Has Yoon Eun-hye Underwent Plastic Surgery? Let’s Check Out Her Facial Transformation!

Marry Him If You Dare (2013)


She played a lead role in KBS’ romantic comedy-drama, Marry Him If You Dare as Na Mi-rae, a bright and loveable 32-year-old woman who works at a call center. One day, she meets her future self (Choi Myung-gil) that tries to prevent her from marrying Kim Shin (Lee Dong-gun), a news anchor, and keeps her to pursue her dream as a television writer.

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She accepted another challenge to make a drastic change with her hair. She took the fried perm for her hairstyle and still rocks! Even though in the end she ended up with short bob hair again, we can’t deny she’s brave enough to do anything with her hair.

Love Alert (2018)


After being on hiatus for years, she made a return in the MBN romantic comedy-drama Love Alert. It is a drama made from a web novel under the same title by Seo Han-kyul. This time she became Yoon Yoo-jung, a top actress who gets involved in a scandal with a celibate doctor, Cha Woo-hyun (Chun Jun-myung) for an unexplainable reason. They decide to sign a contract by which they have to pretend to fall in love with each other to gain their mutual goals.

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After years of hiatus, she came back with a much more mature look. She let her long hair down, probably the longest hair of hers among all her dramas. Her cheeks and jaw look much slimmer than before. We gotta agree that she looks stunning here!

Latest News

According to Soompi, Yoon Eun-hye became an actress who celebrated the Korean soccer team’s first-time win of the second place at FIFA World Cup along with other Korean celebrities and stars, like Kim Soo-roo, Han Sang-jin, etc.


First, she posted a video with a caption, “The dream-like U-20 World Cup has come to an end! I send support and claps to each and every player who fought until the end~ I’m looking forward to a more amazing future.”

She then uploaded another post with a caption, “Golden Ball”!!! I am~!! Proud!!” with an edited sticker on the pic.

Recently she updated her Instagram (@y1003_grace) with a video and a photo of noodles with various seasonings in it. It seems like she is having a good meal!

Yoon Eun-hye may have done several plastic surgeries but shall we put more attention to her acting skills and how she managed to perfectly fit in different roles for each of her dramas. Let’s keep supporting her and look forward to her upcoming activities and dramas in the future!