Korean Actress Yoon So-yi: Profile, Husband, Wedding Photos, and Much More!

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Meet Korean Actress Yoon So-yi

Yoon So-yi was born on January 5th, 1985. She is a South Korean actress who first debuted as a print and commercial model. Once she had a taste of acting, she then joined the cast of the action-comedy film Arahan (아라한 장풍 대작전) in 2004, followed by Shadowless Sword (무영검) in 2005. Yoon has had leading roles in television dramas, notably in Goodbye Solo (굿바이 솔로) (2006), Glass Castle (유리의 성) (2008), Hero (히어로) (2009), and Warrior Baek Dong-soo (무사 백동수) (2011).

If you happen to come across a film or drama of hers and want to get to know her more, you’re on the right track! Keep reading for her profile, film list, latest news, and a lot more!

Yoon So-yi’s Profile

  • Name: Yoon So-Yi
  • Hangul: 윤소이
  • Birth Name: Moon So-Yi (문소이)
  • Date of Birth: January 5, 1985
  • Place of Birth: South Korea
  • University: Dongduk Women’s University
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Family: Cho Sheong-Yoon (husband)
  • Instagram: @yoonsoy

Yoon So-yi’s Career

  • Yoon So-yi made her entertainment debut as a model in Graffiti Magazine in 2001.
  • After a few years of print and commercial modeling, she auditioned for a role in Arahan, in 2004. Based on a popular South Korean comic, Arahan explored the consequences of unleashing an ancient evil spirit into a modern city.
  • For this role, Yoon underwent strict training for six months in a film action school, where she had to overcome her phobia of heights. Due to her dedication and hard work, she received a Best New Actress nomination at the 2004 Blue Dragon Film Awards.
  • In 2004, Yoon starred in the TV drama Say You Love Me, a dark, twisted love story between four people. This led to a friendship with her co-star Kim Rae-won, with whom she starred in a series of advertisements for Samsung Digital Plaza. When Kim Rae-won later launched his own management company called Bless Entertainment, Yoon signed a contract with him.
  • For Shadowless Sword, in which she played the role of a beautiful young swordswoman who protects the future king, she had to learn wushu for three months in Korea, then wire action from the Chinese stunt team.
  • She was known as a good athlete in junior high, so she took Sports Model major at Dongduk Women’s University but eventually dropped out due to showbiz commitments.
  • She later enrolled in Dongguk University as a Theatre and Film major, slowing down her acting activities to focus on her studies and becoming known in the Korean press as one of the very few celebrity model students, with regular attendance and good grades.
  • Yoon graduated in 2011.
  • She was cast as Queen Seondeok in a specially commissioned 20-minute film for the 2011 Gyeongju World Culture Expo. Titled Byeongnucheon (“The Bracelet of Blue Tears”), the fantasy adventure aimed to spearhead Korea’s nascent stereoscopic film industry, combining live action sequences with 3D animated computer graphics.
  • Later that year, Yoon’s period drama Warrior Baek Dong-soo brought in high viewership ratings, topping its timeslot for 3 straight months.
  • For her first variety MC job, Yoon co-hosted the 2012 televised magicians tournament King of Magic, which aired on cable for three weeks.
  • A supporting role followed in the 2013 spy action series Iris II: New Generation, in which she played a South Korean college student who defects to North Korea, trains in the special forces and counter-terrorism units, then returns to her home country as a North Korean spy.
  • She headlined the 2014 daily drama Angel’s Revenge in the role of a nun who avenges her sister, then joined the cast of police procedural Hidden Identity in 2015.
  • In May 2016, Yoon signed a contract with a new management agency JS Pictures.

Yoon So-yi’s Filmography


Year Title Role
2004 Arahan Ahn Eui-jin
2005 The Twins Oh Soon-hee
Shadowless Sword Yeon So-ha
2010 Try to Remember In-woo
2011 The Bracelet of Blue Tears
(Gyeongju World Culture Expo promotional film)
Queen Seondeok of Silla
2015 Midnight Garage
2018 Brothers in Heaven Chan-mi

Television Series

Year Title Role Network
2004 Say You Love Me Seo Young-chae MBC
2006 Goodbye Solo Chung Soo-hee KBS2
2007 Several Questions That Make Us Happy Ji-soo KBS2
Auction House Cha Yeon-soo MBC
2008 Glass Castle Jung Min-joo SBS
2009 Hero Joo Jae-in MBC
2011 Warrior Baek Dong-soo Hwang Jin-joo SBS
Color of Woman Byun So-ra Channel A
2012 King of Magic MC tvN
2013 Iris II: New Generation Park Tae-hee KBS2
2014 Angel’s Revenge Lee Seon-yoo KBS2
2015 Some Guys, Some Girls SBS
Let’s Eat 2 Mysterious woman (ep. 18) tvN
Hidden Identity Jang/Lee Min-joo tvN

Music videos

Year Song Title Artist
2002 “Rainbow” Cho Kyu-chan
2003 “A Girl’s Love Story” Han So-ri
2010 “Words That I Can Say” T-Max
2013 “The Letter” Davichi


Year Product
2002 Entia for Coreana
SK Telecom June
2003 Anycall
Haitai Green Tea Ice Cream
Hair Pack Nano Therapy
Lotte Chocolate
2004 Gatorade Ice
Samsung Digital Plaza
2005 Samsung Digital Plaza
2006 Samsung Digital Plaza
2009 Paris Baguette
Clinique YES! campaign
2011 Kiara
Sun Cruise Resort
Inti Placenta
2012 Inti Placenta


Yoon So-yi’s Married Life

Yoon So-yi got married to musical actor Jo Sung Yoon on May 22nd, 2017.

On February 22nd, their agencies issued an official statement saying, “The two of them will be getting married on the basis of trust and love that was built up over many years. Their wedding will be held in May and any other details will be released sometime in the future.”

The statement continued, “According to their personal wishes and the wishes of their family, the time and place will be kept private. The two actors would also like to apologize for not being able to address everyone directly.”

Jo Sung Yoon and Yoon So Yi are the same age and had a senior-junior relationship at the same university for two years before becoming a couple.

Take a look at the photos of the happy couple’s wedding below!