From ‘My Love From Another Star’ to ‘Touch Your Heart’, Check Out Yoo In-na’s Best Styles In Dramas!

Yoo In-na’s Daily Outfits

yoo in na

Yoo In-na is also becoming women’s role model for her daily style! Some of her best looks show up in her airport style, where she puts less effort into her outfits, but somehow she manages to still look stylish. And also, through her photoshoot sessions with a lot of various occasions, Yoo In-na was rocking the style!

Moreover, the actress has also appeared in a lot of Commercial Films, photoshoots, and public appearances which also show her in various styles, as well. You could check out some of Yoo In-na’s appearances through CFs, photoshoots, and public appearances, here:


Let’s take a look at Yoo In-na’s airport style here!

First of all, Yoo In-na was looked like a runway model even if she was just walking around the airport! She was wearing a black shirt, denim jeans, and a long, black coat! She’s also wearing white-framed glasses that are the same color has her ankle-strap heels!

Still about airport style, Yoo In-na was looking cute with a white blazer and white shorts. She was added a beige sling bag and black strappy heels, as well! To complete her look, she was wearing sunglasses and styled her hair into a messy bun!

We’ew really in love with her outer! Yoo In-na was wearing a khaki outer, a printed, simple shirt, and high waisted jeans. The pink pumps were the highlight of her style, since they were kind of a shocking pink color!


Let’s take a look at Yoo In-na’s dress style here!

Yoo In-na looked like a princess in the dress, right? She’s wearing a gold, see-through dress with shimmering accents! She made it more fashionable by adding a brown belt, black pouch, and the khaki heels!

Next, she was showing off her inner and natural beauty with this white dress with sequin details! With a messy bun hairstyle and the long-sleeved dress, Yoo In-na was rocking the style! She kept her makeup natural, and wore coral lipstick to complete her look!

A little black dress is one of the must-have items in any woman’s closet! Yoo In-na was wearing the simple, long black dress with ruffle accents! She also wore silver accessories on her wrist, on her ears, on her finger, and on her belt! Don’t forget to carry your favorite clutch if you wanted to copy her style!


Let’s take a look at Yoo In-na’s casual style here!

Yoo In-na was looking effortlessly stylish with a black, long-sleeved crop top! She mixed the top with high waisted jeans and leather boots, and also the brown sling bag to add some visual interest.

Next, Yoo In-na was wearing the blue and white combination! The blue and white striped shirt was mixed well with the blue jeans, she also brought a navy blue sling bag along with a navy blazer. And, of course, the sunglasses are the must-have item for Yoo In-na’s style!

Want to look casual, yet chic at the same time? You could copy this one style from Yoo In-na! She was wearing the plain army shirt and black high-waisted pants with the same colors of strap heels. Don’t forget to use your favorite sling bag, and keep the make-up natural!

Yoo In-na’s Latest News

After taking a look at Yoo In-na’s fashion style through her appearance in K-dramas and also her daily style, people might be curious about the actress’s latest news, right? What has she been up to lately? Let’s find out about it together here!

Not long ago, Yoo In-na appeared in the variety show, Funding Together. Through the show, she was shown her proximity towards the singer IU. While she was walking around and found an apple, however it reminded her of IU. Then IU was asking her to keep that apple in her bag. She also appeared in the show along with Kang Ha-neul, as well.

Watch Yoo In-na’s appearance in Funding Together here:

Yoo In-na was reported to be involved in an upcoming project along with Kim Kang-woo, Yoo Yun-suk, Lee Yeon-hee, Sooyoung, Yoo Tae-oh, Yeon Hye-ran, and Chen Duling through New Year’s Eve! The series was reported to be starting production in November 2019. Yoo In-na was supposed to be paired with Kim Kang-woo, they were kind of a detective and physical therapy trainer couple.

The series was produced by Hong Ji-young, who was also the director of Marriage Blue, as well. Let’s wait patiently for the upcoming series from Yoo In-na!

Well, that was all of the information for today’s article! We must be very proud of Yoo In-na, since she absolutely knew how to style her fashion taste through simple outfits until luxury outfits, as well. Yoo In-na always looks perfect from her head to her toes! Not only that, she’s also proven that fashion style isn’t just about luxurious looks, but it also comes from simple outfits and inner beauty! Don’t forget to always support her in every step she takes!

Channel Korea has introduced you the glamorous Yoo In-na and her best style choices, don’t forget to share your thoughts about her and write a comment down below!