Korean Actress and Radio DJ Yoo In-na: From Her Love Life to Her Friendship with IU

Yo In-na’s Friendship with IU


IU and Yoo In-na thanked each other for getting through the good and bad together on the set of OnStyle’s Get It Beauty‘s first episode in 2014. They’ve been friends since forever, and are always encouraging each other. The show shared a backstage shot of IU showing her support for Yoo In-na’s first filming as the new MC of Get It Beauty.

Yoo In-na shared, “IU is a star who is receiving love from the whole nation but to me, she is like a neighborhood kid. If I call her to say, ‘Let’s go eat tteokbokki together,’ she comes out, whenever, and is a lovely and brave kiddo who tempts me to eat soondae and fried food.”

“What I’m thankful for is… Broadcast is work, yet she still comes to me wherever I am. Thanks to her, I was able to comfortably film the first filming, which I was nervous about. If it wasn’t for IU in my life, there are many moments when I would’ve faced disaster.”

Below is proof of how close they are:


IU shared, “I once said that unnie would do well hosting a beauty program a long time ago. Now that I filmed the first filming with unnie as the Get It Beauty MC, if the first episode is this good, I think it will really become daebak in the future.”

IU reminded fans of her close friendship to Yoo In-na when she thanked her at the 2017 MelOn Music Awards on December 2. During her speech for Best Album of the Year, for Palette, IU expressed, “Though we’re not blood-related, she’s my best friend and my #1 fan. I thank my muse, Yoo In-na.”


Despite their 11-year age difference, it seems their friendship is as strong as ever, and fans are looking back at their best moments. Last year, Yoo In-na attended IU’s ’24 Steps: One, Two, Three Four’ concert, and she managed to catch her eye during a performance of IU’s song The Shower.

In the middle of her song, IU smiled and let the audience know of the actress’ presence, and Yoo In-na began visibly tearing up because of the touching moment. Yoo In-na was seen waving to IU afterward as well. It’s reported the two friends make sure to see each other at least once a week despite how busy they are.

Their friendship is still going strong, let’s hope they will always be there for each other for long time!

Did Yo In-na Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Yoo In-na is quite infamous for all her plastic surgery rumors, but she’s even more infamous for the drastic change her alleged plastic surgery procedures made for her looks.

One look at Yoo In-na’s before and after pictures and you’ll know that she had single eyelids before. Single eyelids are considered ideal in South Korea, as wide eyes with double eyelids are preferred the look. Thus, it’s no surprise that this South Korean actress got the surgery in order to improve her image.


Before, Yoo In-na had single eyelids with slanted eyes. At some point, she got the double eyelid surgery which succeeded in making her eyes look bigger and more doll-like, moreover, it also made her eyes cease looking slanted and boring.

Another notable change in Yoo In-na’s overall look is her nose. It’s no surprise that she also got a nose job, since nose jobs are very popular in this country. If you compare her before and after pictures, you’ll see right away what the nose job did for her.

Before the alleged nose job, Yoo In-na had a less defined nose. Not too big, but it was kind of flat and this was not considered attractive. But thanks to a surgical procedure, her nose became more defined along its bridge and the nose tip.

Aside from the double eyelid surgery and nose job, Yoo In-na is also suspected to have had a boob job. If you’re going to compare her pictures from before and after, her breasts see to have increased at least one cup size from how they appeared before.

Yoo In-na’s plastic surgery story can be considered as one of the most successful cases, if you’re measuring success based on how much her looks have changed. Yes, she is not naturally beautiful. Nevertheless, she uses her now-good looks as an advantage in acting.