Get to Know More About ‘She Was Pretty’ Actress Yoon Yoo-sun: Profile, Social Media, Husband, Movies, and Drama List

Yoon Yoo-sun in Movie

After she starred in the Stranger in Paradise drama, which was aired the same year as The Story of Two Women, she returned to the screen by taking part in Even If the Wind Blows the next year. Due to her acting in this drama, she won the Excellence Award for Actress and the Popularity Award at the KBS Drama Awards.

Walking through her career path has taken her many places and opened up opportunities for playing various types of characters, although many of her appearances in dramas and movies have been as supporting roles. She only had a cameo appearance in the movies Righteous Ties (2006) and My Son (2007). But, she also got to act in popular dramas such as Princess Hours (2006), Queen Seondeok (2009) and My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (2010). She was even nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Special category at the SBS Drama Awards as a recognition of her acting in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

Yoon Yoo-sung in High Kick

One year later, she made a comeback with the MBC drama titled High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged. The drama revolves around the lives of the Ahn family, who has to go through financial hardships after the head of the family, Ahn Nae-sang was scammed by his business partner and went bankrupt.

In this drama, Yoon Yoo-sun acted as Ahn Nae-sang’s wife who developed early menopause from stress caused by the bankruptcy. Throughout the series, she had thoughts of herself and what happened in her life, but she is a strong and resilient character. Because of her acting in High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged, she was awarded for Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Sitcom or Comedy category at the MBC Entertainment Awards.

Yoon Yoo-sun in Shopaholic Louis

After finishing her work in High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged, she continued to appear in various dramas such as Good Doctor and One Well-Raised Daughter the next year. She was again nominated for the Special Award, Actress in a Serial Drama category at the SBS Drama Awards thanks to her acting in One Well-Raised Daughter. Throughout the years, she has appeared in a couple of well-known dramas, for example, The Producers (2015), She Was Pretty (2015), Six Flying Dragons (2016), Shopaholic Louis (2016), Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016), Save Me (2017), and many others. Her latest work is the MBC drama Rich Family’s Son, which started airing since March 25, 2018.

Yoon Yoo-sun in Theater

Besides movies and dramas, she has also been active in the theater field. In the course of her life, she has performed in three plays. Her first theater appearance was in Snow White, in 1982, where she played the role of Snow White. Her next play was the one titled Being Lucky Neither at Cards nor at Love, which was performed 13 years after her previous theater appearance. Lastly, she performed in the Hellen Keller play, where she acts as Anne Sullivan, the teacher of Hellen Keller.

She has also appeared in various variety shows. She started her career in variety shows in 1977, when she first appeared as a host of the show titled Hodori and Tosooni. She also became the host of Scent of Sky with Kang Seok-woo and Yoon Yoo-sun, which was being aired in 2011. She was also a panelist for a show titled Welcome to Sea World in 2012. In addition, she has experience as a Radio DJ in the Afternoon Parade with Jeon Young-ho and Yoon Yoo-sun, which was being aired in 1995.