From ‘My Love From Another Star’ to ‘Touch Your Heart’, Check Out Yoo In-na’s Best Styles In Dramas!

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Let’s Take a Look at Yoo In-na’s Best Style Choices Through Her Appearance in K-Drama and Daily Style!

Korean idols often become role models for some people, whether it is because of their appearance, their abilities, their attitudes, or even their fashion style! People nowadays are very fond of the Hallyu Wave, especially after they have watched some K-dramas. They often notice all the details from those dramas, especially the actors and actresses’ fashion style! In this article, Channel Korea will explain all the details about that, so don’t go anywhere!

One of the role models among K-Pop idols is Yoo In-na, who is famously known as a South Korean actress and model. Since she has starred in a lot of dramas, people began to notice her style in each drama she’s been in. With her chic and feminine look, women are in love with her style and obviously wanted to copy it for their own use! Moreover, Yoo In-na always looks effortlessly beautiful, even with her casual style on a daily basis. Do you want to know more about her taste in fashion? Let’s find out together through the article down below!

Yoo In-na’s Dramas

The actress has appeared in a lot of K-dramas since she first debuted! Not only has she amazed us with her acting talent, but her physical appearance also has us mesmerized, as well! Moreover, in different kinds of K-dramas, Yoo In-na has worn various fashion styles, from casual styles, luxurious styles, feminine styles, and many more!

Mostly, she appears in a lot of luxury brand styles in each of her roles. Some of the luxurious brands include Michael Kors, ISABEL MARANT, Gentle Monster, CHAEnewyork, Raive, Trunk Project, and many more! And, obviously, the price and the quality of her clothes were gorgeous, as well.

One of the most eye-catching styles from Yoo In-na was in one the drama, Touch Your Heart! for that drama, she came up with chic and formal styles through various branded designer outfits! Do you want to know about her other styles? Let’s find out about it together!

My Love From The Star

Here are some of the glamorous styles from Yoo In-na during her appearance in My Love From Another Star!

One of the items she wore was a dark green Moschino dress with floral embroidery that made her a real standout! With a simple, low ponytail and minimal make-up, she’s absolutely stunning!

Still with the minimal makeup and low ponytail, Yoo In-na wore a printed blazer and a black polka dot blouse underneath. Simple, yet chic at the moment!

The allure of the fur accent never dies, right? Yoo In-na appeared in a fur zipper jacket, with a white shirt as the inner layer. With a necklace and a pair of earrings, she truly knew how to amaze us!

Touch Your Heart

Here are some of glamorous styles from Yoo In-na through her appearance in Touch Your Heart!

There are a lot of feminine and chic styles worn by the actress in her appearance on Touch My Heart! First, she was wearing a white blouse with Sabrina accents on its shoulders, and she combined it with a printed red blazer!

Next, Yoo In-na wore a monochrome printed blazer with a black belt! She also wore black, wide-leg pants, which made her look fashionable and preppy at the same time!

Yoo In-na with feminine style is beyond stunning, right? Here, she’s wearing a pink plaid dress with a V-neck accent, and statement earrings to complete her style!


Here are some of her glamorous styles from her appearance in Goblin!

Through her appearance in Goblin, Yoo In-na was mostly wearing various style of coats, whether it was a blazer, coat, jacket, and many more. This time, she was wearing a maroon long coat, with the printed behind the coat. She mixed it well with a black turtleneck, brown skirt, and stockings!

Another outer from Yoo In-na! She’s wearing the light gray, checkered blazer along with a brown sweater as the inner. She also wore denim jeans and a white sling bag to complete her style!

This long, checked overcoat seems like the must-have item for Yoo In-na in Goblin, right? She came up again with a monochrome plaid coat, black turtleneck and white shirt, as well!