Get to Know More About Yoon Se-ah: From Her Plastic Surgery Rumors to Her ‘We Got Married’ Days with Julian Kang

Plastic Surgery Rumor Surrounding Yoon Se-ah

As a Korean celebrity, Yoon Se-ah’s face is often doubted for having done plastic surgery. But up until now, there is no statement about it. While being interviewed for the KBS drama beauty column show Queen of Beauty, which was aired on August 28th, 2012, she revealed “I do a bit of everything that is good for the skin. The way to have good skin is to always wash your face well and put on a lot of beauty products before going to sleep. I also eat pig’s feet and pig skin often, which is very good for the skin.”

Yoon Se-ah, who revealed her appearance before and after make-up continued, “When using eyeliner, it makes a huge difference whether you do an underline or not. If I draw an underline, my posture changes and I become more confident.”

Yoon Se-ah said, “While I was filming for dramas, I think I tried on all the beautiful clothes of the world. These days I am totally into fashion.”

Do you think Yoon Se-ah has done surgery on her face? Or maybe it was just botox and other facial treatments? Tell us more in the comment section below!