Get to Know More About ‘She Was Pretty’ Actress Yoon Yoo-sun: Profile, Social Media, Husband, Movies, and Drama List

Yoon Yoo-sun

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Did you watch the drama She Was PrettyShe Was Pretty is a drama that was aired on MBC, with Park Seo-jun and Hwang Jung-eum playing the main characters. The drama itself was a hit both domestically, proven with its highest rating of 18.4% and internationally, especially in China. Yoon Yoo-sun is one of the actresses who starred in the drama. In the drama, she had the role of a mother. Do you want to know more about her? Let’s take a look at her profile!

Yoon Yoo-sun’s Profile

Yoon Yoo-sun Profile

Yoon Yoo-sun is a South Korean actress who was born on January 17th, 1969. She is known as one of the biggest actresses during the 1990s along with Choi Jin-sil and Chae Si-ra. She studied at the Seoul Institute of Arts and majored in Broadcasting and Entertainment. She is working as an actress under the auspices of Hinge Entertainment agency.

She married her husband Lee Seung-ho at 2001. Right now, she has a beautiful family consisting of four members: her husband, a son, a daughter, and herself. She also has a nephew-in-law, Lee Sung-yeol, who is famous as one of the members of INFINITE. If you want to know about her most recent activities, you can check out her Instagram account @yusun_17!

Career: Dramas, Movies, and Theater

Yoon Yoo-sun in Drama

Yoon Yoo-sun first started her career as a child actress in 1975. She continued to be active and starred in many movies and dramas, such as The Story of Two Women (1994), Even If the Wind Blows (1995), High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged (2011), and Another Promise (2014).

She made her first appearance on the screen as a child actress in the movie You Become a Star, Too. In this movie, she played the character named Yoon-jung, a girl who becomes a sleepwalker after seeing an illusion of a butterfly flying over to her house. After starring in this movie, in 1976, she again appeared in a movie titled Yes, Good-bye Today. The next year she made her debut in a drama titled Blue Thread Red Thread.

After that, she continued making appearances both in movies and dramas, including The Last Winter (1978), Oddogi Squad (1979), Two Women (1980), Temptation (1982), Let’s Love (1982), Straight Hair at Nineteen (1985)and many others. Then, after she starred in the KBS drama Land, which was aired in 1987, she received the Best New Actress award at the 25th Baeksang Arts Awards, in 1989.

Yoon Yoo-sun in The Story of Two Women

As her career was taking an upward turn, being active by appearing in many dramas, five years later she again received the Best New Actress award. This time, she received it at the 35th Grand Bell Awards for her acting as the character named Kyung-ja in The Story of Two Women movie.

It is a movie that tells the story of two women who are the wives of the same man under one roof. Young-soon, played by Kim Seo-ra, lives happily with her husband but is still childless even after six years of marriage. Because of her mother-in-law’s demand to have a son in order to continue their family line, her husband is forced to marry Kyung-ja, a woman who lost her husband in the Korean War and struggles to support her younger brother. The movie was directed by Lee Jung-gook and was awarded in the category Best Film at the 35th Grand Bell Awards. It also received the Best Screenplay award at the same award event.