Get to Know More About Korean Actress Yoon Hae-young: Profile, Social Media, Husband, Marriage, and Drama List


Meet Korean Actress Yoon Hae-young

Yoon Hae-young started her career as an actress in 1993 after she passed the SBS Open Auditions. She’s since starred in many dramas, such as Prime Minister & I (2013) and Doctors (2016). In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you all the information about Yoon Hae-young: from her profile, filmography, award and nominations, and her career. So, stay tuned!

Yoon Hae-young’s Profile

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Name: Yoon Hae-young

Hangul: 윤해영

Birth date: November 19, 1972

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 170 cm

Blood Type: O

Education: Digital Seoul National University of Culture & Arts

Occupation: Actress

Active: 1993-present

Agency: The Pro Actors

Instagram: @yoonhaeyoung0105

Yoon Hae-young’s Personal Life

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Yoon Hae-young married in January, 1998, and had a daughter in 2003. Her first marriage ended in divorce in January, 2005, and she remarried, secretly, in September, 2011.  In SBS Same Bed Different Dreams 2: You’re my Destiny, Yoon Hae-young said that her husband looks so much like Alex that when she go somewhere, women come after them to take pictures. The two met through a blind date. Her husband is two years older than she is, and is an Ophthalmologist who runs a clinic in Yong In.

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What do you think? Does he look like the singer Alex?

In February, 2010, Yoon Hae-young discovered that there was a tumor on her thyroid gland. It was a big shock for her and her family. She underwent surgery right away, and the tumor was in an early stage, so it could be treated easily, and she recovered very well.

Yoon Hae-young’s Career


After she passed the SBS Open Auditions in 1993, Yoon Hae-young began making regular appearances on TV as an actress on various dramas. Recently, she made a successful comeback with the drama Ms. Ma, Nemesis after spending two years on hiatus. The story is about Miss Ma (Actress Kim Yoon-jin), who was accused of killing her daughter. She escaped from the treatment facility she was placed in and solves the mysteries surrounding her to reveal the truth. Yoon Hae-young played the role Lee Jung-hee, the only person who has an important clue to get rid of Miss Ma’s charge as a witness at the scene where her daughter was killed.

Here are the lists of Dramas, Movies, TV Shows, Award and Nominations:

Yoon Hae-young’s Dramas

Year Network Title Role
1993 SBS Love and Work
SBS Love and Friendship Soon-ah
1994 SBS There Is No Love Nun
SBS That Window Jung Myung-seo
1995 SBS Until We Meet Again Im Seung-hye
MBC The Basics of Romance Drama writer
1996 SBS City Men and Women Ji Jae-bun/Jung Si-nae
KBS2 Sou’easter Today Kang Eun-hee
1998 KBS1 Horse’s Hill
MBC See and See Again Geum-joo
1999 SBS Queen Hong Jang-mi
KBS2 Oh! Happy Day
2000 MBC Feels Good Lee Eun-soo
KBS2 Great Friends
2001 KBS2 Life Is Beautiful Yoo Soo-jung
KBS1 This Is Love Park Hoon-sook
KBS2 Blue Mist
2003 KBS1 One Million Roses Seo Yoo-jin
2005 SBS Tears of Diamond Son In-ha
2006 MBC Love Can’t Wait Kim Tae-hee
SBS Love and Ambition Jae-eun
2007 KBS1 Heaven & Earth Park Myung-joo
2008 MBC Kokkiri (Elephant) Hae-young
KBS2 My Precious You Park Jem-ma
2009 KBS2 The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon Hong-ryeon
2010 KBS2 Drama Special “Hot Coffee” Oh Jong
2011 KBS2 Drama Special “Special Task Force MSS” Vivian/Lee Soon-duk
2012 KBS2 Big Lee Jung-hye
SBS I Like You Kang Jin-joo
2013 KBS2 Prime Minister & I Na Yoon-hee
2014 MBC Apgujeong Midnight Sun Do Min-goo
2015 KBS2 TV Novel: On a Blue Day Jang Deok-hee/Jang Ae-shim
2016 SBS Doctors Yoon Ji-young
2018 SBS Ms. Ma, Nemesis Lee Mi-soon


Yoon Hae-young’s Movies

Year Title Role
2009 City of Damnation Jo Min-joo (cameo)


Yoon Hae-young’s TV Shows

Year Network Title Role
1997 MBC FM4U Hopeful Music at Noon DJ
2010-2011 Story On Talk & City Host (seasons 4-5)
2013 KBS W Restaurants That Relieve Women’s Agony Host
2014 MBC Comparison Tours
2016 MBC King of Mask Singer Contestant as “12 O’clock Curfew Pumpkin Carriage” (episode 73)
KBS2 1 to 100 A single challenger
2018 KBS Battle Trip Trip Designer “Fukuoka Hot Spring Tour”


Yoon Hae-young’s Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1998 MBC Drama Awards Popularity Award See and See Again Won
2001 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress This Is Love Won
2008 MBC Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Sitcom or Comedy Kokkiri (Elephant) Won
2009 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily Drama The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon Nominated