Has Yoon Eun-hye Underwent Plastic Surgery? Let’s Check Out Her Facial Transformation!

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Yoon Eun-hye’s Facial Transformation

Yoon Eun-hye is an idol-turned-actress who was born on October 3rd, 1984. She debuted as an idol before focusing on her acting career. She started to gain attention when she became a frequent guest at popular the SBS game show X-Men. She was known to be the girl-warrior and her love-line with Kim Jong-kook in the program. As an actress, she has made appearances in many K-Dramas and has won many awards for her exceptional acting skills. However, there was a rumor about her having done plastic surgery on her face.

Was it true though? What does she look like throughout the years? This article will provide you with more details about her plastic surgery rumors added with her facial transformation through the years. Let’s check it out!

Plastic Surgery Rumors

To appear in many K-Dramas, an actress has to bear with the attention they will get, including actress Yoon Eun-hye. Getting attention means having the eyes of the audience on her. Although Yoon Eun-hye herself has never made a confession, netizens have noticed the transformation of her looks, especially her face. Even many of them have made a comparison of her changing appearance and on which area she has changed. What are those? A site plastytalk.com made a thorough comparison of her before and after. Check it out below!

1. Eyes


From the picture above we can see she has undergone a double eyelid surgery to heighten her folds. She also elongated the sides of her eyes to make them bigger and brighter.

2. Nose


After going through eye surgery, she also transformed her nose from round and bulky to thin and slender one which also made her face looks longer.

3. Jaw


If you notice her face looks thinner, you are not wrong. She also did her jaw from round to slim. Now that she has done her eyes, nose, and jaw, she has got a beautiful and elegant V-shaped facial contour.

4. Breasts


In addition, not enough with her facial transformation, she also enhanced her breasts to make them fuller than before.

Yoon Eun-hye’s Face Transformation: From Debut to Her Latest Drama

After learning about which part of her face and body she has enhanced, let’s see her transformation through the years from her debut as an idol to her latest drama! To be specific, we will put more attention to her facial looks.

Debut with Baby V.O.X


At the age of fifteen, Yoon Eun-hye debuted as an idol posited as a sub-vocalist in a girl group called Baby V.O.X under DR Entertainment. She replaced the former member Lee Gai who left the group in 1999. After joining, the group released their third album Come Come Come in the same year and achieved great success with their tracks “Get Up” and “Killer” which took the number one spot on the Korean music charts. Sadly, being a replacement singer didn’t make people satisfied as some of them tried to injure her eyes with soy sauce and vinegar. As a result, she was hurried to the hospital to receive treatment for her damaged cornea. In 2005, she, together with another member decided not to extend their contracts with the agency.

Let’s check out her looks in Baby V.O.X era!


We can see her eyes were round with single eyelids. Her face looked round with chubby cheeks.


Acting Debut in Princess Hours (2006)


In 2006, Yoon Eun-hye made her acting debut through the drama Goong, or also known as Princess Hours from MBC. Although it was her debut, she managed to become the female lead in the drama. Her character’s name is Shin Chae-kyung, a high school girl who is betrothed to Crown Prince Lee Shin (Joo Ji-hoon), who goes to the same high school as her. After spending more time together, they eventually fall in love with each other.

Yoon Eun-hye was doubted for her acting skill but the drama became a huge success in Asia and also opened her way in the Korean acting industry.

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We still can see her round face with much brighter skin but her eyes are different. If we look closely, we can see her double-eyelid eyes. She looks innocent with her doe eyes! A good look for her acting debut.

Coffee Prince (2007)


After receiving fame through Princess Hours, Yoon Eun-hye managed to gain more attention with her drama Coffee Prince from MBC. She has a unique and challenging role that is Go Eun-chan, a tomboy girl who is often mistaken for a boy due to her short hair and loose clothes. She then hides her gender and uses her boyish looks to work at a coffee shop named Coffee Prince which the owner, Choi Han-gyul (Gong Yoo), only hires good-looking males. Han-gyul, who purposely asks her to become his gay lover to avoid blind dates set by his grandmother, gradually likes her that he questions his sexuality. When he finds out, he gets mad but they continue to fall for each other.

The drama broke out to be another successful drama from Yoon Eun-hye. She even received the Best Actress award at the 44th Baeksang Arts Awards and became the youngest artist to had received such an award.

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Here, there is not much difference compared to before other than her boyish haircut. Becoming a typical girl was not enough so she accepted the challenge to cut her hair really short, we would definitely mistake her for a boy. Yet she still looks cute with her chubby cheeks and the short haircut makes her look even cuter!


My Fair Lady (2009)


The next drama is titled My Fair Lady from KBS. Yoon Eun-hye played the role of Kang Hye-na, a self-centered woman who lives a princess-like life with her servants. Hye-na then meets Seo Dong-chan (Yoon Sang-hyun), a former gigolo, in an accident where she accidentally knocks his truck. She unwillingly has to spend more time with him now that he becomes her butler in her ‘castle’.

Even though the drama became a moderate success, Yoon Eun-hye was harshly criticized due to her regressing acting skills and unnatural performance in the drama.

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Not much different from before but she put more makeup and eye-liner on her eyes to make her eyes bigger. Yet in the first pic, her jaw looks much thinner than before, especially with her hair tied up.

My Black Mini Dress (2010)


The next year, she made her way to the big-screen movie titled My Black Mini Dress, a movie adapted from a chick-lit novel of the same title from Kim Min-soo. It was her second movie as female lead after The Legend of Seven Cutter in 2006. She became a 24-year-old girl named Lee Yoo-min who is best friends with Yoon Hye-ji (Park Han-byul), Choi Soo-jin (Cha Ye-ryun), and Kang Min-hee (Yoo In-na). The four of them are finding their own ways figuring out about real life after graduating from college and meeting obstacles on the way.

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The first thing that we may notice here is her nose. It looks more slender and thinner than before which makes her oval face seem even longer. However, the short bob hair with bangs balances her long face.

Lie To Me (2011)


She made another appearance in SBS’ romantic comedy series Lie To Me as Gong Ah-jung, a government employee of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism who lies about her being married to the wealthy president of World Hotel, Hyun Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan). Starting with a lie to save her face from her unlikable friend, she has to pay the price including getting involved with Ki-joon himself to finish what she starts. However, getting involved means getting more attached together.

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Can’t get enough of her bangs? Don’t worry, she made another appearance with bangs and long wavy hair. Her cheeks also look a bit fuller than before.

I Miss You (2012)


Yoon Eun-hye received critical acclaim as she played a more mature and challenging role in MBC’s mello-thriller drama I Miss You. She played as Lee Soo-yeon who lived a miserable life through her childhood as she was bullied because of her father who was a murderer, who actually abused her too, and was raped when she intended to rescue her friend, Han Jung-woo (later played by Park Yoo-chun) when he was being kidnapped. After being separated with him, she was saved and moved abroad to continue living with a different name, Zoe Lou. Now that she returns to Korea, she meets Jung-woo but still holds a grudge towards him for abandoning her in the past so she pretends not to recognize him. However, his genuine intention to protect her gradually makes her grudge fade away. Yet her current boyfriend, Kang Hyung-joon (Yoo Seung-ho) does not like that and makes her life more miserable by framing her for his own crimes.

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The longer her hair down, the longer her bangs are. This time she chose side bangs with middle split hair. Her lips are rather pinkish to make them look brighter so we can’t take our eyes off of her.