Top Dramas of Yoon Jong-hoon from ‘The Penthouse’ and His Thoughts on Marriage

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Get Closer with The Amazing Actor Yoon Jong-hoon!

Have you heard anything about Yoon Jong-hoon? He is one of the rising South Korean actors under YK Media and has been starring in a lot of dramas. Recently, his name became even more popular due to his acting performance in The Penthouse! In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about actor Yoon Jong-hoon, so stay tuned!

Yoon Jong-hoon’s Acting Career and Best Drama Appearances!

yoon jong hoon

Yoon Jong-hoon started his acting career with several theater performances in 2006. This was followed by his screen debut in 2009 in several drama projects such as Empress Chun Chu and The Return of Iljimae. Yoon Jong-hoon’s popularity started to rise after his role in the drama Sirius (2013), which gained a lot of attention. He has also been involved in other famous dramas such as Return, Find Me In Your Memory, The Penthouse, Come and Hug Me, and many more!

Yoon Jong-hoon’s Appearance in Return

yoon jong hoon in 'return'

Return tells the story of four men who come from rich families: Oh Tae-seok, Kang In-ho, Seo Jun-hee, and Kim Hak-bom. They have different personalities but at the same time look like enemies to each other. The problems occur when there is a dead body and the suspects of the murder are those four men.

yoon jong hoon in 'return'

In the Return drama, he took the role of Seo Jun-hee, who is in the same circle as Oh Tae-seok, Kang In-ho, and Kim Hak-bom. He works as a doctor since his father owned a hospital. He has a kind personality, but unfortunately, he is involved with drugs due to his bad relationship with society.

Yoon Jong-hoon’s Appearance in Find Me in Your Memory

yoon jong hoon in 'find me in your memory'

Yoon Jong-hoon is also known for his specialty portraying a doctor since he has mostly gotten roles as a doctor in a lot of K-Dramas, just like his appearance in Find Me In Your Memory! The drama tells the story of Lee Jung-hoon and Yeo Ha-jin.


yoon jong hoon in 'find me in your memory'

Due to certain circumstances, they are involved in a contract by which they have to pretend that they are dating. However, their past is intertwined with their memory as well. In the drama, Jong-hoon plays the role of Yoo Tae-eun who is known as a doctor and good friends with Lee Jung-hoon. They have been friends over the past 11 years.

Yoon Jong-hoon’s Appearance in The Penthouse: War In Life

yoon jong hoon in 'the penthouse'

Yoon Jong-hoon rose to fame even more with another drama, The Penthouse: War In Life, which was released in 2020! The drama is about elite people who live in a luxury apartment named Hera Palace. Their lives are filled with wealth, party, and power until one day, there is a girl who dies in Hera Palace. The residents start to suspect each other regarding who is the real killer.

He took the role of Ha Yoon-cheol, a surgeon who married Cheon Seo-jin and has a daughter. Even though he is quite ambitious, he cares for her daughter very well. However, he was involved in the murder case that happened in Hera Palace.

Eugene and Kim So-yeon: Who Is The Best Partner for Yoon Jong-hoon?

yoon jong hoon, kim so yeon & eugene

Yoon Jong-hoon’s acting performances in The Penthouse drew a lot of attention which made people get excited to watch it regularly! Aside from his acting, people also talked about his chemistry with Kim So-yeon, who played the role of Cheon Seo-jin, and Eugene who played the role of Oh Yoon-hee!

yoon jong hoon, kim so yeon, choi ye bin 'the penthouse'

From The Penthouse‘s first season, Yoon Jong-hoon was portraying a married life with Kim So-yeon. They used to have a good marriage, but it slowly turned bad and they started to fight a lot and eventually even got divorced.

yoon jong hoon & eugene 'the penthouse'

Meanwhile, in the second season, Yoon Jong-hoon arranged a fake marriage with Eugene and they developed such good chemistry together. While filming the drama, the three of them also praised each other and had a lot of fun on the set. Well, do you prefer Yoon Jong-hoon’s chemistry with Kim So-yeon or his chemistry with Eugene?

Yoon Jong-hoon’s Thoughts on Marriage

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Even though his role in The Penthouse was that of a married man, he hasn’t thought about marriage yet. Moreover, he doesn’t have a girlfriend as of now. He revealed, “I don’t have any plans to get married yet. I think I’m comfortable with my own, but if I do get married, I want it after I have turned 40.”

That is all of the information regarding Yoon Jong-hoon! After starring in a lot of dramas, his popularity increased even more with The Penthouse series! Do you also think that Yoon Jong-hoon suits the role of a doctor the most? Let us know your answer in the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!