Everything You Need to Know about Comedian Yoo Se-yoon

Yoo Se-yoon in Knowing Bros


Knowing Bros is a popular variety show aired by JTBC. The show format is a high school classroom concept where regular member act as students challenging guests who came as new students.

Yoo Se-yoon appeared as a guest with comedian Song Eun Yi and Trot singer Hong Jin Young. The episode aired on February 10th, 2018. Yoo Se-yoon revealed that he was a member of Kang Ho Dong’s variety show entourage. Kang Ho Dong brought him out of comedy show and put him in variety show programs. He confessed that Kang Ho Dong always hit him and it has become his bad habit. Yoo Se-yoon said that he left Kang Ho Dong because he got hit too much and it hurt really bad.

Yoo Se-yoon and Kim Jong-kook


Yoo Se-yoon posted several videos of him provoking and mocking Kim Jong Kook. In a video, he uses funny faces to mock Kim Jong Kook while in another video he teases Kim Jong Kook with alcohol. In both videos, Kim Jong Kook appears to sit still as if time has stopped for him but not for Yoo Se-yoon. The videos garnered popularity and went viral on several community sites.

Yoo Se-yoon made another video with Kim Jong Kook, this time in a boxing camp. While Kim Jong Kook was punching a sandbag, Yoo Se-yoon teased him as if his punch was weak and without enough power. Gradually, Kim Jong Kook’s punch became faster and stronger and immediately Yoo Se-yoon’s facial expression changed into a frightened expression.

In another clip, Yoo Se-yoon acted as boxing trainer for Kim Jong Kook. Yoo Se-yoon was holding a boxing pad while Kim Jong-kook practiced punching the pad. After several punch practices, Yoo Se-yoon hit Kim Jong-Kook’s head several times with the boxing pad. Kim Jong-kook’s face changed abruptly and seemed angry. Upon watching the change of Kim Jong-kook’s facial expression, Yoo Se-yoon retreated and tried to leave to ring as soon as possible.

The videos in boxing camp were made during the filming of the SBS TV program My Ugly Duckling. They were having fun while filming the program. Yoo Se-yoon also posted NG videos of the boxing scene.

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Wedding and Married Life


Yoo Se-yoon married his wife, Hwang Kyung Hee who is four years older than him on May 17th, 2009, at EL Tower Seoul. He was introduced to his wife, a kindergarten teacher, through one of his friends in 2003. Without hesitation, he said in an interview that he met Hwang Kyung Hee at a nightclub. They were dating for seven years before agreeing to get married. After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds headed to Saipan for their honeymoon. During TV interviews Yoo Se-yoon always praises his wife, saying his wife is the prettiest amongst all the 44-year-old women, and his wife is the wisest woman he knows.

Hwang Kyung-hee gave birth to a son at 4.30 a.m. on November 4th, 2009. Later, the couple named their son Yoo Min-ha. He was very happy with his newborn son and thankful to his wife who suffered during pregnancy and delivery. He said that in the future he will be more responsible for his family.


Latest News of Yoo Se-yoon


Recently, Yoo Se-yoon and his son wrote a book titled Today’s Quiz. The book is about the relationship between Yoo Se-yoon and his son. In the book, as a father, he asked him about many things while his son answered and wrote down the answer. The question and answer book became a sort of diary of his son who at first, disliked reading and writing. The book was published by Mimesis, an art publishing company on August 25th, 2019. Look at his Instagram below!

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Yoo Se-yoon is currently hosting the TV music program called MBC’s Gini Stage. The program is about talent search which is broadcasted every Thursday at 10 p.m. In August 2019, Yoo Se-yoon released his new single titled “Scissors Scissors.”

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