Full Profile of Korean Actor Yoon Chan (Born 1996)

Yoon Chan (1996)

Meet Korean Actor Yoon Chan

Yoon Chan is an actor who was born on November 26th, 1996. He began his career as a child actor from South Korea. He appeared on-screen in 2003 and starred in his first movie, titled Live or Die where he played the role of Lee So-ryong (young). After that, Yoon Chan also got an opportunity to join a television drama in 2004, that’s the drama he starred in as Lee Jae-bok (young), titled Ireland. Three years later, in 2007, Yoon Chan got to appear in a movie with the title Bunt, as Kim Joon-tae.

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Yoon Chan’s Profile

Yoon Chan (1996)

Name: Yoon Chan


Revised Romanization: Yun Chan

McCune – Reischauer: Yun Ch’an

Date and Place of Birth: November 26th, 1996, South Korea

Occupation: Actor

Years active: 2003 – Present

Yoon Chan’ Career

Yoon Chan (1996)

In 2009, Yoon Chan played in a drama and also a movie, namely Ja Myung Go and White night. In the drama, he got to play the role of young ll Poom alongside the famous Ja Myung-go, while in the movie, he played the role of Min-jae. In 2010, he had the opportunity to portray Crown Prince Lee Yoon or Gyeongjong of Joseon Dynasty in the television drama Dong Yi. At that time, the drama Dong Yi was very famous and attracts the viewer’s attention even now.

Yoon Chan’s Drama and Movie List!

Movie list

Title Role Year
Live or Die  Lee So-ryong (young) 2003
Bunt Kim Joon-tae 2007
White Night Min-jae 2009


Television Dramas:

Title Role Year Channel
Ireland Lee Jae-bok (young) 2004 MBC
Ja Myung Go Il Poom (young) 2009 SBS
Dong Yi Crown Prince Lee Yoon/Gyongjong of Joseon 2010 MBC


Yoon Chan (1996)

Yoon Chan hasn’t played in many television dramas and films. He is a young actor, so why not? When he started his career as an actor he was 8 years old and was still very young for choosing a career path. So, it’s only natural that he has only played in a few productions because he also has to focus on going to school. In fact, there is no news about his recent acting projects, and indeed the last drama he has played in is Dong Yi.