie diet. This diet entails strictly eating fruits and vegetables only, with no carbohydrates or protein with substance to subsidize the lack of calories. In the morning, they eat 200 calories, for lunch, they eat 300 calories and for dinner, they eat the same 300 calories, making a total calorie intake of 800 calories per day.

The diet is a huge contrast to the 2000 calorie diet that most women are on, considering that their lifestyles also include less strenuous activities. The diet raised worries about their health as not only they reduce the calorie intake, but also they live a highly packed lifestyle with dance practices and long working hours. Fans are worried that the diet might be too dangerous or not enough to power them throughout their day.

Despite it, the diet definitely shows results as in one show Yoona was weighed as part of a mission in a verity show. She weighed only 50 kg, in spite of wearing wet clothes that tend to add some 2-3 kg to her actual weight. This is definitely frightening as she is 168 cm tall, which means that she could be considered severely underweight. Yet, with this weight she is also able to showcase her world-famous abs and slim legs, thus the underweight problem seemed to be swept under the rug.

Her exercise routine mostly consists of 4 minutes of boxing steps, 3 minutes of squats, 2 minutes of knee-ups, and lastly 1 minute of slow walking. This type of workout is especially helpful in toning the legs and slimming down the thighs. Not only that, Yoona as a part of the Girls’ Generation roster also attends dance practice to brush up on choreographies and learn new ones. This high-impact, very stressful lifestyle definitely helps in keeping her body in check.

Surgery Accusations


As of recently, fans have started noticing that Yoona’s legs seem to appear straighter than before, with less distortion around the shins and thighs. Her shins used to be bent whatever pose she assumed, with varying angles. Her go-to pose used to be with her legs crossed to minimize the appearance of her bowed legs, but nowadays she confidently stands with no space in between her legs, straight as it is next to one another. Her knees also do not seem as out-turned as they were before, thus sparking this rumor among both fans and casual admirers of Yoona.

The procedure to correct the legs is not something that is widely available as it is still very rare and not done very often. Thus, the correction of her legs could also be attributed to the weight gain she has been experiencing as of late. Not only that, consistent exercising and stretching can help to correct this problem with the legs also, as the stretching helps to correct the growth of the bones that cause it. Although cases of bowed legs usually occur in kids, the same method could be applied to adults experiencing the same issue.

Fans response towards the surgery accusations range from support to disdain, support for her finally being able to correct her bone problems and disdain for her way of achieving that goal. Some even empathize with her, as they too would do the procedure if they were in her position. They are glad she could finally fulfill her ideal of having straighter legs if that was the case. The allegations themselves are not based on consistent reviewing of any data, thus not much can be said about the truth behind the accusations. Some fans have chosen to ignore such claims and continue their support for her no matter the circumstances.

So, what do you think about Yoona’s legs? Are her bowed legs uniquely beautiful? Are you in favor of her correcting her legs? Comment your thoughts below!