Do You Wanna Know the Latest News of Former g.o.d Member Yoon Kye-sang?

Yoon Kye-sang’s Love Life

For personal dating styles, Yoon Kye-sang always had marriage in mind in every relationship. He talked about this at the press conference for the movie Lovers of Six Years. Back in 1999, he was rumored to be dating Fin.K.L’s member Sung Yu-ri. Their photo together resurfaced in online media. At that time, both of them were at the peak of their idol careers. Fans from both groups said there’s no special relationship between them. In the end, Yoon Kye-sang admitted that he and Sung Yu-ri had been dating for 6 years until they broke up when Yoon Kye-sang went to the military.

Yoon Kye-sang is currently dating actress Honey Lee. They first reported dating in 2013 after being photographed having a date in Hannam-dong and Yichon-dong and were posted by news outlet Sports Seoul. They were photographed together while wearing matching sneakers. Before the photos were released, both of them were rumored to be together after going to Bali together in January 2013. After the rumor started, both of their agencies denied the news and said there’s no special relationship between them. But, after they got caught having a date, both agencies finally came clean and confirmed their relationship.

Yoon Kye-sang and Honey Lee met each other for the first time after attending the Busan International Film Festival and met again at fashion shows. When the statement was released, Yoon Kye-sang and Honey Lee had been dating for a month. Honey Lee is an actress who represented Korea in Miss Universe 2007 and placed 3rd runner-up. Before going into acting, Honey Lee was learning Korean music in college. Then, she participated in Miss Universe and changed her career to acting. Honey Lee is older than Yoon Kye-sang with a 4-year difference.

In 2016, the couple was captured going on a vacation together at Jeju Island. News outlet The Fact released a photo that was confirmed by both sides. Honey Lee visited Jeju Island coincidentally alongside Yoon Kye-sang’s shooting schedule. After finishing his work, Yoon Kye-sang and Honey Lee enjoyed their personal time. In 2018, they were spotted together again in an airport traveling together to Sapporo, Japan. It seems like they are enjoying each other’s company!


Yoon Kye-sang’s Latest News

Recently, Yoon Kye-sang has been busy filming a reality show with g.o.d titled Shall We Walk Together. The show’s concept is about old friends traveling together. Yoon Kye-sang expressed his thoughts at the show’s press conference.

“I didn’t really have an expectation, but I really felt good with the members, and I really enjoyed my time, and I hope you’ll feel like you want to see your old friends again when you see this program,” said Yoon Kye-sang.

Their first destination was Santiago. While traveling, Yoon Kye-sang and Danny Ahn look so uncomfortable together. It turns out that because of their same age, they can’t speak freely and look at each other’s eyes comfortably.

Park Joon-hyung posted their photos together on his Instagram.

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요오우~ 인재 하루 나마쓰~ 빼애앰!!! P.S. 근대 사진올리구보니 윤계쓰 머리윗쪽하늘애 저거뭐쥐…호얼!??? Yo~ One more Day and IT'S ON!!! BBBAAAMMM!!! P.S. I just noticed after puttin this pic up… what the heck is that thing in the sky above Kyesang..?!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #윤계상 #안데니 #손호영 #김태우 #g5d #JoonPark #ParkJoonHyung #YoonKyesang #AhnDanny #SonHoyoung #KimTaeWoo #독수리오형재출똥쓰 #빼애앰 #jtbc같이걸을까 #JTBCShallWeWalkTogether #내일밤11시 #JTBC #TomorrowNight11pmKSTonJTBC #요올라뤼쓰땀뻘뻘쓰흘리믄서함깨고생쓰근대재밌어쓰차암나 #Spain #순례길 #CaminoDeSantiago #BuenCamino #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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