Full Profile of ‘The Heirs’ Actress Yoon Son-ha: Social Media, Child, and Drama List

The Heirs

Meet Korean Actress Yoon Son-ha

Who has not heard of the drama The Heirs or The Inheritors? There is probably no one who does not know this drama because it took not only Korea but also Asia by storm in late 2013. This drama was such a big hit that it was broadcasted internationally in over 13 countries, including Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Middle East, North Africa, Mongolia, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Armenia.

There are many reasons why this drama was such a big success, but one that surely contributed a lot is its amazing cast. Even before the drama was aired, people were already curious about this drama because all the announced cast members are very well-known, both the artists playing the leading roles and the artists playing the supporting roles.

One of the actresses playing a supporting character in the drama The Heirs, who has caught people’ attention is Yoon Son-ha. In this drama, she played the role of Esther Lee. She is the mother of Rachel Yoo. Kim Ji-won played the role of Rachel Yoo, the fiancé of Kim Tan, the main character of this drama who was played by Lee Min-ho. Esther Lee was mostly noted for her wanting to marry Choi Young-do’s father for the sake of boosting her business. Choi Young-do is Kim Tan’s rival, and Kim Woo-bin played this role. Throughout the drama, people most remember Esther Lee as someone who gives Rachel Yoo a hard time because she and Choi Young-do cannot give in into the idea that they are going to be siblings. However, in the end, it was revealed that the marriage between Rachel Yoo’s mother and Choi Young-do’s father was canceled.

Now that The Heirs is long over, many are wondering what Yoon Son-ha is up to.

Yoon Son-Ha’s Son Bullying Incident


The latest news about Yoon Son-ha is that her son was involved in a school bullying incident. It happened in 2017 and has affected her greatly. It was said that her son, who goes to the private elementary school Soongeui Elementary School in Seoul, went on a school trip outside Seoul with his fellow third-grade classmates. During the school trip, it was said that her son, along with some of his mates, was bullying a child by wrapping him with blankets and then repeatedly hitting him with a baseball bat. Not only that, but the child was also forced to drink banana milk that has been infused with body wash liquid by Yoon Son-ha’s child.

Upon hearing about the incident, Yoon Son-ha and her agency were quick to respond. Immediately, CL&COMPANY, Yoon Son-ha’s entertainment agency, released a statement saying that the said child had been pushed under layers of blankets for only a few seconds and that they were not hitting him with a baseball bat but with a plastic stick covered with styrofoam, the kind that children usually play with. They clarified that it was not a real baseball bat that can harm the child. Moreover, Yoon Son-ha’s agency also explained that Yoon Son-ha’s son and his friends were just playing around with cleaning products. They were trying to make it look like banana milk, and the victim was just tasting it a little and then spit it out. It was all meant to be a joke between ten-year-old children.

Besides the statement from CL&COMPANY, Yoon Son-ha also gave a personal statement regarding this incident, which says: “As the mother of a child first and foremost, and as a fellow human, I know that all children are precious to their parents, as mine is to me. No matter what the truth is, I never once took this incident lightly and I was very concerned for the welfare of the child in question and the feelings of his parents. I have no intention of acting to protect my status as a celebrity – in fact, my job has often caused both me and my child suffering. However, the problems of adults are not worth considering. The victimized student and the students who have been accused as attackers are all precious children who have barely turned the age of ten. My husband and I will work hard to become parents that can heal the scars of these children and help them grow up healthy and well. I apologize to everyone and will work to improve myself as a mother and as a public figure.”

Even though Yoon Son-ha tried to clarify the rumor, the public was not on her side. At that time, she was filming The Best Hit or Hit the Top, and angry people who sympathized with the victim had demanded Yoon Son-ha be removed from the drama. However, The Best Hit’s production team responded by saying that they do not want to remove Yoon Son-ha from the drama, seeing that it was her private business. Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education stated that they were going to take appropriate measures in response to the incident.

On the next day of her first statement, Yoon Son-ha made a second statement which said: “To the family of the hurt child and everyone at the school, we apologize for what happened at the school trip. In dealing with this incident, we apologize for thinking of our family first. Our first response was to make excuses and we are deeply reflecting on that mistake. So that our poor responses will not cause more harm to the victims, we will participate in the investigation with more care in the future.” This statement demonstrated her regret of how she tried to defend her son first rather than just simply apologize in the first place.

A few months later, following this incident, there was a rumor that said Yoon Son-ha and her family are going to emigrate to Canada. It was said that due to the bullying incident, Yoon Son-ha’s son cannot have a normal school life, so the family will move to Canada. It said that they had even finished the legal processes of emigration. In response to this rumor, CL&COMPANY release a statement that said: “It is true that she is going to Canada with her son for personal reasons, but she is not thinking of moving there. Because it’s for personal reasons, it’s difficult to issue an exact statement about this. We’re aware of the many stories going around about how she’s going to settle down in Canada, but they’re simply not true.”

In spite of CL&COMPANY’s earlier statement that Yoon Son-ha’s rumor of moving to Canada is not true, the entertainment agency, later confessed that the rumor is actually true. CL&COMPANY stated that Yoon Son-ha and her son are going to live in Canada until her son finishes high school there.

Yoon Son-ha’s Accident and Instagram


Now that we have learned about Yoon Son-ha’s recent news, it is time to take a little look at her past. The most important information that needs to be known about her past is that she was once involved in a car accident.

Back in 2010, while she was filming Runaway Plan B or Fugitive: Plan B, she got into a car accident right after she had just finished filming. What happened was that her car hit the rail on the highway near Yangpyeong and Gyeonggi, and as a result, she fractured her right leg. Unfortunately, surgery was unavoidable. Because of that accident, the filming of Runaway Plan B continued without Yoon Son-ha.


Besides her accident, another important thing to know about Yoon Son-ha is her social media. Many have speculated that she actually has an Instagram profile with the account name @sona1117. However, when you actually open it, it has no posts yet and the profile picture is not of the Korean actress Yoon Son-ha.

Yoon Son-ha’s List of Dramas and Movies


Year Title Role
1994 Salut D’Amour Yoon Han-na
1995 Blowing of the Wind Jeong Young-joo
1996 Papa Miss Bae
1998 King Of The Wind Moon Suk-ui
1998 Ready Go! Seo Kyung
1999 Did We Really Love? Cho Hyun-soo
2000 Snowflakes Yoo Sun
2001 Fighting Girl Son Ami
2002 Night Hospital
2003 Good Luck!! Park Mi-suk
2003 Nikoniko Nikki Kanako
2003 Ashita Tenki ni Naare Kate
2006 Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru
2007 Oh Lovers Lee Ae-young
2010 The Fugitive: Plan B Hwang Mi-jin
2013 Ugly Alert Yoo Jeong-yeon
2013 The Heirs Lee Esther
2015 Enchanting Neighbor Gong Soo-rae
2015 Six Flying Dragons Cho Yeong
2017 Hit the Top Hong Bo-hee


Year Title Role
2003 Kisarazu Cat’s Eye: Nihon Series Yukke
2005 Tanaka Hiroshi no Subete
2006 Kisarazu Cat’s Eye: World Series Yukke
2007 Last Love
2014 Man On High Heels Jung Yoo-jun