The Dark Side of the Korean Entertainment Industry: Yoo In-na Was Sexually Harassed by Former CEO Agency

The Story Behind Yoo In-na Sexually Harassed

The world of Entertainment is not entirely fun – a lot struggle and sacrifice to be famous. However, the sacrifices and struggles carried out are often misused by several CEOs or other seniors. Some celebrities were bullied and forced to gain popularity in the world of Entertainment.

Yoo In-a is one example. She had experienced sexual harassment by her former CEO before she debuted as an actress. She was very scared and tried to get back up to become a stronger woman. In an event, she had time to tell about the horrifying incident.

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Yoo In-na was Sexually Harassed by Her Former CEO

When she appeared as a guest star on the episode Strong Heart, she revealed the pain she sufferings she went through to become an actress.

Yoo In-na said that she had signed a contract with an entertainment agency when she was 17 years old. The CEO of the company is a very famous singer in Korea.

One day when the CEO drove her home, he suddenly tried to force a kiss in the car. Yoo In-na said that she was really surprised at his behavior and tried to push him away, but he still tried to kiss her in the face because of the limited space in the car.

When the person realized that he could not go further because of Yoo In-na’s reactions, before sending her home he reminds her that this should not be told to her parents or anyone else. When Yoo In-na arrived home, she went to the washroom and washed her face repeatedly at least 500 times.

After that, she left the company for this reason, even though she would have actually debuted as a girl group with 4 members. This incident still remains in her heart, even though this had happened several years ago.

Yoo In-na’s story quickly got a reaction from other guest stars while viewers began to guess who the CEO was because not many singers turned into CEOs of entertainment agencies.

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